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Device repair: make money to travel

Do you like traveling but your budget is low? You can find some very cheap solution, or you can make more money with the device repair. How? I am not saying that is easy and immediate. But with some activity to do in your free time, you can get extra cash. Don’t worry anything illegal or scam, just a new idea. I want to tell you about device repair. Surely you have a smartphone or a tablet or a computer. Maybe all of them. Then you have even more technology at home. Actually, you are reading this post, so you have some device connected to the internet. So you have a double way to increase your income.

The first one is to save money when you need a device repair. Yes, with the solution proposed in the article you will be able to do the job by yourself. This means to save at least two-thirds of the costs. Because you may need some material to buy, otherwise you will spend only the time. The second one concerns the way to earn directly from device repair. You won’t be able only to take care of your IT items. Because with the proper guides you will help friends and other people. How? Repairing their device, TV, game console, and so on.

Device repair: a new frontier

Some abilities can help you, but it is not required a huge experience. What I am going to explain to you is about a new service provided by a French company called SOSav. It will be your ally. Why? Because the founders decided to give a lot of free guides available online. You don’t need to call an expert anymore. How they earn if they give you free guides? The company has technicians, but their job is to sell components. They collect from the producers the various parts. If you need to substitute them, you can just buy. There are all the brands on the market.

They can also help you with device repair if the issue is complex. But their interest is really to help you. They want you to solve the problem by yourself. Then if you need a reparation kit or a new piece to change it, you can purchase it in their online shop. So what’s the idea? Visit the website of SOSav and download the guides you want. It doesn’t cost anything. Try to repair your device. Guides are easy to follow with step by step instructions.

Earn money to travel

If you download the guide from the website and then you act on your device, you will save money. This is easy. How can you earn extra cash? You need to make money to travel. So you can use those guides to help other people. Of course, you can start a business. But there is competition, around the world there are shops who offer device repair. Then you need to be sure that it works. Start from relatives, friends. Ask them a little amount of money, respecting the fiscal law of your country.

They will spend less than to bring the device to a specialized center. You will get step by step the money you need to organize your trip. Obviously, the guides are perfect for small problems or not too technical. They describe the solution for hard issues, but you need to work a bit more. And especially it is good to improve your skills and experience in doing it. The experience will help your activity to grow. SOSav can help you. Check out the website and the database. It worths a visit and a bit of time spent viewing the guides.


I hope this post about device repair and SOSav can be helpful for you. If yes, share it. Maybe some of your friends can be interested in. Of course, not the ones that will become your customers. You can also find some other guides on how to make money to travel. I wrote different ideas. Check them out. Since I will write more, catch the opportunity to be updated. Subscribe to my newsletter.

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Freelance writer: 1 opportunity to make huge money to travel

Travel is an investment because it makes people rich in terms of culture and personal growth. But it costs. Also to go around the world as backpacker requires some money. That’s why you are reading this post. I want to give you an idea to get some extra income. Become a freelance writer and you will have also the chance to find a job and not only some money to spend on your trips.

Surely you have to show some skills. In fact, if you want to be a writer or a copywriter a good knowledge about the language is important. If you think to have the writing competence, well, the first step is done. Easier! Hehe, that is the base to begin your new career as a freelance writer. Let me explain what you have to do to have success and earn the money you need to travel.

Freelance writer: your new activity

It is your way to make money to buy your flight ticket, so proceed carefully. What should be your task? Craft texts for others, mainly companies who need to prepare articles and posts for their websites online. Maybe also some bloggers and privates will ask you help to write some contents. You as a freelance writer will be their author so writing skills and creativity will be your personal tools.

How to find clients? This is your question now. I can suggest you to start to work for a marketplace. They usually don’t pay a lot, but they have clients and you can explore this world. It is plenty of them and you can just search on Google. Then you can open your own blog, using posts as the portfolio and contact some marketing agencies and companies directly. Propose to them your competencies.

Thanks to the internet it is easy to find customers in needs, so just catch the chance. You can write about a huge variety of topics researching some inspiration from other articles and books. Otherwise, you can work on specific arguments using your own competences. 

You not only need to be a good writer, but you should also know how to craft a proper pitch. A freelance writer can be paid $0.10 – $1 per word. It depends on the experience, the quality, the type of text and some other elements. For each article, you can gain between $50 and $1000. You can find a list of the marketplace here.

Airtasker: a solution for you

Do you want to succeed as a freelance writer? Well, visit the platform Airtasker. Why? Because it offers you the opportunity to propose yourself to people and companies in need. Then you can also find a lot of requests from them. You only have to apply to get the job. It can be an article or long cooperation. That is what you need to earn money to travel. This is what you are searching for. But I can tell you something more.

Airtasker gives you complete support. Completing tasking you can earn up to $5,000 per month. You can decide when and how much work. The payments are safe, made through the platform that will guarantee your money. You will never lose them after your task is finished and approved. Plus there is insurance to protect you.

Inside the platform, there is a list of rates divided for the type of profession and tasks. Then there is a tool to help you to calculate the average monthly income according to your engagement. What are you waiting for? Click here!

This is an idea for you to help you to find extra money to travel, if you search for other opportunities, check my tips. Then I suggest you subscribe to my newsletter. You will get updates and also some special contents, not shared anywhere.

Attract tourists and locals

Would you love to earn money to travel or traveling? I have a new idea for you. Attract tourists and locals with your creativity. How? Well, when you go around you always find some street artists. They earn extra money or also they live in using their art. Not all of them are real artists, so I want to write about two types of approach. If you make research in this field and if you follow the steps of other people you can have your interesting income.

The first way is perfect if you know how to draw or paint. In fact, in many places, there is space to lay down on the street and make some paintings. They are madonnari. Have you ever heard about them? Another way to attract tourists and locals, maybe for some pictures and locals is to wear old costumes. Or to dress up as famous people. In both cases, you can have a good income.

Attract tourists and locals with your art

In places for tourism, the local administrations are interested in offering some entertainment and sometimes they just let space for artists. You can go with the material and paint in front of the people. They will give you money observing you. Or you have the chance to draw and paint small artworks and sell them. It is not hard to attract tourists and locals.

You can travel while you do this and change place every day or every week. Also, there are festivals that give you more chances to be visible and find clients. How much money can you earn? It depends on your production and on your ability to attract tourists and locals. If you sell your paintings or draws it is not hard to say that you can ask an average price of $ 40 per artwork.

Attract tourists and locals with a costume

There is a guy who dressed up as Jesus and he prays, sings and takes pictures and videos with people. He can charge not less than $ 10 and he counts over 10,000 sales so far. Imagine his income. You can follow his steps to attract tourists and locals. Thet will be glad to ask you to act for them or just to be part of their pictures. You will get paid for that. Like someone does in Rome dressed as a gladiator.

 You don’t have to copy that guy or Romans, but just be creative and innovative. People are interested in doing something strange, especially when they are on holiday in a foreign country. So try to catch this opportunity and promote yourself through social media. It will help you to attract tourists and locals. Because they will be curious to see you at work and to meet you.

Good luck! If this is not something for you, check out my other tips on how to make money traveling.

Rent your car and make money to travel. 1 cool way to earn extra cash for yourself

Do you want to travel and you don’t have enough money? Surely you need to calculate the costs and try to choose a budget trip. Anyway, you can earn some extra money with activities related to travel. For example, you can rent your car to tourists. How? Joining an app. Don’t worry I am going to explain to you something more. This is one of the first tips I want to share. Why? Because some people asked me how to make money traveling.

The opportunity to leave your car for visitors and get paid as an agency. It is an extra income or it can also become your main earning. If you rent your car you need to be prepared to move in another way. With another car or public transport. It can be a good option to monetize your car and spend less to move. You can consider it as a job or, at least at the beginning, an investment.

Rent your car through an app

Do you like the idea? Well, let me write more about this opportunity. Thanks to sharing economy the innovative startups are increasing and coming up with new ideas. Most of them are going to answer to specific needs and to involve common people. Each of us can become more independent, in economic terms. Rent your car is an example. How can you make money if you are a car owner? Subscribe to Turo.com.

The insurance

The first thing that you are thinking of is about the risks of this activity. A stranger will drive your car. This means that this person can come back with your car damaged. True, accidents can happen. But don’t worry, Turo.com, cover each mean of transport for $1 million with proper insurance policies. This is not the only guarantee you have. In fact, they do a pre-screen of each driver. You are safe. Liberty Mutual Insurance works with them.

The income

You will have some costs for car maintenance, but if you rent your car you will get money. How much can you earn each month? This is what you are asking for reading this post. It is normal. There is no precise answer because it depends on the type of car, on the location and on the amount you want to charge. People can receive on average $ 500 monthly. Someone can get even the double. Who started some time ago built a fleet and now the income is even more than $ 3,000 per month.

The features of Turo.com

Are you thinking to rent your car? Great! There are some other aspects you need to know. Go to the website or on the app and then list your car. They will be in touch with you. You are covered by the insurance and also you have the task to set the mileage and the price per day. Don’t forget that one of the duties of the guest is to return the car re-fueled.

The staff of Turo.com will assist you 24/7 for any need. They will support you for emergency cases or they will give you advice for the management of the activity. If you want to rent your car and you want to know about the income, you can use the “calculator” on the website. Fill the form and it gives you the average amount. Turo is already active in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. They are growing so they can add more countries in the future. The service is also available now in other countries, so be in touch with the Turo.com staff to rent your car.

You will start to increase the income to travel and to pay the bills.

Make money traveling: 100s cool ways to get extra cash. Catch the chance now!

Sometimes people ask me if abroad there are work opportunities. They want to make money traveling. Since I visit different countries, my friends think that I can help them in this field. They would love also to travel a lot and to earn money. I can’t maybe solve their problems or help them to realize the dream. But I collected some ideas. How to make money traveling? Well, there are many options that can become support or a proper job.

There are some activities that allow people to earn some extra money. Those are somehow related to travels. Together with my guides, I want to share some tips about the way to make money traveling. I will write some posts about this topic, so maybe you can get inspiration. In case you are thinking to change your job or to improve your economic situation. I will give you tips for different activities, one by one.

Make money traveling

My research includes different activities and they are not necessarily giving you the chance to become rich. These jobs can be the way to make money traveling, to pay the bills for a room, a meal and so on. Of course, if you work hard they can also be done seriously and you can improve the earning part. Read the different posts with my advice and you will decide if you want to try or not.

I will give you a description of the activities in order to make you aware of the opportunity. Your task will be to go deep to choose. I am not representing the solution, I am only sharing what I know. So get inspired and check the conditions in different countries. Then you will start to make money traveling. I will write from now for some days about this topic, so stay tuned. You will find all the posts inside the category “Guides”.

On my blog

You can easily find many activities to do. Time to time I publish a short guide about an opportunity to make money traveling. I mean that I analyze some online works, some offline job that you can do in your free time to earn extra cash. Not all of them are full-time jobs. But for some of them, if you want, you can make them become your main activity. If you will have success, you will change your job. It means that those activities will give you the opportunity to gain more money than you do now.

On my blog, you can find a section with all the proposals. It will be your task to select the proper one. Most depend on your abilities, your ambitions, and your resources. My task is to give you some proposals coming from selected and approved activities. All of us in their life, especially at a young age, they need more money.

The only way to get them is to work. We can choose and find something we like to do and we can do. Use my brief guides to get inspired. Maybe you can also invent some new activity. How? Collect information about the problems and needs of your community. Then study a solution and sell products or service to answer to those needs.


You aren’t qualified enough… Well, learn how to do the activity you like. Generally, you get money to work. But if you want to work by yourself or to improve your chances, you need to improve your skills. Or develop new ones. So you have to invest. Don’t waste money, use them to pay a course to learn how to be active in a certain field. Learn the basics, go deep, get the tools. You will have success.

An example? If you want to write a blog and monetize it with affiliate links, you need a course. You will attend online lessons to know what and how to do it. The course won’t be free, but a small investment will allow you to avoid mistakes and see results. In a while, you will see your money back and you’ll start to earn extra cash. Just don’t think that is easy and you don’t have to work. The passive income comes only when you have done a lot of preparation work before. Check out the video of this course for example: click here!