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Luxury in Jesolo

I needed to plan a meeting in Jesolo, not far from Venice and for me it is a pleasure to be again in this small town. I decided to book an hotel for my few days stays to have all the comforts and also a good position to watch the sea directly from my room window. It is summer and the place start to host people on holiday, so also to be quiet, since I am in Jesolo for work, and have some good rest it is a need and not all the accomodations can offer this aspect.

Hotel Almar is a quite big resort located direcly on the beach, it offers a variety of facilities as a spa, gardens, pool, the private beach on the turquoise sea. There are also bar and restaurant where to taste specialities form the Mediterranean cuisine proposed in an innovative way. The professional staff gives assistance for any need and this is an added value for who wants to relax between work meetings.

Despite the conference area, the resort is more typical for holidays, but maybe this is the aspect I like because I need relax and rest in some moments. The suites are really modern and spacious, full of amenities to give to the guest a more pleasant experience. The balcony or maybe I should say the terrace offers an amazing view of the sea, a superb panorama. The elegance and the luxury are the leitmotiv of the hotel. Each detail is important for the staff.



Your cool travel blog

Do you like to travel? The first thing you need is a travel blog. Yes, because the pages contain reviews and tips that will help you. How? To decide your destination, to plan your visits, and also to find good offers to save money. Are you searching for some tips and ideas? Follow My Anasa. To give you support is my goal.  On my blog, you can find my direct experience, my advice, and a lot of tips and guides.

I am writing about my trips to share with you useful information. This can be helpful for you in organizing a holiday or simply to reserve a hotel or to explore a place.  That’s why I invite you and I ask you to follow and share My Anasa. First of all, you will have benefits from the articles. Then you can give the same chance to your friends. I will appreciate it because if my audience grows I can improve my travel blog. Everything is free and you can benefit from my luxury experiences around the world. But don’t keep this opportunity for you.  

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Travel blog, why share it

I want to improve my activity online and I can do it if you give me feedback. Why should you do it? I visit places where you want to go, I stay in hotels that you would like to reserve and so on. I can be a support for your world exploration. It’s like to charge me to visit a place before you. Then I will write a report and you will decide if go or not and what to do. That’s what a travel blog should be.

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Luxury and money

I am a luxury traveler, so mainly I share experiences about this type of trips. But among the luxury hotels and restaurants reviews, you can find something else. A lot of less known destinations, so cheaper. Some offers to save money. Because luxury doesn’t mean high costs. Thanks to the deals I select for you, it is possible to have great benefits for a cheap price. There is something more in my travel blog.

I prepared, I am going on to do it, some guides on “how to make money to travel“. On my travel blog, you can find some ideas to earn an extra income. Of course, working and being in legality. Certain activities to do in your free time will allow you to get some more cash. Maybe it’s your first step to explore the world, with or without luxury. Check out these examples: Food delivery, Woodworking, Web Marketing.

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Boutique hotel in Vienna: 1 amazing place for your stay

My trip to Vienna (it wasn’t the first one) was very nice. My experience was great thanks to the superb city and also to a boutique hotel in Vienna called Altstadt. It is located in the central area, 400 meters to the historic old town. That’s the perfect position to go around by walk but also to enjoy more peace during the night. It is not my first time also in this hotel, because I like it a lot. Not only the setting and the location but also the concept.

I want to start to talk about my recent trip to Austria describing a boutique hotel in Vienna. It is not only about accommodation. Since the city is one of the favorite destinations in Europe, it is easy to find any type of hotel. I was searching for something unique, not too big and of course luxury, as usual. Altstadt Hotel satisfied all my criteria. Let me write the reasons, one by one. I had really a unique experience there.

A boutique hotel in Vienna: place and staff

I will post more about the city of the Habsburg royal courtbut now I want to focus on my accommodation. When the driver took me to the place, Spittelberg quarter, I saw a renovated historic building. One of the elegant constructions of the city. At the entrance, there was a plate with the name of the hotel, but no reception. Upstairs, there is a small office with the reception and the staff ready to welcome. This is becoming quite common for many small hotels, located on a few floors of a building.

Since I mentioned the staff, I want to say a few words about the people who work there. The group is made by young people, mainly female (I guarantee that this is not the reason why I booked a boutique hotel in Vienna). They are efficient, very kind and innovative. Yes, they built a real network with the shops and various activities of the area to give to the guest a complete experience. The staff answers easily and fast to the requests of the travelers

The rooms

Altstadt Hotel offers a modern setting in the common spaces and also inside the rooms. The style is one of the strengths of a boutique hotel in Vienna, that makes the structure unique. This is especially the case of this small luxury hotel. To describe the furniture and the decorations I can use two words: art and design. They are very well combined.

Thanks to the windows and the color of the furniture and of the walls, around the common spaces the light is really a lot. Meanwhile, in the rooms, the light is softer. But it depends on the type of room. The Italian Matteo Thun is one of the famous architect involved in the creation of this hotel.

I stayed in a single room. It is not that big, but space is more than enough. The bed is a double one, the wardrobe has no doors and umbrellas inside, and the bathroom is a good example of how a tiny space can become comfortable. The equipment includes WiFi, cable TV, cordless phone, parquet floors, and a mini-bar.

You can see some of my pictures to have an idea about the room. Also, I can add that the room of a boutique hotel in Vienna needs to be quiet. You can’t hear any noise. To reach the room you can go up by elevator or stairs in the building as a local who has a flat. Then you enter in big and long corridors with an elegant upholstery. Each detail is tidy.

Breakfast and services

I already wrote that the services are well organized and complete. Let’s see the main ones. Starting from breakfast. The first meal of the day is served in an elegant dining room with a very good buffet well combined. There are food and drinks for different tastes.

The same space is used in the afternoon. In fact, guests can have a cup of tea and a slice of cake at around 5 p.m. Something good for a sweet break during the tour. You can have it for free and seat in front of a fireplace. A boutique hotel in Vienna can’t exist without a bar. They have and it is a lovely place where to drink a glass of wine before dinner.

The staff can provide specific services, organizing a tour, suggesting where to eat or buy something and of course to prepare for meetings inside the hotel. I am not talking about a conference room, but about a room where to stay while eating or drinking with some outside guests.

It is also good to welcome some local friend or guest with a contemporary art setting, close to the main attractions of the city. Before to let you see the pictures I have to say that the prices of this boutique hotel in Vienna are not so high, especially compared with the treatment received.

Are you ready for your holiday in Vienna? Altstadt Hotel is a luxury stay. So if you are searching for a budget place or other solutions, you can check TEZ Tour. Their guide will help you to find a good hostel around the world, also in Austria. If you want to know more about the city, stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out my post about Graz.


A lake in the mountains

Piedmont offers beautiful landscapes, one of these is in the mountains over the small town of Biella, in the northern part of the region, close to Aosta Valley. I want to share with you a brief experience that I had on a lake in the mountains in Biella some time ago. I was in a place called Lake Mucrone. Mucrone is the name of the local mountain part of the Alps. On it, there is a very small but lovely lake. My suggestion is to go there if you are around the region. You can go up walking on the pathway or use the cableway. 

The Mucrone mount is 2553 meters high and it offers a marvelous view of alps and of the green area of Biellese. There are trails to walk in spring summer, meanwhile in winter, when it snows, you can also ski. Since I love to walk in nature and especially in the mountains, I have been there in the warmer season some months ago. To explain to you why I recommend a visit there if you like nature, mountains, and lakes, I will use my pictures, taken during my trip to a lake in the mountains. Before to see the pictures, let me give some more tips and information about Lake Mucrone.

A lake in the mountains: how to get there

To reach a lake in the mountains you can’t use a car, but you need it if you are not already on the place. So how can you go to Lake Mucrone? I am going to explain how I went there. I started the trip from Turin. So I used the highway to go to Biella. My exit was “Rondissone” because the first part of the highway is free. Then you drive for around 45 minutes following the signal to “Biella”. Otherwise, you can go out to “Santhià” and from there the road is almost all straight. If you come from Milan go out in “Carisio”. When you arrive in Biella follow the direction to Santuario di Oropa, an amazing monastery full of art and history, also related to the Savoia Royal Family. About this, I will write more in another post. If you go to Biella by train, then you find a bus to Oropa.

In Oropa you park the car (in Piazzale Busancano) and you choose to go up walking, you will need at least a couple of hours. But mainly it depends on your speed and on the stops you will do on the way. Follow the directions of the pathway D13. In my case, I used the cableway (the return tickets costs €12,50). I was up in a few minutes. Do you think I lost the chance to conquer the summit? Sure, I, unfortunately, did it, but I enjoyed more a lake in the mountains. Don’t expect something big, but I am sure you will like it. Then you have to walk around the mountain and not only to stay on the lakeside. 

The lake

At an elevation of 1894 m, its surface area is 0.01713 km². Of course, on a mountain, you can’t expect a big lake. Since 1800 it’s one of the major destinations for the local tourism and this place was one of the favorites of the famous painter Lorenzo Delleani, who lived between 1840 and 1908. A lake in the mountains from where starts the Oropa creek. It is a symbol of the area and inside you can also swim. Don’t forget anyway that the water is called. In one side there is a fountain dedicated to Italian sharpshooters corp, funded in Biella.

What to do there

There is a mountain retreat where you can taste the local “polenta” or just to drink something. Then you can explore Mucrone, enjoy the panorama and admire the beautiful colors of the lake and its reflections. The best time to see it is with the fog, because of the mysterious and superb atmosphere. But avoid that type of weather if you want to go around and walk. You can get really lost. Wear or at list have with you a sweater because the temperature there is always… a bit cold. Use some waterproof boots or waterproof mountain shoes. I suggest then to visit the Santuario di Oropa and if you like it also the Adventure Park and the Botanical Garden. A day to Lake Mucrone and surroundings will be good. For technical information check the cableway website.

The lake and view

Now I don’t have to write more words, because I guess the pictures can show you the landscapes better than me. I think it is a unique place and if you plan a visit to Piedmont, insert a day to Lake Mucrone, you will never regret it! Check out also my other travel experiences!

Facebook: I am there

I am working on some new posts for you, writing about my new travel experiences and some tips. Meanwhile, I want to inform you that I have a page on Facebook. This was missing to My Anasa. I will share, as I do on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, my posts and some other specific posts with guides and advice to travelers. You can easily reach and visit my page clicking here. It is another way to follow me and my blog. Maybe it is also more useful for you because you can use it while you share something with your friends.

Yes, share. You can send my posts, if you like them, to your relatives and friends. Just because they are interesting or because they need to know something or get inspired by my contents. Check out my Facebook page and comment on my posts, it will be a way to communicate with me and to ask something about my travel experience. I always need your feedback to publish something more useful for you. I am writing to you, so my goal is to give you some news and tips that you will use.

Facebook and social pages

My blog is my main mean to communicate with you, but I like to use social networks. I share my blog posts, but I also add something more, so if you want to see all about my trips, you should visit all my pages. There are luxury experiences and reviews about places, hotels, restaurants, and much more. Also, I write about objects and services so you can find good deals to save money and purchase the best product for your journey. In the end, on blog news, there are some articles about my blogging experience.

I am a beginner, but I think who started a blog after me can benefit from what I learned step by step. We found the same obstacles and we have common goals. I will share also these tips on the Facebook page. Before to visit my social profiles or also after, take a look to the website. There is always something new. Also, the menu is going to be updated to facilitate your surfing activity. It’s almost tailor-made for you. I don’t go ahead, now it’s your turn to explore. Write to me your feedback, I will appreciate it a lot. 

Linkedin and more

I opened the Facebook page and I am implementing it, but you can follow me also on Linkedin. My profile is ready and also some posts. My presence on social networks is getting wider and step by step I can update all the profiles, not only sharing the blog posts. I have a lot of ideas in my mind and I am doing changes often to renew and preparing more cool pages. So there will be extra contents different for each channel.

My project to renew my blog is passing through social media. Time to time it is good to change, to innovate. I guess you can appreciate. The site has to be full of information, tips, guides, experience, but also nice for the eyes. Don’t you agree? Feel free to comment below, I like to have feedback about my activity online. It is a way to improve, especially because I write to you.

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