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The best travel apps

the best travel apps

We are used to having everything we need in our smartphone. Today our life is an App. Well, it can be sad, but who can say that applications on our devices are not useful? Especially for a traveler. To be around the world, far from home requires to be ready with a few things to … Read more The best travel apps

The Dummies’ Guide to Travel: 11 tips to make a huge trip

The Dummies' Guide to Travel

The Dummies’ Guide to Travel: all that you need to know before to leave for your first national trip. Get my tips and enjoy the journey

Phone case for travelers: 5 proposals for you

phone case for travelers

Your dearest friend has a passion for travels and smartphones. What a great combination for a gift. For the birthday or for a special occasion you can buy a phone case for travelers. To be honest most of the pictures of my trips that I share through the blog are taken with my smartphone. The … Read more Phone case for travelers: 5 proposals for you

Virtual bookkeeper: cash to travel

virtual bookkeeper

Are you searching for ideas to get more money to travel? You should consider becoming a virtual bookkeeper. It is not hard and it gives you the chance to earn a good amount of money with few efforts. Of course, you need competences because it is not hard, but you have to know how to … Read more Virtual bookkeeper: cash to travel

Rent your car and make money to travel. 1 cool way to earn extra cash for yourself

rent your car

Rent your car to make money. Read how you can monetize your car and have the money to travel. You can have an extra $ 500 per month

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