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Transcribe & caption videos: you can earn good money to travel

What does it mean transcribe & caption videos? In the last years, online videos literally have exploded. All the people communicate through them because it’s the easiest way to catch attention and to share a message. In fact, YouTube became the 2nd biggest website on the internet. Facebook is the 3rd one thanks to their huge video platform. So, if you are searching for a way to earn extra money to travel, I suggest you to to focus on a profitable activity. Transcribe & caption videos. This works very well online. It is useful and required. You can get a lot of opportunities from that.

The video creators know it very well. To get their uploads noticed, they have to transcribe the audio into text. This helps a lot to promote the videos. You are surely asking why. Generally, a video has sound so you can easily tell the message by talking. You should consider that many people watch videos with the sound off. Most of the times they do that because they watch a video during their work time or moving on public transports. That’s why transcribe & caption videos are essential.

Transcribe & caption videos: how to do it

What should you do? Easy, you need to transcribe & caption videos! Let me explain. You can make extra money typing out what people are saying in a video. Listen to their message and write it down. It’s easy, right? It is, but there is a requirement for that. You need to be fast at typing. This is a must because the message of the video can be long and you need to write a lot in a short time. This is what they want. Remember that the caption is very important, so mistakes are not allowed.

If you want to provide this service, you can promote yourself online. But keep in mind that most of the creators work with platforms. There are companies that provide this type of activity. So you need a lot of time to find clients and you have to win on big competitors. The alternative is to subscribe to those platforms and offer your competences. Youtubers always need that, but those companies can give them exactly what they want for a good price. Obviously, they pay you for the work down.

Companies and earnings

Now you want to know how much can you earn and what are the platforms. I am going to tell you everything. Let’s start from the earning part. I can’t say that you will become rich and neither the exact amount you can gain from this activity. But I can tell you that they pay around $10 per hour. This means that you can have a bit less or a bit more. Consider that there are a lot of people working to transcribe & caption videos, so maybe you won’t be full of work at the beginning.

How you can apply? Among the companies on the market, I suggest you subscribe to a couple of platforms. The first one is Rev, a Californian startup, that offers translations, transcriptions, and captions. You can apply as a freelancer. In this way, you choose how much to work and what to offer as competencies. They pay you via PayPal weekly. To be approved you have to pass an English grammar test. The second company is 3Play Media. It is based in Boston and it works since 2007. They offer jobs to transcribe & caption videos, you find all the information on the website.

This is a new idea about how to make money to travel. You can also transform it into your main activity, but first, start and see how much you can earn. Surely, you will gain extra money. In case you think this job is not for you, check out the other opportunities. I prepared a lot of guides for you on this topic.

Food Delivery: 1 cool way you can use to make money to travel

There are a lot of options to earn some extra money to travel, but at this moment food delivery is surely one of the best ways. Why? Because the request is increasing. Many people want to have food from restaurants in their offices or houses. Especially in bigger cities, there are services like this and not only proposed by restaurants. Companies specialized in this hire who need a job and send them around to pick food and to bring it to the client. The commission is not so high, but with a huge quantity of delivery, you can earn extra cash. How does it work?

It is easy because people order and you have only to go on their behalf to the restaurant. Of course, don’t eat the food, but bring it to them. Before to go deep into the topic, let me share some considerations. Maybe you are scared by the competitors. If you are searching for a company to work with or if you want to set up a business on your own, don’t worry. In both cases, you will find a lot of opportunities. Why food delivery is successful? Because people don’t need to drive around. They can save a lot of time and stay in the comfort of their home.

Food delivery: your new job

Open your smartphone and check how many restaurant takeout delivery apps are available. UberEats, GrubHub.com, Glovo, just to mention some of the most famous. All of them are ready to hide drivers for food delivery. They generally don’t give you a car, a motorbike or a bicycle. You need to use yours, but everything depends on the company and on the area where they provide the service. The requirements are not many. Show driving skills, the ability to work fast and to be kind in the approach with people.

Food delivery is a good opportunity to earn some money. If you work for one of the big companies you can choose how much time to dedicate because they hire also part-time workers. It is not hard to combine the requests of the company with your needs in terms of time. If you want to do it by yourself you have some costs and also you need to plan the activity to not be in competition with big brands. Otherwise, you will never survive.

Do you like to work alone? Find an area with a potential client, but not too big. So you can easily satisfy the requests and not have competitors. To get more information about this activity and do all the steps, I suggest you visit the website of GrubHub. Then you can search for the other companies, the ones present in your area. Invest your free time in this work and you will get some money to travel.

Check out also my other guides to get some tips and inspiration.

Work on your own

If you live in a small town not served by those type of companies, you can try on your own. I mean that you can offer the food delivery service directly to people. What do you need? First of all, you have to study the situation. Yes, check the needs, the restaurant present in the area. This is useful to search for customers. In the beginning, you will serve a few people. Then you can involve someone else to help you. Anyway, to start you need a bike, a phone to get in touch with clients. 

The investment for food delivery is not that big. You can consider it as an option to make money. Of course, one of the differences between the companies in the market is that you need to work more hours. You are alone and you have to cover many services. It can be hard, but profitable. This can be good if you have no job at the moment. Focus on your goal and you will have success. This is an opportunity you can catch in case your area has no service in this field.

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Online courses to travel

Do you need money to travel? Create online courses to get extra income. First of all, focus on your competencies. You have to think about your skills and answer these questions:

a) what do I know very well?

b) am I able to teach it?

The first answer will help you to find the fields, meanwhile, the second one will put you on the right way to refine the method. I suggest you pay attention to the audience and to the competitors. Decide who are the people interested in your courses and check what is missing. Your competitors are for you a source of information. Catch what is missing e prepare tailor-made online courses.

Online courses and audience

If you are an expert about one or more topics, maybe the people will be glad to pay to attend your online courses. It depends on your niche, but selling courses online is profitable. Don’t think only to a live presence because you can realize tutorials. In this case, each person can buy it and see it even when you are sleeping. Meanwhile, you earn money many times on the same tutorial. Of course, you need to prepare more than one to have success.

This way will make you an authority for the audience and you will grow. You can use your free time so you can have extra cash to travel. Therefore you keep your job, plus you do this activity. If you reach great success, you can transform it into the main activity. What? Oh, you don’t know how the realize a video tutorial and how to sell it. No problem, online it is full of tools that will help you. Only advice: invest a bit of money, because the free sources are limited and you don’t reach the best effect. I suggest you visit this website to find all the technical answers to your questions: Teachable.

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Online coaching and consulting

Are you searching for a way to earn extra money to travel? Online coaching and consulting is the answer. Before to explain to you something about online jobs. Today the technologies are everywhere. Most of the companies, businessmen and simple people are using them for many different needs. According to a recent study made by Airtasker, IT workers get more trust from people after doctors. The research, you can read it here, gives a lot of interesting information. 

It is going to analyze what people think about professions, according to various criteria. I suggest you read it, maybe you can recognize yourself in the consideration of employees and jobs. Anyway, I am using it to underline how people engaged in the IT sector and with IT are very well considered. If you want to make extra money to travel definitely technology is the mean you have to use. Online coaching and consulting is a good way. Let’s see what you can do and how you can earn.

Online coaching and consulting: what is this?

Basically, if you want to do online coaching and consulting you gave to share your knowledge with others. There is no limit to the topics. Of course, you need to be quite expert, also because people will pay a fee for your knowledge. If you do this is you are going to help people and to use your know-how profitably. For instance, if you are able to plan travels you can propose counseling to companies or private who need someone to support them. Imagine if you are great in preparing viral posts on social networks. A lot of people may need your advice. 

Once you found your best competence, you have to set up an offer. Think about what type of online coaching and consulting you can give to clients. It is not a matter of topic but about the method. In fact, you will have only a computer and a camera. Your service, lesson or counseling will be available through the tech, you won’t meet in person the customer. That’s why you have to prepare and imagine how to share your knowledge. Obviously, the client will ask you specific questions and what she/he needs. 

How to work online

Now you know what you can do through online coaching and consulting and your question is: how can I start? You have to face the market online, create a website and promote your offer. I know, in the beginning, it is hard. So I suggest you use a platform ready to welcome you. Mentioning the research about trust and professions I named Airtasker. Access it and find your clients there. Everything is already set up to make requests and offers meet. You will easily find clients proposing your coaching service.

On the platform, you easily find a market for your knowledge and advice. You have a window to show your skills, but you can also answer to clients requirements posted on the website. It is easy to use and you don’t need to do a lot of marketing. The staff will manage the payments for you, so you will be sure to get your money after the task is done. Less administrative work for you and more support to start. Isn’t it great? Online coaching and consulting and Airtasker are the combinations that represent a solution for you. So check out the platform clicking here. Register and set your profile.


I know, you still have one question. How much can I earn? Sorry, I can’t answer you. Why? Because it depends on the activity, on your tasks, on single rates and deals with clients. I can just give you an example. Surely it will help you to make a general calculation. A person does travel consulting and he charges $75 per hour. Who is interested ask for Skype calls and he gives directions, tips, and so on.

Well, through the platform explore competitors offers, see what potential clients are available to pay. Then set up the price to share your knowledge. Online coaching and consulting can be profitable for a certain type of service. Life coach, dating a girl, financial advice. There are a lot of things that people need to know and learn. If you are a professional like a lawyer you can sell specific advice.

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Create online ebooks

Money to travel. This is your goal. Well, I have an idea for you! Create online ebooks and sell them. This will give you the chance to have an extra income to buy your tickets and pay the bills during your trip. How can you do it? It is full of opportunities the web and there are also tools to support you. But before you need to think about your skills and your competencies.

What is your knowledge about? What can you explain or teach to the others? Answer these questions and you will know what to write. You will have the necessary idea to create online ebooks. The topic and the way to realize the contents are the things that you need to decide. When you will be ready with this information you will get all the help directly on the internet.

How to create online ebooks

Once you defined the topic and you prepared the first draft, you can check the resources to publish it and to promote it. It will be a small business that will help you to have a good income. You can create online ebooks also for more topics. Select the ones you are experienced with. It doesn’t matter what they are. People are searching for a lot of tips and knowledge.

The digital format will reduce the costs to publish them and it will give the chance to choose to people. They can read the books on their devices or print them out. You can prepare PDF files and post them on your own website or Amazon Marketplace. The hardest step is to create online ebooks, but it is not the only one. When the text is ready you have to work on promotion using advertising, content marketing, blogging, social networks and all the channels you know and find. Do you need some advice? Check these guidelines.

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