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Travel planning tips: the guide

Travel planning tips

I already shared some travel planning tips in my posts, but now I want to try to be a bit more helpful. There is nothing new, except the format. In fact, I want to give you a Pdf guide with the main advice I wrote. This is a first free giveaway because I am preparing … Read more Travel planning tips: the guide

Italian blog: 5 amazing ideas for a restyling for you

blog italiano - Italian blog

Italian blog: I am working to improve your experience on my site. Read the news here and get ready for tips and guides.

Prague: city of a hundred spires


My short trip to Prague, Czech Republic, for the New Year’s Eve is already finished, but it was certainly superb. I had a great time not only because of the fireworks. The city has a magnificent setting made of historical and artistic buildings. The people are friendly and especially it is possible to find travelers … Read more Prague: city of a hundred spires

Italy: interesting facts


Italy: facts and curiosities about the country and the Italians. Read the post before your visit and also after to get hints

Milan: curiosities about Duomo


Milan: a video about all curiosities you have to know to visit the Duomo, the most famous cathedral in Italy after St. Peter.

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