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Ice cream in Milan

In summer ice cream in Milan is the best solution to fight the hot temperature. What about winter? Even if it is cold I can’t renounce to good ice cream. Never! Well, since I am often in the capital of Lombardy, I made a personal map to find it. It is easy to have it in the city, but I am telling you where to have the best ice cream in the area. Imagine when you need to walk in a big city and you need something fresh with you.

There are different options: to have a small portable cooling fan, to have a fresh bottle with a drink or to eat ice cream. I am Italian so it is obvious what I prefer. When I go to Milan in the hot season, and in winter as well, I always try to have a break. Why? To visit the best shops to buy one. It is a need and of course a pleasure. Then you can’t be in Italy and don’t eat ice cream in Milan. It is a pity, a big one.

Ice cream in Milan: where to taste it

I like to change and of course, it depends on the exact place where I am in the city center. In the neighborhood ”Isola” there is a lovely shop with walls of bricks. It is called Artico and it offers a good variety of flavors, most of them very new and creative. Among them, you should taste Araguani chocolate. But for summer the fruit flavors are more popular. They always work on seasonal ingredients and selecting the best quality products to realize a delicious ice cream in Milan.

Few steps from Piazza Duomo there is also Cioccolatitaliani, with a lot of different flavors, especially a variety of chocolate. The ice cream in Milan is tasty. But the place is very popular so you need to be patient. Because it is all the time crowdy. Not only locals are going there, but also many tourists. You need to wait. But I can say that it is worth it. You will be delighted by the taste.

In the area of Navigli, where the restructured water channel is passing and where many nightlife places are located there is Rinomata Gelateria. It is a small shop well known and positioned on the Darsena. They propose Nutella flavor, but also a great variety of fruit flavors perfect for the summer time. It is quite crowdy because in the area there are a lot of tourists and events. but you will never regret to wait. You will get one of the best ice creams in Milan.

As usual, my day in Milan is good thanks to the ice cream. With it also hot weather becomes more pleasant.

More advice

Now you know where to go to have ice cream in Milan. If you want to know more about Italy or other destinations check out my posts. There are also many restaurants and bars reviews. Because in each travel the food has a big importance. Not because we need energy, but because it is part of the local culture. To eat helps a lot to know better the country we visit. 

If you are searching for a hotel where to stay in Milan, I suggest you Petit Palais Hotel de Charme. Read about my experience. The last advice if you are not only searching for ice cream in Milan, but you are visiting Italy. Read the bookThey Really Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots“. It costs a few dollars, but it guides you to the Italian habits. You will get support to interact with people in Italy. It’s a great one.

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Luxury from the past

Last sunday I spent few hours in Milan visiting ”Amart”, the antiques and art exhibition organized by the Association of Antiques Dealers of Milan. It was really nice to be there. It passed quite a lot of time since my last visit to this type of event and I have to say that in last years the market of ancient artwork was decreasing, not only in relations to the prices but also about the quality of the manufacts.

In this case I saw a great exhibition, full of masterpieces from XII century to contemporary period. There were lovely and important paintings and sculptures, but also some furnishings, silver objects, carpets and many other art examples. In some stands there were antiques from China, Japan and various Asian and African countries. To be there gave me the chance to learn something new about art and history.

Anyway I noticed how the antiques market is going to live again a good period, also if not many young people were visiting the exposition and this is not a good sign for the future. Anyway ancient artworks are considered a luxury, some objects to be bought as investment or to decore prestigious houses. It is true they have this function as well and it is correct to consider those objects as status symbol, but they are more.

To have into the house an antique painting or sculpure is a pleasure. It is a piece of history that can tells a lot, a unique expression of art, a technique to be analyed. So it is a luxury now, coming from the past and staying forever as a witness of a passed period. Each artwork is also an inspiration for a new piece of art, because the real modern artists always start studying the old ways and techniques.

I love antiques and I consider each masterpiece more than a luxury to put in my home.


Petit Palais Hotel de Charme, a luxury stay in Milan

Are you planning a holiday in the fashion city of Milan? I have some advice for you regarding your stay. I have been in a small but charming hotel: Petit Palais Hotel de Charme. Around the center, it’s full of great hotels, quite big and part of famous chains. But if you want to live a unique experience this is perfect. Why? Because as a noble of the beginning of XX century, you can book a room in an old a prestigious building at 1 kilometer from the Duomo.

Its location is perfect for who wants to visit the main attractions. You can easily join the fashion neighborhood or take part in work meetings. Petit Palais Hotel de Charme is a very good example of the elegance and the luxury typical of Milan. You can live an unforgettable experience. The warm hospitality by the staff is not common, but it makes you feel a special guest.

Petit Palais Hotel de Charme: the structure

Entering the hotel guest receive a welcome from art. You can see everywhere antiques, statues, paintings, and furniture from past centuries. The State protects all the building as heritage and that is the peculiarity for each room. It is not possible to find a room similar to another. But each of them has very modern equipment. Petit Palais Hotel de Charme rooms offer Wi-Fi connection, minibar, a safe where to put the laptop. You can find also the machine for tea and coffee.

In the rooms, there are old decor and ancient artworks. But I had another marvelous surprise: breakfast. It is served in a superb dining room. You can find a great variety of food, salted and sweet. Many different types of juices and many delicious dishes. I started the day in a very good way because the waiter came to ask me what I wanted.

A nice ambiance, a great breakfast and, the kind of staff is the best way to start the day at Petit Palais Hotel de Charme. After the meal, you have the energy to go out to explore Milan or to attend your work meetings. Around the hotel, there are shops, restaurant, and bars. So you can enjoy the city and the nightlife as well.

My recommendation

The prestigious style of the rooms and the attention of the staff give the chance to guests to enter in the past world. I had the chance to live the stay in the atmosphere typical of the very important people of Milan. You feel a VIP thanks to the treatment reserved to the guests. If you will book this hotel, you will be certainly satisfied with the service and the environment. And you will go back there during your next trip to the international city, the capital of fashion.

I suggest you book a room on the upper floors. Why? Because if you are not used to the city traffic noise and your room is directly on the street, you will have difficulties. The rooms are isolated, but you can hear the cars and the ambulances. Because there is one of the main ways to a hospital. This is the only tip I want to share because for the rest I found Petit Palais Hotel de Charme very good. You won’t regret your stay.

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Milan and stars in the kitchen

A few days ago I was in Milan and I discovered, thanks to a friend, a superb restaurant. It’s a type of Michelin star restaurant with cheaper prices. Identità Golose, this the name of the place, is located a few steps from Scala Theatre in the heart of Milan and it offers a pleasant and innovative location. Milan and the stars in the kitchen. This is what waits for the guests who enter the restaurant.

The owners open it in September 2018 and now it is already one of the most researched restaurants in the city. Why? Because it offers a huge variety of chef coming during the year. Milan and the stars in the kitchen. Yes, for dinner every day there is a different Michelin star cook that propose a 4-course menu. The fixed price is very cheap compared to the restaurants with the stars. For lunch, there is the resident chef Andrea Ribaldone ready to propose you some delicious recipes.

The restaurant in Milan and the stars in the kitchen

In Via Romagnosi, connected to the famous Via Manzoni, you can find a historical and prestigious building where was hosted Fondazione Feltrinelli. The entrance consists of a transparent door and outside there is a menu. The place is elegant but appears also minimal. At the entrance, the staff is ready to welcome you and to take care of the overcoats. A short corridor takes the guest to the reception, where a kind lady organizes a table in the restaurant in Milan with the stars in the kitchen.

Going to the main dining room it is possible to see the kitchen because there is a big window. Behind there are the chef and his staff. The chairs are comfortable, the tables don’t have the cloth, but only the tissue napkin. Then there are a fork and a knife on a flat lay. The restaurant in Milan with the stars in the kitchen looks minimal, but everything with elegance and style. On the walls, there are ancient and important carpets. In the courtyard, there is a modern structure, covered, with another dining room.

Someone says that it is important to check the bathrooms to know if a restaurant is good. I am not sure that is true, but Identità Golose has really a modern, design and smart toilet. You don’t even need to touch anything, also to flush. It is enough to pass the hand in front of the photocell.


When I was just seated at the table a waiter asked me if I wanted an aperitif before to start. They made me a very good cocktail. The bartender came to explain to me how he made it. With the menu in my hands, I had some doubts because there is an interesting variety of food. Hard to choose, all the proposal were interesting to me. I had two waiters, one for food and one for drinks. The staff of the restaurant in Milan with stars in the kitchen is professional and able to give advice and to explain the dishes.

So, thanks to his suggestions, I tried their pizza. They prepare three types of it, one is the “Margherita sbagliata” with a base with mozzarella and some tomato over. The other one is with pesto and Parmigiano cheese and the last one in Marinara with anchovies. Those pizzas are small, 150 grams each, and the pasta or pizza is very soft. The Margherita I had was really delicious. Then I opted for fish over a bed of mixed salad and fennel. As a dessert, I couldn’t resist, I had “Il Nuovo Passato” (The New Past), made of walnut ice cream, walnut, carrot cake, and pear “decana”.

The restaurant in Milan with stars in the kitchen offers the option of a fixed menu, 35 euro, or to order à la carte (like I did). The price is well compared with the quality of the food and of the service. Each plate comes with an explanation of ingredients and preparation. When I went to the toilet, the waiter came and he folded the napkin in a creative way. This is not important, but it shows how they take care of each detail.


I didn’t try to eat in the restaurant in Milan with stars in the kitchen, but I am planning to do it in the next days. I already checked the program. On the Identità Golose Milano website, they have the agenda and the reservation system active. You can see for each day who will be the chef present at this international hub of gastronomy, as they defined it. They host Michelin stars chef from all over the world. They propose their four-course menu for 75 euro. A lower price compared to the amount you pay in this type of restaurants.

The most famous and high ranking chefs from Italy and other countries dedicate one or two dinners to the restaurant guests. Reserve a table using “The Fork” platform, because the restaurant in Milan is powered by this TripAdvisor company. So it is easier to make a reservation.

If you like Michelin star cuisine, if you like experimenting with innovative food and combinations and if you want to stay in a trendy place for your meal, I highly recommend this place. You can find the restaurant website full of information, but if you want to know more about some attraction in the city, check my post about the castle.

Apple fountain in Milan

Are you planning to go to Milan? Well, there is a curious place you should visit. Insert in your tour the Apple fountain. It is made by the famous American tech brand in the capital of fashion. Under the fountain, they have the shop. Are you thinking of a strange apple from where the water comes out? No, the company from Cupertino made something different. Elegant and cool.

Yes, they realized a special shop in the center of the city. In Piazza Liberty, a few steps from Duomo on the way to go to San Babila. Apple creates a very big shop and they realized an amazing fountain. The location is cool and the structure offers a curious experience. You can pass easily under it when you enter the shop. It doesn’t matter if you are an Apple fan or not, I recommend you a visit. Because it will leave you speechless.

It became in a few weeks one of the most famous and most photographed attractions of the city. Under the fountain there are stairs, so you can walk under the water and see the show. The glass will protect you, so you will be safe from water. It is so curious. You won’t need much time to see it and since it is closed to the cathedral, you will see it on the way.

The fountain of Apple

They opened the fountain and the shop at the end of July 2018. On the street, there is nothing more than this waterfall with the Apple logo on the window. The stairs to go down to the underground shop. On one side the stairs are under the water, on the other side, the stairs are like an amphitheater. The shop is 20 meters under the ground. and it is very big.

Anyway, what I like is the fountain they realized. It is something quite innovative in Milan and also cool. I am not going to write more and I let you see the pictures I took in the last days. I did a very short video uniting all of them to show you this curious fountain.  It can be part of the curiosities of Milan. What Apple made deserve to be seen, so while you walk around the cathedral in the city, have a look. It takes a few minutes.

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Milan and much more

The Apple fountain is something that you have to visit, but it’s not the only thing to see in Milan. There are the Duomo, the Castle. You can read about the different tourist places in the city and also something less know. In the “Italy” section of my blog, you can find a lot of information, impressions, facts, and curiosities about my country. They come from my direct experience. In Italy, I united my two characteristics: to be Italian and traveler.

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Enjoy your trip to Milan. Feel free to share in the comments below your experience and your impressions. I am available also for questions. It will be my pleasure to answer or to give you tips.