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Discounted flights and luxury seats

Traveling with luxury is a pleasure, but it is also useful. Because the comforts help the person to have more assistance and so to be calmer and rested. You can find discounted flights and luxury seats together. The energy must be used to discover a place and its culture and not to solve diseases related to the accommodation or worst to the flights. Delays, not enough space in the cabin and so on can really destroy the good atmosphere of a holiday or also of a work trip.

It does not mean that all the time people must spend a lot of money for the journey. You can find, just searching online, thousands of solutions. A lot of discounted flights are waiting for experts. But some times you only see very high prices. Who can change the dates can find better rates. But to search for a plane and find the proper one is not so easy. You need to know what kind of parameters is necessary to use and to modify.

Discounted flights: the digital guide

There are many ways you can use to find the flight to use for a comfortable trip without to spend so much money. I learned it with some experience and also using the guide prepared by an expert. He was engaged for many years in the travel industry and he also spent many years going around the world. This traveler visited many different countries. Thanks to the huge experience he prepared a course, more than a guide. Following his instructions and advice, I had the chance to save a lot of money with discounted flights. Time to time to travel for free.

The websites are showing you the solutions based on your research history, so if you keep the way to find the plane for that destination you will only see the rate increase. Also, some sites are not the proper ones and a lot of influence is given by your booking zone. How to avoid all these tricks? Easy collect air miles with your daily expenses. The expert is going to tell you how to choose the best credit card and also how to handle the hidden airline loophole. A few secrets will make you happy. You will travel with discounted flights and luxury seats.

My experience

Once I needed to do a last minute work trip to a southern city in Turkey. Following the methods suggested by the course, I spent around 80% less. The normal price was around 300 euros. Imagine to reduce is for a so high percentage. Discounted flights are always welcome. I do not want to renounce to luxury, but if I can have it spending less money, why not use the chance? Don’t you agree with me? 

This course can teach you a lot and you can increase easily the number of trips. Explore the world just getting the maximum benefits from credit card bonuses. Improve your experience in flight searching. With the course, you will be able to get for free a lot of air miles. So discounts and free flights will become your hobby. You don’t need anything else to follow the instructions here. Then you will be able to cut your expenses to travel. Try discounted flights and let me know about your experience.

Here you can find the digital course.


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Useful travel backpacks

When I travel I have always many things with me. Most of the times I have to add to clothes and accessories something related to my job. Other times I have some items that help me to enjoy more my trip. So I need in my wardrobe some useful travel backpacks ready for different journeys.  I can’t renounce to my laptop, then on a plane, I have always hand luggage with some clothes and toiletries in case my suitcase will be lost.

If I go out for a short trip in nature I need to choose among the useful travel backpacks a small one. Why? To put a bottle of water, a sweater, an umbrella, and a few other things. Answering to whom asked me advice about the backpack to buy for a trip I decided to write this post with some tips coming from my experience as a traveler. Even during my luxury trips, I have always a backpack because it is practical for any movement, also inside an airport.

Useful travel backpacks: how to choose the best one

Are you going to travel or are you searching for a gift for someone who loves to travel? This post is made for you? I am going to help you, with some advice, in finding the best option on the market. Because experience is important to select the adapt bags. Before I mentioned that I have more useful travel backpacks at home. There are a lot of models and I need a different type of luggage according to the type of trip.

Trendy backpack

Fashion and design are as important as much comfort? Well, so size, weight, and space are not the only criteria you need to search for. Maybe you need a bag that will look fashionable also on Instagram. I can suggest a couple of objects. Both of them can answer to your needs.

1. Fjallraven is the classic bag, especially to take around a laptop. It is practical and functional and it contains also accessories and cables, thanks to an external pocket.

2. Herschel is one of the coolest and useful travel backpacks, elegant, with space for the laptop, and magnetic strap closures with metal pin clips. The bag has an internal media pocket with a headphone port. Therefore it is perfect for your tech devices.

Trekking backpacks

Trendy is nice, but it depends on what you need. If you like the adventure and if you need useful travel backpacks for trekking, forget the previous ones. Choose something practical and functional, a bag that can contain all the necessary for your trip. Just one recommendation: don’t buy a trekking backpack for a trendy woman. She will never appreciate.

The variety of useful travel backpacks for trekking is huge, but also the variety of prices is really big. That’s why you need to focus on your goals and on the budget. Amazon offers many types of items, it is surely the proper place where to do your research. There are many sizes so you can select the best one according to the type of trip. Don’t forget: pick the lightest backpack, because of the weight policies on planes. Also because you will carry it on your back during your journey.

My selection

1. AmazonBasics is perfect for hiking and camping. It is made of durable polyester.

2. Sunvp 50L is made with nylon and it is water resistant. This backpack is one of the most equipped for any condition. There are different pockets and the quality is very high. Because resistance is an important feature.

3. Mountaintop 40L is good for camping. It has 6 adjustable straps. The advantage concern the respect of the airline policies about the size.

4. Mountaintop 55L/65L is bigger than the previous, then it has a lot of pockets and it is water resistant. The design guarantee comfort on the back. In this way, you can bring it everywhere without efforts.

5. Teton Sports Scout 3400 offers many professional features. It is versatile and you can customize it easily in order to answer to your specific needs. The quality is high.

6. Venture Pal Daypack is an item, among the useful travel backpacks, that you can use for a daily trip. There are many compartments, it is also capable, durable, and comfortable. But, of course, it compact, so adapt only for short journeys.

I hope you found something interesting or at least that you will get inspired. Therefore you can buy directly the backpack you prefer. If you are searching a gift for a traveler, or other items for your trips, read my guide.

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Amazon 2019: the best travel accessories

What do you need to travel? No, don’t think about hotel reservations, flight tickets and so on. I am focused on the accessories. Yes, the items in your suitcase. Well, of course, you have to put shoes, trousers, jackets… After that, you select generally some objects that will help you to have a better experience. It means to have some products that will help you during your trip. Do you have some of them in your mind? Great! Maybe I can help you to find out what are the best travel accessories on Amazon 2019.

In the list of the best-selling travel accessories, you can find something that you need but you don’t know it exists. Buy them for you to get more comfort during your journey. Or buy them as a gift for a traveler. How they were selected? The list comes from the Amazon 2019 analysis that observed the purchase of customers. I saw and bought most of them and I can say that I agree. What I didn’t buy it on my wishlist. You know, when you travel some accessories can be really helpful and change positively your experience.

GDTK leather passport holder

The GDTK leather passport holder is made to hold and protect your passport. It can host also credit cards, business cards, and boarding pass. This practical and strategical travel accessory features a lightweight and flexible design, as well as built-in RFID blocking to prevent personal information disclosure during travel. It’s also available in a variety of bright and fun colors.

Price $7.99   BUY IT NOW

The Trtl Travel pillow as a bestseller on Amazon 2019

Sleep well during your journey so you can arrive at your destination feeling great. Of course, you can use it also during your trip in different situations, like traveling on buses and trains. There are several styles of travel pillows that support your head and neck, providing the ultimate comfort while sleeping in an upright position. The Trtl pillow is an Amazon 2019 bestseller and it’s the ergonomic shape and compact design have made it popular among frequent fliers and road warriors.

Price: $29.99   BUY IT NOW


iClever Boost Cube

You will never lose power anymore. Thanks to the travel USB charger. The best-selling travel charger on Amazon 2019 is the iClever Boost Cube with 4.5 stars and more than 12,000 reviews. It features two USB ports with 24W/4.8A power and it allows you to charge two devices at the same time. This charger also has Smart ID technology and recognizes any device. The portable and lightweight charger is compact enough for traveling and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

Price: $19.69   BUY IT NOW

Shacke Pak – 4 Set Packing Cubes

Fitting perfectly in your travel backpack or suitcase, these set of four packing cubes provide the ultimate organization for your luggage. Keep your clothes wrinkle-free by neatly packing them in these space-saving bags. You can also keep your clean and dirty clothes separate while traveling. These 4-inch-deep bags are made of durable, water-resistant nylon and come with a separate laundry bag. It is one of the Amazon 2019 best-selling travelers‘ accessories.

Price: $27.99   BUY IT NOW

Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale

Don’t wait to be at the airport to know the weight of your suitcase. Avoid bad surprises at the check-in and know the accurate weight of your bag with a digital luggage scale. The Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale is the No. 1 best seller on Amazon 2019. It offers high-accuracy readings for hefty weights and its design makes it portable and easy to store. Now you don’t have to worry about packing that extra pair of shoes or souvenir for mom. Whit this scale you will be ready to face all the weight rules in any airport, so you won’t pay extra fees.

Price: $11.99   BUY IT NOW

The Zoppen RFID-Blocking Travel Wallet

The Zoppen RFID-blocking travel wallet features a trifold design to help protect and organize your important items while traveling. This particular wallet has one passport pouch, three card slots, one ID pouch, two ticket compartments, one zip pocket, one sim card slot, and a pen holder. It also can hold money and has a spot for a smartphone.

Price: $13.99   BUY IT NOW

Highwind Cruise Luggage Tags

Highwind Cruise Luggage Tags includes four clear luggage tags and two ID badge holders with black lanyards. They can be used for several cruise lines. The tags have zip-top seals to protect your tags from getting wet or falling out and come with stainless steel rings to ensure tags won’t fall off.

Price: $7.75   BUY IT NOW

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

Never mix shoes and clothes. Keep them separated with the shoe bags. The YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags come in a set of four waterproof nylon bags with durable zippers. It’s an Amazon’s 2019 Choice and the No.1 bestseller in shoe bags, with a more than 95 percent 4-star and 5-star reviews.

Price: $11.88   BUY IT NOW


Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Headphones

One of the best electronic travel accessories, you can lose yourself in the music or block out loud noises with a great pair of headphones. Bose QuietComfort 35 are wireless noise-canceling headphones that are topped rated on Amazon 2019 and have 20 hours of battery life. They also feature a dual-microphone system that allows clear calls and voice access to your smartphone.

Price: $349.00   BUY IT NOW

Forge TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

Keep your valuables safe with Forge TSA-approved cable luggage locks. The zinc alloy body of the lock is strong enough to survive tough baggage handling. The durable cable is also thin enough to fit through standard luggage zippers. The locks feature an easy-to-set, three-digit combination that can be reset as many times as needed.

Price: $20.95   BUY IT NOW

Zero Grid Neck Wallet

Perfect for frequent fliers and minimalist travelers, the Zero Grid Neck Wallet is easy to conceal while protecting your important travel necessities. This slim wallet can fit under a T-shirt, button-up shirt or blouse, and protects against RFID scanning and common pickpocketing. The adjustable elastic strap makes it comfortable to wear, not to mention keeps your hands free while traveling or sightseeing. One of the best items on Amazon 2019.

Price: $16.23   BUY IT NOW

Pantheon Travel Bag

The Pantheon toiletry bag is lightweight and durable, and its interior is lined in case of accidental spills. The wide-open design allows adequate room for all your necessities. The main compartment can hold larger toiletries like shaving cream or shampoo bottles, while a zipped mesh pouch can fit cosmetics or smaller essentials. The bag measures 9.25 x 4.72 x 4.72 inches and includes a built-in hook and side handle. It’s an Amazon 2019 Choice.

Price: $9.99   BUY IT NOW

The Ohderri Portable Footrest

Rest easy while traveling with your new portable footrest. The Ohderri portable footrest is a lightweight carry-on footrest that makes sitting during a long flight more comfortable and less cramped. A portable footrest can also be used on trains or in the office when you come back from your holiday.

Price: $8.65   BUY IT NOW

Travelon Bag Bungee

The Travelon travel bungee allows you to move two bags as one. Thanks to this Amazon 2019 Choice item you can carry more with fewer efforts. The bungee attaches to the handle of your wheeled luggage, working on both single and double poles handle systems. You can securely attach a second bag to the handle and move with ease through the airport.

Price: $14.99   BUY IT NOW

Travel Bottles Silicone Containers Set

With leak-proof travel bottles, you don’t have to worry about your shampoo soaking your clothes while traveling. The silicone bottles come in a set of four and are TSA carry-on approved. These BPA-free silicone bottles are designed with a three-layer anti-leakage cap and wide mouth for easy refilling of shampoos and lotions. The travel bottle sets are available in 3oz. It is one of the Amazon 2019 items chosen by travelers.

Price: $18.97   BUY IT NOW

TravelMore Luggage Tags

At the airport, you are always worried to lose your suitcase, because they are all equal. Consider tags, because they can help you. An easy way to identify your luggage at baggage claim or if lost, luggage tags are a must-have accessory for traveling. This particular set from TravelMore comes with 4 flexible bag tags made of PVC silicone material that can be bent without getting damaged. The tags come in several neon colors to help you spot your suitcase from far away.

Price: $6.99   BUY IT NOW

The GlocalMe U2 4G Mobile Hotspot

You can travel anywhere and have access to the Internet with a mobile WiFi hotspot. The GlocalMe U2 4G Mobile Hotspot is a best seller on Amazon with 288 customer reviews and 4.5 stars. It uses Cloud SIM technology and users have coverage in more than 100 countries and regions. Users can connect up to 5 WiFi-enabled devices at a time using 4G LTE high-speed Internet. This device has an app where users can buy and manage data, and it also features two SIM card slots.

Price: $131.99   BUY IT NOW

The Outlander Travel Backpack

Whether you travel like a minimalist or just need a great carry-on bag, a travel backpack can take you a long way. The Outlander Travel Backpack is a great example, as it provides ample storage with several pockets and only weighs 0.5 pounds, so it’s compact enough to fit in your suitcase or purse when it’s not in use. Lightweight is the main feature for this Amazon 2019 item.

Price: $23.99    BUY IT NOW

TSA Toiletry Carry-On Bag

This TSA approved toiletry bag by Cableinthebay is essential when passing through airport security. It’s a 1-quart bag is a no-hassle way to pass through security with your carry-on liquids and it’s compliant with TSA 3-1-1 regulations. The waterproof, transparent bag measures 7.2 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches and it includes: 1 Lermende Clear Toiletry Bag + 3 Silicone Travel Bottles (3oz/89ml) + 2 Silicone Travel Cream Jars (20ml) + 1 Lermende Fluorescent color Keychain Lanyard.

Price: $15.99   BUY IT NOW

The Luggage Strap

Keep your suitcase securely closed or attach two bags for smoother transit in an airport with a sturdy luggage strap. The luggage strap is a heavy-duty buckle and strap that comes in a variety of bright colors to help you differentiate your bag from others. The adjustable belt will fit also big size suitcases.

Price: $18.99 (saving $4)   BUY IT NOW


Waypoint Travel Scarf

Stay stylish while also keeping our money and valuables secure with a traveling scarf. The pocket allows you to store credit cards, money, passport, and other necessities while you’re on the go, and it keeps your hands free when exploring your destination. These scarves come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find one for every outfit.

Price: $29.95   BUY IT NOW

BESTEK Universal Power Adapter

The BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter is the best seller on Amazon 2019, chosen by the experts and travelers, with more than 2,700 reviews and four stars. It converts all countries’ voltage to US voltage so you can safely charge devices and use electronics when traveling internationally. This version allows you to charge up to seven devices at the same time while its design keeps it compact for traveling.

Price: $39.99   BUY IT NOW

Woolite Travel Laundry Soap

Perfect for on-the-go washes, a 3-1-1 TSA compliant travel pack of laundry detergent is helpful when you’re on the road. Whether you pack light or need to remove a stain, keeping a travel-size laundry detergent in your bag can come in handy.

Price: $14.99   BUY IT NOW

Jason Markk Travel Shoe Cleaning Kit

Whether you need to keep your shoes shiny or touch up a scuff mark, you can always look your best with a travel shoe cleaning kit. Jason Markk’s premium shoe cleaner comes in travel size and is a popular seller on Amazon 2019. The kit includes a 2oz. premium shoe cleaner, a mini premium brush, a 9” x 9” microfiber towel, and three quick wipes.

Price: $29.99 (saving 25%)   BUY IT NOW


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SmartWatch: 1 new item for your amazing trips

Smartphones are now becoming, step after step, real computers. It is great because you can do everything with them. But they are getting also bigger. Traveling not always is so easy to handle one of them. Because you have to keep at least one hand busy all the time. Isn’t it better a SmartWatch? According to my habits yes. Why? Easy, because you can be connected easily and it is always with you.

You can forget the phone somewhere. The watch is on your wrist. This is helpful, but there are more reasons to buy a SmartWatch. It has a lot of functions, even much more specific than a smartphone for some cases. Do you want an example? It helps to monitor your health conditions. Because it is directly in touch with your body. Something really important while you travel. But also for everyday life.

If you are far from home you may need support. But if you are at home, or working it’s important to check your lifestyle. Plus your social networks are ready for your finger. Email, the internet, the hour… everything is there, on your wrist. Don’t you think this item is perfect for you? Let me give you more information about the SmartWatch. I can explain to you why I decided to buy it on AliExpress.

SmartWatch: what offers

As a phone, the SmartWatch works in different languages. Some are already installed, others can be added by an App. So you can easily do your activity with instructions in your own language. Thanks to the waterproof material, the rain will never affect it. You can also swim together with your watch. Usually, the only problem is the hot water. If you want it to use your trendy watch on any occasion, you can. Are you influenced by style and fashion? Great, you can change the strap. So choose among different colors.
The functions offered concerning your health include the basics. You have the pedometer, you can measure calories gained, collect data about heart rate and so on. The condition is always monitored. You get also some advice in order to improve your lifestyle. Always according to health.
What about the use. Thanks to USB charging way it’s easy to get energy and fulfill the battery. Keep in mind that the standby time is 30 days, considering working time 7 days. With the touch screen, you access to all the functions rapidly. It is missing only a Sim Card space, so you can’t make calls, answer and send messages. But you will receive the notifications. You only need a connection with the phone. Check it out on AliExpress, the price is really cheap.


Are you thinking to buy a SmartWatch? You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. AliExpress propose a perfect item for you. A lot of functions and a low-cost price. I am satisfied with my purchase. This object gives me good support day by day, also when I travel. I see the colorful touch screen, big enough to read without problems. Then I can use the 64KB  RAM plus 512KB FLASH. It’s quite a huge memory for a watch.

Since I am a man I don’t use it, but the health app includes a female cycle reminder. This is helpful to pay attention and organize the period with daily life. The real-time health monitor, anyway, support females and males with a lot of data. To not lose a call or a message and neither a meeting, it is possible to activate the reminder push.

The call reminder supports hanging up on the watch. Then the SMS alerts push is available. Also, the service of the Social Media Notification it is useful.  It works for email, Wechat, Whatsapp, Skype, and many other networks.

I have to add something about the SmartWatch. During a meeting, I can see everything on the watch. So, I don’t have to take my phone and to give a bad impression on others. I don’t appear distracted. This is important because I can check immediately what is going on my phone and on social. Accept my invitation to take a look at this item on AliExpress.
If you are searching for other items for travelers, read my posts. You can find a lot of ideas.

Gift ideas for travelers

Christmas is passed and now we are at the beginning of a new year. This means that there will be birthdays to celebrate, traditions, anniversaries and so on. What to do? Surely buy some presents. I want to share some gift ideas for travelers. It is not necessary to wait for a special occasion, but this depends on you. If you have to purchase something for a person you can read my tips.

My gift ideas for travelers comes from my needs, wishes and also direct experience in buying presents. For 2019 I think you may need them. That’s why I am going to add to my guides some tips about the items you can buy. There are ideas for all budgets. You can find them under the category “Shopping”.

Gift ideas for travelers

Are you searching for a great present? Take a look on my blog, I am a traveler and I can give you gift ideas for travelers. This is what I am going to offer you, for free. In some of my posts, there will be some links to shops, but it will not be a cost for you. I can earn a commission from your purchase and you can also benefit from some discounts. It will be my present for you, my dear followers and readers.

I want also to support you in choosing the gift. It is not easy because when it comes the moment you don’t have ideas and you don’t know exactly what the receiver appreciates. What are the best gift ideas for travelers? Who love traveling will be surely happy if you buy a holiday package. But if you know the person better, try to purchase something that she or he needs for the journey. You don’t need to spend a lot of money because there are many options, for all pockets. Before to let you read other specific posts on my blog, I give you a tip. Don’t think what you like. But focus on what the receiver likes.