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Art of Romanticism

The magnificent Art of Romanticism. In 1861 Italians united Italy. After some battles. Thanks also to a great engagement of artists. All the kingdoms disappear to let space to a unique country. The process that brought all the country under the same king started in 1815, after the Congress of Vienna. We call this period Risorgimento (Resurgence). It gave the chance to Italy to change its shape. People worked hard to reach the goal and art gave an important contribution to it. Art of Romanticism became the flag of the movement.

The ability of the art to make a revolution impress me a lot. This happens many times, in almost all the eras, especially in the last centuries. Anyway, who loves art has an interest in analyzing the historical context. Not only. Who loves art want to pay attention to the techniques. It’s amazing how artists changed the way to paint in the 19th century. I like a lot of painting and sculptures and going around the Italian museums and exhibitions I saw the evolution of the style. Also the differences among the artworks of the various artists of the same period.

Art of Romanticism: the 19th-century revolution

Romanticism started at the end of the 18th century. When the new generation of artists understood that Neoclassicism wasn’t influencing anymore the society, they started to search for something new. They changed completely the way to express their ideas and point of view. The art of Romanticism has various features. Romanticism canceled the Neoclassical reasoning, control, geometric perfection and, above all, imitation of the art of the ancients.

Not all the artists of the period made a radical change, but most of them yes. They wanted to draw a line to separate the past from the present. Their style was dominated by unbridled passion, strong feelings and a renewed fervor for the religious world. Moreover, if the neoclassical artist was convinced that the perfection of art had been reached by the ancients, the romantic drew, instead, inspiration from the dark and mysterious world of the Middle Ages. That period until then had been considered a period of no importance and purely negative.

Art of Romanticism in Italy

Who loves art can easily understand how nice is a journey into the art of Romanticism. That period is really amazing because it takes people into modern art. The paintings are not only a representation of a view, but there is a sign, something more. I think the feature of the style is visible in the vigorous brushstrokes capable of interpreting reality. Color and not too defined signs tell a story.

This is what I like about the art of Romanticism. Then, of course, there are many elements related to the history of that period. I love to explore the most important event of Italian unity. Also, I like to see in the paintings how Italy was at that time. The same feelings, especially talking about techniques, come from the sculpture. If you want to see art in Italy you have a lot of opportunities. But I recommend you to explore the artworks of the 18th century.

Romance artists

If you like art visit Italy. Art of Romanticism has a huge collection spread in all the country. There are many museums that offer the view of great artworks to the visitors. Time to time in various Italian cities there are thematic exhibitions. I like them because they collect paintings and sculptures also from foreign museums and private collections. So it’s easy to see some artworks that are usually not visible to the public.

I will write more about some art galleries and museums. Because Italy can show you the best examples of the art of Romanticism. But now I want to share some pictures I took during my visits. So I let you enjoy them. Before I remind you that after finding a flight, maybe using some free miles obtained with your credit card, you can reserve a hotel and buy the tickets to enter the museum. Planning in advance will be useful especially if you want to see some temporary exposition because you will check the place and the dates.


                                          One of the famous “kiss” of the painter Hayez


In the painting, you can see the famous writer Alessandro Manzoni, one of the Italian literature icons


                                     This young girl represents Italy, that was born in 1861

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Yoast Seo: your next plugin

I want to continue to write about SEO, that is the most important feature to grow your blog. A few months ago I installed a new plugin to my WordPress: Yoast Seo. It is very important to take care of the contents and of the keywords to get more visibility on search engines. To find new followers we need to consider many aspects. Seo it is the basic one, but it includes many rules. Only if you follow all of them you can reach your goal.

That is why it is useful to have a plugin that helps you to check carefully each aspect of your post before to publish it. This is what Yoast Seo does. I was searching for something like that and I started to surf the internet. The answer came quite fast because it looks like Yoast Seo is the best program in its field. Maybe you already know and use it. If not I suggest you install it, as I did.

The benefits of Yoast SEO

The free version that I am using is a bomb. I noticed some improvements to my blog because I got more traffic. Yoast Seo didn’t give me the chance to be at the first places of the search results, but surely it brought me more visibility. It is not the plugin that catches visitors, but with the tips and the tools, it gives the chance to climb the ranking on the search engines. Adjusting the contents to the Seo rules I can easily match with the keywords searched by people.

If you want to improve your blog posts, Yoast Seo is one of the best plugins you need. What it does for you. I want to go deep into the single benefits, but before I want to specify that it is an instrument, so it doesn’t do the job in your place. You need to work hard to prepare the articles. Keep it in your mind because you can get benefits if you unite your activity to the one made by Yoast Seo.

Yoast Seo for bloggers

The free version of Yoast Seo has a lot of features:

a) it gives the keyword optimization for one keyword or for a key phrase;

b) there is a Google preview;

c) Yoast Seo check the readability with the calculation of the Flesch Reading Ease Score;

d) for every single page on the blog I can determine the taxonomy, starting from the choice of the primary category for each post;

e) there is the chance to work on canonical URLs to avoid the duplication of content, that usually confuses Google;

f) as you know WordPress now offers the option to work with the classic editor and with the Gutenberg system. Yoast Seo works with both;

g) even if you are not expert about the blog management and you don’t know what robots.txt, .htaccess files, permalink, and sitemaps are, it checks all the technical stuff. This makes you sure that everything works properly;

h) every 2 weeks Yoast Seo is updated to match with Google’s algorithm, in this way it helps you to get ready to match with the Google’s rules.

Yoast Seo Premium

 Like all this type of services, it offers a Premium version with more tools and a fee. I am considering now to upgrade in order to get more benefits. The cost is 79 Euro per year for one website. It is not too much considering the support received by this program. What does it guarantee more than the free version? Now I am going to answer this question.

a) the keyword optimization includes more keyword and key phrases, plus synonyms and related keywords in all word forms;

b) Yoast Seo Premium gives you the preview of your page  not only on Google but also on Facebook and Twitter;

c) for the internal links adding it gives you some suggestions in relation to the best-related posts;

d) the plugin shows the 5 word or phrases more use on your pages, in order to check if they match with the chosen keywords;

e) Yoast Seo Premium offers a redirect from the old URLs to the new ones avoiding the error 404 Not Found page;

f) you have the chance to export a CSV file to have an overview of the keywords and Seo score

g) in the end they give you 24/7 support and they give you a version without any ads.

Readability and focus keywords

The free version of Yoast Seo is going to check many elements and when you finished writing a post you can see the results. The plugin underlines what is good and what has to be improved or solved. What are the main elements analyzed?


a) Flesch Reading Ease

b) Passive voice

c) Consecutive Sentences

d) Subheading distribution

e) Paragraph length

f) Sentence length

g) Transition words


Focus keywords:

a) Outbound links

b) Internal links

c) Keyphrase in introduction

d) Keyphrase length

e) Keyphrase density

f) Keyphrase in the meta description

g) Meta description length

h) Previously used keyphrase

i) Keyphrase in subheading

l) Image alt attributes

m) Text length

n) Keyphrase in the title

o) SEO title width

p) Keyphrase in slug




I am not an expert, but I am strongly convinced to suggest you the use of Yoast Seo by my direct experience. There are the main points in the post, but if you want to go deep, I will be happy to answer your questions. As much as I can with my small competences, I will be glad to give you more details. Feel free to write your doubts and questions in the comments. Also, if you want to add more from your experience and knowledge do it in the comments.

Don’t forget that plugins are very important because they allow you to get a lot of benefits. But Seo is the first step. I tried Yoast Seo and also others, but this one is really the only one, I think, perfect for all bloggers. You want a good result in growing the traffic to your website, therefore you need to focus on Google’s algorithm. This plugin will allow you to set up your post for the search engines. You have to work on content anyway. Then I will share something also about social networks.

SEO: the keyword for the blog

Today I want to start a new series of posts not about travel, but about blogging. My first article will be SEO. An anacronym that every blog should contain. Before to go into the topic I want to explain something else. It is somehow related, don’t worry. Maybe you remember what I wrote as a goal for my the New Year: to add some posts about blogging life. This comes from different messages got from some of you.

The ones who wrote were asking some tips on how to increase visitors and visits number or how to use certain plugins. Well, I am not an expert at all and surely some of you are more aware of the use of WordPress or the internet in general. But since I am learning step by step, after one year of direct experience I can share what I did. Because reading a lot of technical articles I noticed that it is not always so clear. SEO is maybe the reason.

My research on SEO

 It is full of bloggers who explain what to do and how to obtain traffic, but most of them write directly to experts. Some others direct you to services that are not free to get a percentage. We all can easily understand the reasons and we have to admit it: we want to become famous, make money in sharing our experience and so on. I personally like to talk about my travel, but surely I would love to share with all the people. Also, I want to get some money to sustain the costs of the domain and so on. SEO in this is the base.

What I understood is that the first step to increasing the traffic is taken care of SEO. But sometimes the tags and the keywords become more important than the content. This is wrong because you can get visibility, but readers will not understand anything. That is why I decided to add some posts about blogging just sharing what I do. In a simple way without pretending to be a teacher, because I am not. You will find my blogging posts in the category “Blog News”.

What is SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. So it includes all the features that help a website to reach the first places in the results proposed by the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Safari and so on. Of course, it is not so easy, but the first step is to pay attention to the structure of the post. You need to find a keyword and insert it a certain number of times into the text. Because the search engine checks their presence to see if it is really related to the topic of the title.

In easy words SEO, it makes your post to match with the researches of the people on the internet. So you can appear in the results for certain words. There are a lot of competitors, but if you apply specific rules, changing periodically, you will have more chances to be visible. There are different tools that you can use, but first of all, you should apply a few simple steps.

The strategy

  1. The first action you have to do for SEO is to choose a good name. It optimizes the opportunities to be found easily. How to do it? You have to answer these questions: a) What is the main theme of the blog?  b) What describes your proposal? c) Can I use an essential SEO keyword in the blog’s title or name?  d) Who is my target group?            You can use your name or a word or two that easily reminds to the theme. Get inspired by other blogs active in your field.
  2. Each post has to be written for a specific target group. Pay attention to the language and to the topic, because each category of people needs something specific. But this is not the end, so continue to read.

 Domain and posts

  1. Get a domain with the name you want (according to the point number 1). You will have only your name (without .wordpress, .blogspot…) and this will make results reporting easy. When you create the URL of a post make it as short as possible because search engines prefer short URLs. This because it is easier for the match with the keywords. The date is not necessary for the URL.
  2. If you don’t have much time to create new posts, just optimize the ones you already wrote. How? a) add internal links to relevant or related posts inside your website; b) add images with Alt text, you need to write it when you upload the picture. I suggest you save images with a title that includes the main keyword before to upload them in your blog. Do the same with videos; c) use external links to relevant websites in relation to your content; d) review the title, the tags and meta descriptions to be sure to include keywords for SEO.

Keywords and social media

  1. Adjust the keywords to match the high-priority SEO phrases. They will help you to get a better ranking on search engines. Because they are the main way to indicate the topic. After that, you will be ready to share them again.
  2. Don’t forget to share on social media your posts and the links to read them on your blog. This is part of the SEO, but also the easiest way to direct traffic to your site.


In addition to the previous stages, you have to take care of the structure. Therefore pay attention to this tip. Your blog has an Editor in Appearance tool. There are HTML codes for the pages. Don’t forget to include a structured data markup to provide information about a page. You should prepare a schema markup. Therefore follow this example with the details of your website:

<script type=”application/ld+json”>
{ “@context”: “http://schema.org”,
“@type”: “BlogPosting”,
“headline”: “Insert Blog Title Here“,
“image”: “Insert Blog Image URL Here“,
“editor”: “Insert Editor/Author Name Here“,
“genre”: “Theme/Blog Category Here“,
“wordcount”: “Insert Blog Post Word Count Here“,
“@type”: “Organization”,
“name”: “Insert Company Name Here“,
“logo”: “Insert Company Logo Image URL Here
“url”: “Insert Blog Post URL Here“,
“datePublished”: “YYYY-MM-DD“,
“dateCreated”: “YYYY-MM-DD“,
“dateModified”: “YYYY-MM-DD“,
“description”: “Insert short description of blog post. Try to keep it around 150-156 characters“,
“articleBody”: “Insert entire blog post here“,
“author”: {
“@type”: “Person”,
“name”: “Insert Author Name


 Next SEO tips

In conclusion, I must precise again that this is only the beginning. These steps are important and they are the basic things to do, but there are some other hints that I want to give you, so stay tuned. In the next post, I will write about a great plugin that I have recently started to use. It guides you step by step in SEO writing. It analyzes your content giving you hints on how to improve it. That tool gave me the chance to get more visits and followers. Then you will find also my travel posts with tips about various destinations. Because my blog is always about travel and luxury.