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Art of Romanticism

The magnificent Art of Romanticism. In 1861 Italians united Italy. After some battles. Thanks also to a great engagement of artists. All the kingdoms disappear to let space to a unique country. The process that brought all the country under the same king started in 1815, after the Congress of Vienna. We call this period Risorgimento (Resurgence). It gave the chance to Italy to change its shape. People worked hard to reach the goal and art gave an important contribution to it. Art of Romanticism became the flag of the movement.

The ability of the art to make a revolution impress me a lot. This happens many times, in almost all the eras, especially in the last centuries. Anyway, who loves art has an interest in analyzing the historical context. Not only. Who loves art want to pay attention to the techniques. It’s amazing how artists changed the way to paint in the 19th century. I like a lot of painting and sculptures and going around the Italian museums and exhibitions I saw the evolution of the style. Also the differences among the artworks of the various artists of the same period.

Art of Romanticism: the 19th-century revolution

Romanticism started at the end of the 18th century. When the new generation of artists understood that Neoclassicism wasn’t influencing anymore the society, they started to search for something new. They changed completely the way to express their ideas and point of view. The art of Romanticism has various features. Romanticism canceled the Neoclassical reasoning, control, geometric perfection and, above all, imitation of the art of the ancients.

Not all the artists of the period made a radical change, but most of them yes. They wanted to draw a line to separate the past from the present. Their style was dominated by unbridled passion, strong feelings and a renewed fervor for the religious world. Moreover, if the neoclassical artist was convinced that the perfection of art had been reached by the ancients, the romantic drew, instead, inspiration from the dark and mysterious world of the Middle Ages. That period until then had been considered a period of no importance and purely negative.

Art of Romanticism in Italy

Who loves art can easily understand how nice is a journey into the art of Romanticism. That period is really amazing because it takes people into modern art. The paintings are not only a representation of a view, but there is a sign, something more. I think the feature of the style is visible in the vigorous brushstrokes capable of interpreting reality. Color and not too defined signs tell a story.

This is what I like about the art of Romanticism. Then, of course, there are many elements related to the history of that period. I love to explore the most important event of Italian unity. Also, I like to see in the paintings how Italy was at that time. The same feelings, especially talking about techniques, come from the sculpture. If you want to see art in Italy you have a lot of opportunities. But I recommend you to explore the artworks of the 18th century.

Romance artists

If you like art visit Italy. Art of Romanticism has a huge collection spread in all the country. There are many museums that offer the view of great artworks to the visitors. Time to time in various Italian cities there are thematic exhibitions. I like them because they collect paintings and sculptures also from foreign museums and private collections. So it’s easy to see some artworks that are usually not visible to the public.

I will write more about some art galleries and museums. Because Italy can show you the best examples of the art of Romanticism. But now I want to share some pictures I took during my visits. So I let you enjoy them. Before I remind you that after finding a flight, maybe using some free miles obtained with your credit card, you can reserve a hotel and buy the tickets to enter the museum. Planning in advance will be useful especially if you want to see some temporary exposition because you will check the place and the dates.


                                          One of the famous “kiss” of the painter Hayez


In the painting, you can see the famous writer Alessandro Manzoni, one of the Italian literature icons


                                     This young girl represents Italy, that was born in 1861

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iPhone XR camera

I love to take a memory of my trips around, especially to take pictures of landscapes. That is why I am trying to improve myself as a photographer and also why I need a good camera. The point is that I have not my camera with me going around close to home. My new iPhone XR camera gives me a very good alternative. When recently I changed my phone I took into consideration also this aspect.

Like many people, I use only a small percentage of the tools present in the smartphone. But the camera is important to me. Sometimes I need to take pictures of papers or something that I need for my job. Most of the times I like to click when I see a nice view or some wonder of nature. iPhone XR camera is perfect for these actions because it guarantees very high performances.

The features of iPhone XR camera

I am not used to doing it, as you can easily see from the pictures on this blog, but it is also good for a selfie. You want to know more about the strengths and the weaknesses of the iPhone XR camera I guess. This is completely correct and I am writing this article to explain to you my experience. I will also show you some pictures taken with this new smartphone. Before to give you my opinion, I want to make a list of the features.


iPhone XR camera offers a photographic system that combines the ISP processor, the Neural Engine and advanced algorithms. All this was created to give more options in the realization of the photo. Sensors of the camera are faster and also this contributes to having more detailed pictures. The camera can work with different light conditions. This is a smart HDR.

You can adjust the depth, so it allows you to blur the background of the picture. In this way, you will have a better foreground (bokeh effect). This is a good feature for the selfie. You can avoid the background or just making less visible than you. Thanks to faster sensors and smart HDR, it is easy to catch a picture of a person, an animal or a car moving. The video 4K and the sound improved are the ideal support to shoot a video in high resolution.


What distinguishes iPhone XR camera is the operations made by the device. It is able to do, Apple affirms, 5 trillions of operations per second. I don’t know if this is true, but I can confirm that is really helpful. You can see the difference with the previous iPhones on the speed. What are the operations? I am going to list them for you, proceeding with my review.

The camera has the function Portrait that analyzes all data collected by the sensor to isolate faces. Then it detects each face. iPhone XR makes a map of a face and it gives chances to enlight it in the right points. Thanks to Neural Engine the phone separate the face from the background. It is precise, so the result is really good. You can also choose the light effects to arrange depth.


12MP rear camera

  • ƒ/1.8wide‑angle lens
  • 2x faster sensor
  • OIS optical image stabilization
  • 4K video up to 60 fps

7MP TrueDepth front camera

  • ƒ/2.2wide‑angle lens
  • All-new video

  • 1080pHD video
    up to 60 fps
  • For Portrait selfies, Animoji, and Memoji

Why I like iPhone XR camera

I was used to previous versions of the iPhone, so maybe that is the reason why I think I improved the results. Maybe I am still learning about some of the tools, but I think to be ready to give first opinions. I must admit. Excited about my new item, I checked out the instructions to learn how to get the best results. Selfie-Lovers is full of options, but I was searching mainly to work with the rear camera.

What is the best way to learn? Doing things. So I started to take some pictures. I didn’t have many difficulties with the settings. Anyway, I needed to try to take many pictures to see the differences. In this way, I found positive and negative sides. Check out them: continue reading this post about iPhone XR camera.

iPhone XR camera ranking

Apple proposed to the market different models in the last months and in terms of camera, iPhone XR became the king among the smartphones. It costs less than the iPhone XS, but it offers better performances regarding pictures and videos. The experts evaluated the device and they gave more than 100 points. To be precise 101 points. How did they obtain this result? Easy, they analyzed all the aspects.

The test done was clear: 103 points for the pictures and 96 for the video. This made the Apple phone to be at the 7th place in the ranking of all smartphones available on the market. What is the final comment of the experts? Or better why they gave high grades to iPhone XR camera? “excellent exposure and dynamic range, preservation of detail in every light condition and fast autofocus. In the photographic field, the vividness and saturation of the colors were also appreciated, while for the videos the good stabilization of the image makes the difference“. This is what they said.

They also found some negative aspects: “the digital noise in indoor photos and in lighting conditions, combined with a white balance is not always effective in the video. The bokeh effect of the portrait mode appears unrealistic“. This is what they think about the iPhone XR camera. Now it came the time to write about my direct experience with it.

Good aspects

My opinion is not going to give points, but I can simply explain what I think about the iPhone XR camera. The big screen gives the chance to see better the picture taken and this is useful. Also, the crisp, clear camera makes seeing your images on the screen a total treat and allows you to adjust and tweak accordingly. Portrait mode allows you to change depth just sliding the photo.

This is great because you can easily to underline an element in the picture. The face detection works really very well, not only for the camera but also for iPhone XR. In fact, I can access without a code, just using my face. But this is another story. Let’s go back to positive features. Also, it allows you to play with things like natural, studio, and contour light. The editing features are improved and they work quite well.


The Portrait mode is a great invention, but it works, maybe obviously, only for the faces. It is a pity that iPhone XR camera doesn’t do the same for any type of picture. Why? Because I would like to blur the background also for other subjects. Imagine a plate on a table or maybe a flower with some trees behind. You can underline a particular. Another aspect that can be improved concern the inability of Portrait mode to shoot in burst mode. While it’s not the biggest drawback, it would be nice to rapid-fire your shots of a subject and pick through the best ones possible for further editing.

It could be desirable to have more features of editing. It is really good, but according to some apps on the market, Apple can offer more. They should integrate the tools of some photography applications with its system. Anyway, this is only a suggestion and not a complain, because I would like to see more. Also if to be honest I am not using so much the filters so it could be good just to have some special effect to make a picture funnier.


I am not here to recommend the iPhone XR camera, but just to share my experience. So I can confirm that I am satisfied with it. The quality is very high. Apple did a very good job, maybe they should work not only on the camera features but on the tools. Editing is important, especially if you need pictures for a specific reason, like social media sharing. Since the cost of the iPhone is important, they can work on both sides. Camera and tools.

Are you using iPhone XR camera? How is your experience with it? Share your opinion and tips, it will be good to use the comments to discuss and to give more tips to who is interested. If you want to change your phone for the camera, iPhone XR is really the best choice you can do. In fact, about the editing tools I saw other models and they have the same lack. Or at least what I consider something that needs to be improved. The pictures of this post are made with iPhone XR camera without any filter. You already saw some of them in my previous post.


Happy New Year

My dear readers and followers, the moment came: Happy New Year!!! In a few hours, we will welcome 2019. Tonight we will celebrate a new beginning, of course, we hope better than the previous one. Generally, we do a balance of the things done, but I will wait a bit for this blog because it will have the birthday tomorrow. It will be one year of blogging for me, an important event.

This 2018 was more or less a year like others, but thanks to you all that you followed my posts with your comments and likes, it was a great year. My Happy New Year to you is also a hope. I hope we can continue our journey together. Also, I have great expectation, not only for my job and my private life but also for my presence online. I am working to improve my activity step by step. Now I don’t want to write about this topic, I will have time to do it tomorrow.

Happy New Year to you

I want just to wish you a Happy New Year! With the hope that you will have joy, satisfaction, and success. 2019 can be the year to realize your dreams, all of them or just a few of them. Work hard to help your destiny to be sweeter, be blessed and thank you for being here. You are the reason why I write and why I share as much as I can my posts, my tips, and my pictures.

About me, except blogging, I will have a new full year. I don’t know what will happen, but on my agenda, there are a lot of trips. Mainly I will travel for work reasons, but I will be glad to share with you my experience, always combining travels and luxury. I hope also to get good news and feedback from you. I will surely enjoy spending a bit of my time here with you. This will be a Happy New Year.

What will you do tonight? What are your plans to celebrate the New Year’s Eve? Before to start the party check my short video wishes, available also on my YouTube channel.


Happy New Year to you


I am with my friends, trying to finish our plan to go to Prague and a beautiful sunset is over us. The sky has beautiful colors and I want to share my view with you. Unfortunately, I don’t have good instruments to take the pictures, then I also do it without opening the window. I am sorry for the low quality, but I hope you can see something.

I need to post them because this type of sunsets is not so common. Even if Piedmont offers lovely skies, this sunset is really superb. There is a good combination among the mountains, the clouds, the sun, and the sky. The sun during the day today wasn’t that much, but at least nature gave us a beautiful end. What makes me sad in winter is the early sunset, because there is not much light, compared to summer. Anyway to see this is a reason to be happy with life.

My sunset

My old tablet is not able to catch the best pictures with a few lights and during the night. A window was in the middle between me and the sunset. I needed to be fast in taking the pictures. I tried to do my best. To see the sunset how it was tonight here, you can add a bit of imagination to my images. Before to let you see the pictures, I want to add a brief nice quote about the sunset.

“And yet day and night meet fleetingly at twilight and dawn,” he said, lowering his voice again and narrowing his eyes and moving his head a quarter of an inch closer to hers. “And their merging sometimes affords the beholder the most enchanted moments of all the twenty four hours. A sunrise or sunset can be ablaze with brilliance and arouse all the passion, all the yearning, in the soul of the beholder.”

It is written by Mary BaloghA Summer to Remember



Calendar 2019: a gift for you

My dear followers and readers,

this is the Calendar 2019 for you. I planned to post some new articles these days and I am working to do it. Meanwhile, since Christmas is coming, I want to give you my small gift to thank you all! It is almost the first birthday of this blog and if I am here after all these months it is because of you. You follow me, like and comment on my posts, so I have a reason to continue to write.

Now you are thinking “ok, it’s time to leave him, otherwise, he will never stop”… hahaha, I know that you are doing it, so with my gift, I am trying to corrupt you with my Calendar 2019. I am joking, don’t worry. I like to read your feedback and this wants to be really only a “thank you” for your support.

Calendar 2019: what

It is easy, you just need to click on “MY ANASA Calendar 2019” and download it. It is a pdf file and you can save it on your computer or print it out. The Calendar 2019 is made in an international model so you can find all the days of next year without holidays written. That’s why I dedicated it to all of you, also to whom is not going to celebrate Christmas on 25th December and to whom don’t celebrate it.

MY ANASA Calendar 2019

You find also one of my pictures. I have chosen it because for me on the chair each of us can seat. It is the position from where to see what will happen next year. We don’t have only to seat there but also to act. In about one week it will start a new year and this Calendar 2019 is my first wish to you all for 12 months rich of satisfaction. We will have one more week to exchange wishes so I will be back to you all for it.

I did it on Freepik.