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Facebook: I am there

I am working on some new posts for you, writing about my new travel experiences and some tips. Meanwhile, I want to inform you that I have a page on Facebook. This was missing to My Anasa. I will share, as I do on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, my posts and some other specific posts with guides and advice to travelers. You can easily reach and visit my page clicking here. It is another way to follow me and my blog. Maybe it is also more useful for you because you can use it while you share something with your friends.

Yes, share. You can send my posts, if you like them, to your relatives and friends. Just because they are interesting or because they need to know something or get inspired by my contents. Check out my Facebook page and comment on my posts, it will be a way to communicate with me and to ask something about my travel experience. I always need your feedback to publish something more useful for you. I am writing to you, so my goal is to give you some news and tips that you will use.

Facebook and social pages

My blog is my main mean to communicate with you, but I like to use social networks. I share my blog posts, but I also add something more, so if you want to see all about my trips, you should visit all my pages. There are luxury experiences and reviews about places, hotels, restaurants, and much more. Also, I write about objects and services so you can find good deals to save money and purchase the best product for your journey. In the end, on blog news, there are some articles about my blogging experience.

I am a beginner, but I think who started a blog after me can benefit from what I learned step by step. We found the same obstacles and we have common goals. I will share also these tips on the Facebook page. Before to visit my social profiles or also after, take a look to the website. There is always something new. Also, the menu is going to be updated to facilitate your surfing activity. It’s almost tailor-made for you. I don’t go ahead, now it’s your turn to explore. Write to me your feedback, I will appreciate it a lot. 

Linkedin and more

I opened the Facebook page and I am implementing it, but you can follow me also on Linkedin. My profile is ready and also some posts. My presence on social networks is getting wider and step by step I can update all the profiles, not only sharing the blog posts. I have a lot of ideas in my mind and I am doing changes often to renew and preparing more cool pages. So there will be extra contents different for each channel.

My project to renew my blog is passing through social media. Time to time it is good to change, to innovate. I guess you can appreciate. The site has to be full of information, tips, guides, experience, but also nice for the eyes. Don’t you agree? Feel free to comment below, I like to have feedback about my activity online. It is a way to improve, especially because I write to you.

If you want to be always informed about my updates and to get some extra contents, subscribe to my newsletter. I will send an email once per week with resources and deals selected for you, together with the news about my posts. Then my social profiles are always full of pictures and stories about my trips.

Blog: revive old posts

Here you have some other tips about the blog. Your blogging life belongs to your activity, but one of your goals is related to the traffic. You need to grow the number of your followers if you want to have success. Actually, I consider increasing the number of readers a result. I mean, why to write if people don’t read the post? But how can they read the articles, if they don’t even know about you and your blog? That’s the question.

SEO is the answer, you need to follow the search engine rules to be more visible on the internet. One of the things you can do with your blog is to revive the old posts? How? There are some steps you need to take into consideration, but mainly you have to do two things. Update them and then share. Easy? Yes, it is, but you have to be careful to do it in the proper way.

Blog: post updating

The first step you have to do is to update the old posts of your blog. Not always it is necessary to write them again, but just to make some change. For instance to remove dates, if it has sense, or to update an image or some information. Remove what it is not useful anymore and replace that. In this case, you will obtain a post ready to be shared again. It becomes interesting and useful especially for the people who haven’t read it.

Are the posts of your blog still valid? Maybe you can add something more because there is some information not available when you wrote the article. So add them in the way you think more proper inside the old post. Keep in mind the needs of your readers and the ones of Google (keywords search). If you have doubts check them on Google Search Console. Them you are ready to share.

Rewrite the old blog posts

Some other posts of your blog are written may be more than one year ago, so you didn’t apply some basic principles. The Google algorithm is changed and you need to consider specific SEO elements and to insert them in your article. In this case, you have to rewrite your blog post. It is the best way to make it visible on the various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

You need to make your blog post able to answer the biggest number of queries. Before to act check your ranking on Google. Why? Because you don’t have to lose the results acquired. After that work on the post rewriting, the optimization of meta tags, images, and improvement of the internal links. You can also add other sources. The goal is to make a positive transformation of the articles not any more interesting for the search engines.

What to check about old contents

Proceed for steps. First of all use Google Pagespeed Insight. It gives you an overview of the problems that your website can have. The tool explains you also the improvement and the solutions to adopt. The time to charge a person is obviously one of the most important features to get traffic. Then check the links, because maybe some of them are not any more valid. Use wave.webaim.org to verify the links.

Drive traffic to the refreshed contents

Now it is time to attract visitors. You got followers during the past months or years and maybe they lost your first posts. So you have to propose your revived articles to them. How? Share them on your social profiles, send push to subscribed followers and promote the posts with a newsletter. Google will read your posts, so in next days you will get visits to those articles. Don’t forget to optimize Title, tags, and meta description. Yoast Seo can help you.

Delete what is unuseful

You should have a plan to publish your articles, but time to time it happens to post something by chance. If it doesn’t make any more sense or if these contents are not useful, you have to delete them. Keep only what is part of your SEO goals. The strategy has to be clear and what it is not part of it, has to be removed. Keep this tip in mind, because the traffic to your blog depends also on that element. For example, if you post wishes and press releases, the attention lasts for a few days.

Last tips

I can suggest you post fewer articles, but to take care of their structure. If you have doubts about the post to cancel, ask an SEO expert. Because you can have damages instead of benefits. Before to write new text, check the old one, so you can use all the resources. You have to maximize the results. This is something I learned recently and I am working on it. I am having the first results.

Seo books

In my previous posts, I wrote about the search engine optimization. Now I want to focus on Seo books. Yes, surfing the internet you can easily find websites that reveal to you a lot of strategies, but a book is generally more complete. Despite I am not an expert, I learned that it is very important to study a lot to manage a blog. I mean, it is something personal to share contents, but if you want to find readers and increase your numbers you need something more than quality content.

It is like to sell the best product in the world. If people don’t know it, you will never succeed in your business. Talking about blogging the theme is the same. Seo books help you to go deep into the topic and to get a real strategy. In fact, to make a plan to prepare Seo for your blog you need more than a couple of tips or a plugin. It is a matter of method.

Seo books 2019

There are several Seo books that I have read in these months and in the last days as well. The first one that I want to recommend to you is SEO 2019. There were also the previous year’s editions, but of course, you need to read the updated one. Its cost is low and it is available on Amazon. Let me give you some more details. Starting with the author, an expert in the field.

The subtitle is “Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies” and it includes a step by step strategy. Therefore you can easily follow the tips and apply them as described by the writer of one of the best Seo books of the last years. His name is Adam Clarke. Have you ever heard or read about him? No? So I can easily write a couple of lines about him. It is quite simple to understand who is Clark only explaining what he does.

SEO 2019

If you go on Amazon you find it in the best sellers, with raking #1 in Seo books. You can choose among the different versions: analog, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited versions. The price is $7.99. A cost that you can face considering the benefit that you can have reading it and using the tips included. But let me go to the question: who is Adam Clarke? He spent the last ten years doing counseling on many major brands to build their websites. He claims regularly reach the number one slot on Google.

SEO 2019 is recommended, among the Seo books, for the bloggers at the beginning and for the experts. Also who has experience in the marketing online can find much useful information and advice. The first thing you can learn concern Google’s latest algorithm updates. So you have the hints to write your posts in the proper way to be visible on the search engine.

Avoid the penalties

Clarke gives the method you should follow to avoid Google’s penalties. He fixed a strategy for optimizing contents in the proper way. The author uses scaleable techniques for all types of businesses, of any size. He also explains sophisticated SEO topics without resorting to industry jargon. These aspects are not common online and especially they are not inside the most common articles spread on different field’s websites. That’s why this is the first of the Seo books I want to suggest.

It is not finished. In the book, you can find many topics like web analytics, keyword research, and link building. Then Clarke gives you the way to optimize any type of text for the best Seo results. Take your time and read SEO 2019, you will thank me. I am sure of it. Stay tuned, I will write more about this topic.

Italy: interesting facts

Today it’s my curiosities’ day. So I share here some interesting facts about Italy. You have already been to my country, but maybe you don’t know them. Or you never had the chance to see the beautiful Italian boot and its islands so these facts will help you to plan your trip consciously… Hey, I am joking. I just want to share some facts not much known by the people…also by some Italians…

Here you will find the basics to know Italy, starting from the name’s origin. They will open your mind to Italy. If you never been to the country of fashion and pasta, after reading this post you will have an irrepressible desire to leave. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit. But I am sure that you will satisfy all your curiosities about Italy and you will see the Italian cities from a different perspective.

I like a lot to go deep in the country culture when I travel the world. It’s the way to know better a place and to understand how is life there. That is the reason why I think to share some facts with you. Maybe you already heard some of them and for others is a discover. This is a brief guide that can introduce you to Italy. Especially these facts will be useful also to start to get in touch with Italians. 

Let me suggest a book about my country and especially about Italians. It is a short one that you easily can read to explore culture and habits, also in a funny way. It is called They Really Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots. There are emotions and curious episodes. You can read more in my review. It’s easy to find information about Coliseum, I guess you want to know something more to plan your tour.

Italy: facts and curiosities

Are you expecting a long list of facts? Do you think to see a lot of lines full of boring information about Italy? No, I prepared a short video with some of my pictures taken during my trips around my country. Each image will have a few words written about a factor of curiosity. Easier to read them and to learn them. I can query you in next days. So if you want a good grade, you have to pay attention to. Just kidding you.

I will let you see my short video and I hope you enjoy these facts. When I have some work meetings abroad and people ask me something about Italy, I always tell some curiosities. This catches their attention more than the well-known adjectives used to describe the famous monuments. Now I want to do the same with you. You know, we like a lot to smile, so it is quite common to joke about our habits. But be careful, we tell jokes and the truth is in the middle. Don’t miss it. 

P.S.: don’t forget to follow me on YouTube. It’s a work in progress, so stay tuned.


More Italy

Now you got some curiosities about my country, but if you want to know more, I have a lot of posts for you. I wrote articles about my visits, so check them out. You find facts, curiosities, information, impressions, culture, art, and much more. I am going on with my activity on the blog, so often there are updates.

If you don’t want to lose some update, subscribe to my newsletter. Weekly I will send you an email with the news and some extra contents as well. It’s a good way to be in touch and to discover more destinations and tips.

Now it is time to find a flight and to book the accommodation.