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Freelance writer: 1 opportunity to make huge money to travel

Travel is an investment because it makes people rich in terms of culture and personal growth. But it costs. Also to go around the world as backpacker requires some money. That’s why you are reading this post. I want to give you an idea to get some extra income. Become a freelance writer and you will have also the chance to find a job and not only some money to spend on your trips.

Surely you have to show some skills. In fact, if you want to be a writer or a copywriter a good knowledge about the language is important. If you think to have the writing competence, well, the first step is done. Easier! Hehe, that is the base to begin your new career as a freelance writer. Let me explain what you have to do to have success and earn the money you need to travel.

Freelance writer: your new activity

It is your way to make money to buy your flight ticket, so proceed carefully. What should be your task? Craft texts for others, mainly companies who need to prepare articles and posts for their websites online. Maybe also some bloggers and privates will ask you help to write some contents. You as a freelance writer will be their author so writing skills and creativity will be your personal tools.

How to find clients? This is your question now. I can suggest you to start to work for a marketplace. They usually don’t pay a lot, but they have clients and you can explore this world. It is plenty of them and you can just search on Google. Then you can open your own blog, using posts as the portfolio and contact some marketing agencies and companies directly. Propose to them your competencies.

Thanks to the internet it is easy to find customers in needs, so just catch the chance. You can write about a huge variety of topics researching some inspiration from other articles and books. Otherwise, you can work on specific arguments using your own competences. 

You not only need to be a good writer, but you should also know how to craft a proper pitch. A freelance writer can be paid $0.10 – $1 per word. It depends on the experience, the quality, the type of text and some other elements. For each article, you can gain between $50 and $1000. You can find a list of the marketplace here.

Airtasker: a solution for you

Do you want to succeed as a freelance writer? Well, visit the platform Airtasker. Why? Because it offers you the opportunity to propose yourself to people and companies in need. Then you can also find a lot of requests from them. You only have to apply to get the job. It can be an article or long cooperation. That is what you need to earn money to travel. This is what you are searching for. But I can tell you something more.

Airtasker gives you complete support. Completing tasking you can earn up to $5,000 per month. You can decide when and how much work. The payments are safe, made through the platform that will guarantee your money. You will never lose them after your task is finished and approved. Plus there is insurance to protect you.

Inside the platform, there is a list of rates divided for the type of profession and tasks. Then there is a tool to help you to calculate the average monthly income according to your engagement. What are you waiting for? Click here!

This is an idea for you to help you to find extra money to travel, if you search for other opportunities, check my tips. Then I suggest you subscribe to my newsletter. You will get updates and also some special contents, not shared anywhere.