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Treviso: Italian beauty


Treviso: an Italian beauty. This town is your next destination, for a weekend or a longer holiday. It is full of marvelous places. Read more!

Autumn and trees

I decided to have a walk in nature to relax myself and to observe the Autumn (the best season because of the colours of the leaves). The temperature is quite warm respect the season, but the Autumn is going on. I want to let pictures to tell about my walk in nature, I only add … Read more Autumn and trees

Alps in Piedmont

Isn’t it the perfect day for a trip to the mountains? The temperature is warm, the sun is beautiful and it is Saturday… what do you think? These are the Alps in Piedmont, Italy

Kruševo: a Macedonian surprise


Kruševo is a village rich of history, art, and nature. Discover it through my tips and review. Read my post to plan your trip.

Moving into Northern Macedonia

Going around the country…. Stay tuned for more posts and videos!

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