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Luxury in Jesolo

I needed to plan a meeting in Jesolo, not far from Venice and for me it is a pleasure to be again in this small town. I decided to book an hotel for my few days stays to have all the comforts and also a good position to watch the sea directly from my room window. It is summer and the place start to host people on holiday, so also to be quiet, since I am in Jesolo for work, and have some good rest it is a need and not all the accomodations can offer this aspect.

Hotel Almar is a quite big resort located direcly on the beach, it offers a variety of facilities as a spa, gardens, pool, the private beach on the turquoise sea. There are also bar and restaurant where to taste specialities form the Mediterranean cuisine proposed in an innovative way. The professional staff gives assistance for any need and this is an added value for who wants to relax between work meetings.

Despite the conference area, the resort is more typical for holidays, but maybe this is the aspect I like because I need relax and rest in some moments. The suites are really modern and spacious, full of amenities to give to the guest a more pleasant experience. The balcony or maybe I should say the terrace offers an amazing view of the sea, a superb panorama. The elegance and the luxury are the leitmotiv of the hotel. Each detail is important for the staff.



Luxury stay in Lviv

Are you searching for a destination for your next holiday? Why not Ukraine? In the magnificent city located in the north-west part of the country, there is a hotel that offers you a luxury stay in Lviv. It was used also by Portugal national football team during the European Championship in Ukraine and Poland. The country is still not so famous among tourists around the world, but it deserves for sure a visit.

There are beautiful and historical buildings and also amazing landscapes. Ukraine is a good destination for your holidays. In the western part of the country, you can see lovely cities and towns surrounded by mountains. In the eastern part, the sea is really attractive. It is not a rich country, but the population is friendly. Luxury stays in Lviv is guaranteed by this huge local hotel.

A luxury stay: the hotel in Lviv

Located in the North-West part of the country, there is Lviv. A city with about 730.000 inhabitants. It is known as the main cultural place in Ukraine. In the downtown, I tried for you the luxury Nobilis Hotel an elegant accommodation built in 2011 in an ancient and historical palace. From the facade, there are fine decorations everywhere. But entering the hall and then in the rooms, it is possible to find antique furniture and some old and peculiar artwork. This is the setting for a luxury stay in Lviv.

Space is the main feature of the room, very big. The furniture is prestigious, maybe a bit much decorated. It is close to becoming kitsch, but anyway it is like to enter the bedroom of a king. The modern equipment allows the guest to enjoy completely the luxury stay. Inside the room, there are minibar, satellite TV, desk, and Wi-Fi connection. The classical style bathrooms with bathrobes and sleepers offer a relaxing pleasure. This place has all that you need for a luxury stay in Lviv.


The breakfast offer is very wide. Guests can find salted and sweet dishes, including raw fish, as it is typical in the region. The menu proposes international and Ukrainian cuisine. After breakfast, I suggest of course to go out and visit the beautiful city by walk. The hotel is in the center, so the main attractions are closed to the building. You can reach all of them in a few steps. Everything is located in a short walking distance. Also, this is part of your luxury stay in Lviv.

After the tour customers can use the facilities of the Nobilis Hotel. Especially in the wellness and spa and the fitness center. You can relax and take new energy. Inside the structure, there are the lounge bar, the piano bar, and the Nobilis Restaurant. The last one is an elegant place where you can taste the best recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine. In all the hotel the staff is welcoming. Because when luxury meets the local hospitality, the guest becomes a king. You will have a luxury stay in this hotel

My Trips

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A lake in the mountains

Piedmont offers beautiful landscapes, one of these is in the mountains over the small town of Biella, in the northern part of the region, close to Aosta Valley. I want to share with you a brief experience that I had on a lake in the mountains in Biella some time ago. I was in a place called Lake Mucrone. Mucrone is the name of the local mountain part of the Alps. On it, there is a very small but lovely lake. My suggestion is to go there if you are around the region. You can go up walking on the pathway or use the cableway. 

The Mucrone mount is 2553 meters high and it offers a marvelous view of alps and of the green area of Biellese. There are trails to walk in spring summer, meanwhile in winter, when it snows, you can also ski. Since I love to walk in nature and especially in the mountains, I have been there in the warmer season some months ago. To explain to you why I recommend a visit there if you like nature, mountains, and lakes, I will use my pictures, taken during my trip to a lake in the mountains. Before to see the pictures, let me give some more tips and information about Lake Mucrone.

A lake in the mountains: how to get there

To reach a lake in the mountains you can’t use a car, but you need it if you are not already on the place. So how can you go to Lake Mucrone? I am going to explain how I went there. I started the trip from Turin. So I used the highway to go to Biella. My exit was “Rondissone” because the first part of the highway is free. Then you drive for around 45 minutes following the signal to “Biella”. Otherwise, you can go out to “Santhià” and from there the road is almost all straight. If you come from Milan go out in “Carisio”. When you arrive in Biella follow the direction to Santuario di Oropa, an amazing monastery full of art and history, also related to the Savoia Royal Family. About this, I will write more in another post. If you go to Biella by train, then you find a bus to Oropa.

In Oropa you park the car (in Piazzale Busancano) and you choose to go up walking, you will need at least a couple of hours. But mainly it depends on your speed and on the stops you will do on the way. Follow the directions of the pathway D13. In my case, I used the cableway (the return tickets costs €12,50). I was up in a few minutes. Do you think I lost the chance to conquer the summit? Sure, I, unfortunately, did it, but I enjoyed more a lake in the mountains. Don’t expect something big, but I am sure you will like it. Then you have to walk around the mountain and not only to stay on the lakeside. 

The lake

At an elevation of 1894 m, its surface area is 0.01713 km². Of course, on a mountain, you can’t expect a big lake. Since 1800 it’s one of the major destinations for the local tourism and this place was one of the favorites of the famous painter Lorenzo Delleani, who lived between 1840 and 1908. A lake in the mountains from where starts the Oropa creek. It is a symbol of the area and inside you can also swim. Don’t forget anyway that the water is called. In one side there is a fountain dedicated to Italian sharpshooters corp, funded in Biella.

What to do there

There is a mountain retreat where you can taste the local “polenta” or just to drink something. Then you can explore Mucrone, enjoy the panorama and admire the beautiful colors of the lake and its reflections. The best time to see it is with the fog, because of the mysterious and superb atmosphere. But avoid that type of weather if you want to go around and walk. You can get really lost. Wear or at list have with you a sweater because the temperature there is always… a bit cold. Use some waterproof boots or waterproof mountain shoes. I suggest then to visit the Santuario di Oropa and if you like it also the Adventure Park and the Botanical Garden. A day to Lake Mucrone and surroundings will be good. For technical information check the cableway website.

The lake and view

Now I don’t have to write more words, because I guess the pictures can show you the landscapes better than me. I think it is a unique place and if you plan a visit to Piedmont, insert a day to Lake Mucrone, you will never regret it! Check out also my other travel experiences!

The best travel apps

We are used to having everything we need in our smartphone. Today our life is an App. Well, it can be sad, but who can say that applications on our devices are not useful? Especially for a traveler. To be around the world, far from home requires to be ready with a few things to face all situations. New technologies support us for this reason. But do you know what are the best travel apps?

They work in real time, they send you notifications, and they keep you updated. The apps are not used only to get information, but also advice, tips, and warnings. If you are going to plan a trip and an application can be the answer to a big part of your needs. You can imagine how many situations are solved by the best travel apps. They are also easy to use and in some clicks, we can reserve a room, book a flight and find the attractions of a city. What apps are you using? What are the best travel apps for you?

The list of the best travel apps

I am generally sharing experiences and tips, but now I am asking something to you. This time I listed down some travel apps that I used or I am using. It is for you, not to tell you something or to suggest them. I want to ask you what are the best travel apps. According to yo your direct experience. My request is mainly for personal curiosity, but also to collect some tips from you.

I can improve my traveler experience if I know something more, using your advice. Sharing is important, so this time I am not doing it with you, but you will do it with me. Tell me what are the best travel apps! You just need to vote the ones listed in the survey. You can also add some others. Then feel free to use the comments below to write more about your app experience.

Then don’t forget to check my guides!


The Dummies’ Guide to Travel: 11 tips to make a huge trip

This is The Dummies’ Guide to Travel. I lost the number of countries visited in my last ten years. Always going abroad for work reasons. It was (it continues to be) an amazing experience that allowed me to learn a lot. Especially how to travel. That’s why I propose to you my “The Dummies’ Guide to Travel“. It is a simple list of things that you should keep in mind when you travel around the world.

Since I was moving for business, I was more close to a luxury traveler than to a backpacker, but some rules are valid for all. The tips included in “The Dummies’ Guide to Travel” are useful especially if you are going on an international trip for the first time. You will be ready to face the main situations you can find around the world. Good, let’s start.

1. Easy trip for the first time

As the first advice of “The Dummies’ Guide to Travel”, I feel to say: choose an easy destination for your first international journey. Why? Because not all countries offer good conditions. It’s fine to go out from your comfort zone, but do not exaggerate. Especially if you don’t have experience as a traveler. Don’t go climbing Everest if you can have a tour in Bali. What does it mean?

Simply that the cultural impact, the absence of transportation and maybe the huge distances without villages, services, and facilities will be too much. When you go abroad for the first time go step by step, because it is a travel, but also a life lesson. If it will be too hard, you will go back and you will definitely close the suitcase in the wardrobe. Don’t search for troubles. The hardest trip will come when you will have more experience.

2. Buy a local SIM

Around EU countries roaming doesn’t exist anymore, but not for all the world is the same. If you want to be connected with relatives and friends and use the internet, you have to purchase a local SIM card. I include this tip in “The Dummies’ Guide to Travel” because the use of the mobile is important, but it can cost really a lot. Especially if you are online.

The local SIM card will allow you to have cheap rates for high-speed data. It doesn’t matter the country where you go, it works like that everywhere. I suggest you do not consider the travel data plans offered by international companies. They are not convenient at all, so you risk to spend more to have less. It doesn’t make sense. Then if you know some locals ask what is the best phone company in the place. If you don’t have friends there, compare the offers.

3. Choose carefully the suitcase

It looks like a stupid tip and obvious at the same time. Nothing more wrong, believe me. Why? Because who is writing is a traveler with experience and with a lot of mistakes done. This is not the reason, but let me explain it better. What luggage is the proper one? It depends on what type of traveler you are. If you move through airports and cars a trolley is good, but if you like adventure and you will use public transport. Also, if you will go around the country, you will be better with a backpack. Not too big.

The Dummies’ Guide to Travel says that you need a small bag for your flight, as hand luggage. To put toiletries, a shirt, a pair of trousers and all that you need in case the suitcase will be lost. It can happen, just be prepared. Then I also suggest you buy a smaller bag than you think you might need. Why? Travel light, it will be easier to move and to change often and quickly the main of transport and the hotel or the hostel. A big suitcase is always encumbrance. Except you have someone who takes care of it for you during all the journey

4. Pack light

This advice is connected with the previous one. I know, when you prepare the suitcase for the first time you think that you will need a lot of stuff. No, trust me. You will just take with you something that you will never use. And it is unuseful weight. Don’t listen to advertisements when you have to pack. Never. They built their marketing on what you “might need”.

The Dummies’ Guide to Travel suggests you stay under the weight required by the airline company. In case you fly. Why? Because you will have space for some souvenirs on the way back. During your trip you can do laundry, so you don’t have to carry too many clothes. Have your devices with you, but don’t exceed 15 kilos. You will be grateful for traveling.

5. Select the electronic equipment

What you really need for your trip? I know you are a social person, so you have to share each moment of your journey. A mobile and a cheap travel laptop should be enough. You can add a USB battery pack and headphones, to cancel the noise around you. This is really what you have to put in your suitcase. Keep in mind that mine is only a suggestion, but traveling light is a good option.

Because you move easily, you don’t have to carry too much, with the risk to lose something. The Dummies’ Guide to Travel is made to give you help to face your first trip and it comes from experience. A couple of times I had to pay more for the luggage weight and once I was at the gate to unpack for the strict airline policies, risking to lose the plane.

6. Do a backup

While traveling everything can happen to you. Like for example to forget your camera somewhere. It will be lost and with it also the pictures. Imagine if you should use those pictures for work or just to share them and grow your online profiles. A Cloud backup doesn’t cost that much but it will save you and your activities. Do it every day or step by step. This is up to you, according to your needs, but it will help you a lot. This is an important tip of the Dummies’ Guide to Travel.

7. Download the useful Apps

Are you tech-addicted? I think yes, as I am. A bit at least. Well, if so get benefit from the applications. Download them on your device Google Translate for some help in understanding some local word or sentence. It works also without a WiFi connection, but you have to be sure to download the proper languages when you are online. Meanwhile, Google Maps will indicate directions.

Don’t be scared to get lost, sometimes is great to discover something nice and unexpected. It gives you the chance to explore the place. Then you will need, according to the Dummies’ Guide to Travel Skype or Messenger to get in touch with friends and relatives at home. They are a cheap way to communicate. You can talk, write and see each other. To be connected with them will be a support for your mental health. Especially if your journey is long. Don’t forget an app for currency conversion.

Then Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be already on your device. So you can share each thought and picture of your trip. If you have a blog you have a proper app to update it with posts on your news. Oh, if you are in a “popular” place maybe there are some free travel guide to download on your smartphone. Check it, maybe you might need them and they are not too heavy.

8. Be open with the accommodation

According to your budget, you have to choose the place where to stay. You will only sleep there, be opened. It won’t be forever. This means that there aren’t only luxury hotels in the world. Hostels can be lovely and there you can meet new people. Those places are perfect if you want to make new friends. There are also luxury hostels if you can spend a bit more.

Check the reviews to choose, but read them carefully. I suggest you use Hostelworld and Hostelz. If you are not convinced about hostels, the Dummies’ Guide to Travel tips drives you to apartments. On Airbnb, you find also a room or shared houses for every budget. It is the first step to live there like a local. Don’t you think so? You will be glad in both cases.

Oh, let me give you other advice. If you are going to a hotel choose a boutique hotel than a big chain. High-quality united to a friendly staff and to a unique setting. The huge structures are not giving tailor-made services and they are equal in all the world. I feel like a pack in the big chain hotels.

9. Phone security

Your mobile is like a treasure, not only for its value but also and especially for the content. Inside you should have a copy of your documents, in case you lose them (my personal tip). Then there are pictures, addresses, phone numbers, names…all your life is there. So lock it. Be sure to protect the device and yourself as well.

This is not because of dangerous countries, but because everywhere something bad can happen. I suggest you use numbers and biometrics to lock your phone. The geometry code let a smudged screen and someone can enter in the system without problems. Pay attention to this tip of the Dummies’ Guide to Travel.

10. Thieves are everywhere

I know you are preparing for your first international trip. You are at the same time excited and scared. The last tip of the Dummies’ Guide to Travel concern your safety. It is not a matter of country, but in all the places there is a dark side. Don’t worry, you are not in danger. Just take care of the details to be safe. For example, check that your phone and wallet are inside the pockets and they are not visible. Don’t leave bags around, be sure that your backpack is closed. Don’t show jewels or an important watch. This can be a temptation for thieves. I suggest you caution in each stage of your trip.

11. Choose carefully the services’ providers

I already gave you some ideas about the websites you can use to organize your trip. It is always important to find reliable partners. Look at the prices, but don’t stop there. Go forward to analyze offers, comparing proposals, services, and assistance. Are they answering fast to your requests? This is very important. Who knows, something wrong can happen on the way and you will need their support. For instance, if you need to purchase a ticket consider Infobus. They offer good rates and they allow you to compare all the routes using planes, trains, and buses. It is a complete platform and the staff is efficient.

If you want to buy tours, excursions, and other touristic services check out TEZ International GmbH. They propose very well organized packages. The company creates tailor-made offers for you. Exclusivity is the keyword of BookVIP, as the name suggests, they work on exclusivity. They provide high-quality services and destinations. Then don’t forget to check out my deals’ selection.


The Dummies’ Guide to Travel: the very last tip

Relax! Yes, you have read very well. Traveling you will meet people, new cultures and you will see amazing places. Be opened and be relaxed. Since the beginning, also before you leave. If you forget something, you can buy it there. You will come back richer in your mind, in your heart, and in your soul. That is the beauty of travel.

If you want more tips about traveling, check out my guides.