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Device repair: make money to travel

Do you like traveling but your budget is low? You can find some very cheap solution, or you can make more money with the device repair. How? I am not saying that is easy and immediate. But with some activity to do in your free time, you can get extra cash. Don’t worry anything illegal or scam, just a new idea. I want to tell you about device repair. Surely you have a smartphone or a tablet or a computer. Maybe all of them. Then you have even more technology at home. Actually, you are reading this post, so you have some device connected to the internet. So you have a double way to increase your income.

The first one is to save money when you need a device repair. Yes, with the solution proposed in the article you will be able to do the job by yourself. This means to save at least two-thirds of the costs. Because you may need some material to buy, otherwise you will spend only the time. The second one concerns the way to earn directly from device repair. You won’t be able only to take care of your IT items. Because with the proper guides you will help friends and other people. How? Repairing their device, TV, game console, and so on.

Device repair: a new frontier

Some abilities can help you, but it is not required a huge experience. What I am going to explain to you is about a new service provided by a French company called SOSav. It will be your ally. Why? Because the founders decided to give a lot of free guides available online. You don’t need to call an expert anymore. How they earn if they give you free guides? The company has technicians, but their job is to sell components. They collect from the producers the various parts. If you need to substitute them, you can just buy. There are all the brands on the market.

They can also help you with device repair if the issue is complex. But their interest is really to help you. They want you to solve the problem by yourself. Then if you need a reparation kit or a new piece to change it, you can purchase it in their online shop. So what’s the idea? Visit the website of SOSav and download the guides you want. It doesn’t cost anything. Try to repair your device. Guides are easy to follow with step by step instructions.

Earn money to travel

If you download the guide from the website and then you act on your device, you will save money. This is easy. How can you earn extra cash? You need to make money to travel. So you can use those guides to help other people. Of course, you can start a business. But there is competition, around the world there are shops who offer device repair. Then you need to be sure that it works. Start from relatives, friends. Ask them a little amount of money, respecting the fiscal law of your country.

They will spend less than to bring the device to a specialized center. You will get step by step the money you need to organize your trip. Obviously, the guides are perfect for small problems or not too technical. They describe the solution for hard issues, but you need to work a bit more. And especially it is good to improve your skills and experience in doing it. The experience will help your activity to grow. SOSav can help you. Check out the website and the database. It worths a visit and a bit of time spent viewing the guides.


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Virtual assistant: 1 wake to make huge money to travel

Would you like to be a virtual assistant? I am asking this to you because I know that you love to travel and you need extra money for that. This is the idea, to work as support for small enterprises and businessmen. It will give you a good income to pay the bills during your trip. This is a chance and it doesn’t require special competencies. According to your engagement, you can work for a few hours per week.

Everything will be made online so you can organize the activity in your free time or during the night. Of course, it depends on what you offer to the client. Anyway, you will work on the computer. A virtual assistant has multiplier tasks and generally the client gives instruction, but it is not necessary a face-to-face meeting. It can be really profitable, but surely there are many people ready to hire you. They save money because they can pay for the job done without hiring a person to be paid monthly for a long period.

How to become a virtual assistant

The internet gives a lot of opportunities and one of these is to work as a virtual assistant. All the business owners need some help to manage their daily work, what they can’t do by themselves. That’s why you can propose yourself to them or join some online marketplace. This will put you in touch with potential customers for your services. In this case, you will generally make some offers and you will compete with other virtual assistants. The most profitable way is to build your own website as marketing. Then you have to send direct messages to companies. Don’t forget to do some promotion through social networks.

What they will ask you to do? Data entry, social media management, formatting, editing, some online researches, email management, graphic design, booking travel, and so on. You can offer specific services. Or deal with the clients the activities according to your competences. I know that you have another question. How much does a virtual assistant earn? You can get $10-$30 per hour.

You have some elements to evaluate the chance to work in this field and get extra income to travel. If you want to know how to become a virtual assistant, I suggest you read this book. There are all the tips you need to start and have success. In case you are searching for other ideas, read my post. Or you can find more ideas among my guides.

Virtual assistant on Airtasker

To start to find easily clients or to apply for the offer, the best solution is to use a dedicated platform. Airtasker offers to you great opportunities. It works very well in connecting people in need of a virtual assistant with who is able to do this job. Of course, the tasks can be various. But you easily check on the website. Because the offers are specified.

Also, you can calculate the average income. You can do it according to the number of tasks you can do per week. For example, on the page dedicated to the offers, you find immediately a form. You select from the menu how many tasks you can do for a week. The system gives you back the average amount of monthly earnings.

If you manage more than 5 activities per week, your income will be $909/month. Not bad, especially because a virtual assistant needs to guarantee the tasks. Not necessarily a number of hours. It depends on the requirements and on the tasks. If you will use Airstaker you will get the chance to decide what to do. You will be your own boss. Your payment will be secured through the platform and every day you will find different offers. Plus, for some tasks, they offer insurance coverage. Safety and freedom are the benefits you can get from Airtasker.

Freelance writer: 1 opportunity to make huge money to travel

Travel is an investment because it makes people rich in terms of culture and personal growth. But it costs. Also to go around the world as backpacker requires some money. That’s why you are reading this post. I want to give you an idea to get some extra income. Become a freelance writer and you will have also the chance to find a job and not only some money to spend on your trips.

Surely you have to show some skills. In fact, if you want to be a writer or a copywriter a good knowledge about the language is important. If you think to have the writing competence, well, the first step is done. Easier! Hehe, that is the base to begin your new career as a freelance writer. Let me explain what you have to do to have success and earn the money you need to travel.

Freelance writer: your new activity

It is your way to make money to buy your flight ticket, so proceed carefully. What should be your task? Craft texts for others, mainly companies who need to prepare articles and posts for their websites online. Maybe also some bloggers and privates will ask you help to write some contents. You as a freelance writer will be their author so writing skills and creativity will be your personal tools.

How to find clients? This is your question now. I can suggest you to start to work for a marketplace. They usually don’t pay a lot, but they have clients and you can explore this world. It is plenty of them and you can just search on Google. Then you can open your own blog, using posts as the portfolio and contact some marketing agencies and companies directly. Propose to them your competencies.

Thanks to the internet it is easy to find customers in needs, so just catch the chance. You can write about a huge variety of topics researching some inspiration from other articles and books. Otherwise, you can work on specific arguments using your own competences. 

You not only need to be a good writer, but you should also know how to craft a proper pitch. A freelance writer can be paid $0.10 – $1 per word. It depends on the experience, the quality, the type of text and some other elements. For each article, you can gain between $50 and $1000. You can find a list of the marketplace here.

Airtasker: a solution for you

Do you want to succeed as a freelance writer? Well, visit the platform Airtasker. Why? Because it offers you the opportunity to propose yourself to people and companies in need. Then you can also find a lot of requests from them. You only have to apply to get the job. It can be an article or long cooperation. That is what you need to earn money to travel. This is what you are searching for. But I can tell you something more.

Airtasker gives you complete support. Completing tasking you can earn up to $5,000 per month. You can decide when and how much work. The payments are safe, made through the platform that will guarantee your money. You will never lose them after your task is finished and approved. Plus there is insurance to protect you.

Inside the platform, there is a list of rates divided for the type of profession and tasks. Then there is a tool to help you to calculate the average monthly income according to your engagement. What are you waiting for? Click here!

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Online coaching and consulting

Are you searching for a way to earn extra money to travel? Online coaching and consulting is the answer. Before to explain to you something about online jobs. Today the technologies are everywhere. Most of the companies, businessmen and simple people are using them for many different needs. According to a recent study made by Airtasker, IT workers get more trust from people after doctors. The research, you can read it here, gives a lot of interesting information. 

It is going to analyze what people think about professions, according to various criteria. I suggest you read it, maybe you can recognize yourself in the consideration of employees and jobs. Anyway, I am using it to underline how people engaged in the IT sector and with IT are very well considered. If you want to make extra money to travel definitely technology is the mean you have to use. Online coaching and consulting is a good way. Let’s see what you can do and how you can earn.

Online coaching and consulting: what is this?

Basically, if you want to do online coaching and consulting you gave to share your knowledge with others. There is no limit to the topics. Of course, you need to be quite expert, also because people will pay a fee for your knowledge. If you do this is you are going to help people and to use your know-how profitably. For instance, if you are able to plan travels you can propose counseling to companies or private who need someone to support them. Imagine if you are great in preparing viral posts on social networks. A lot of people may need your advice. 

Once you found your best competence, you have to set up an offer. Think about what type of online coaching and consulting you can give to clients. It is not a matter of topic but about the method. In fact, you will have only a computer and a camera. Your service, lesson or counseling will be available through the tech, you won’t meet in person the customer. That’s why you have to prepare and imagine how to share your knowledge. Obviously, the client will ask you specific questions and what she/he needs. 

How to work online

Now you know what you can do through online coaching and consulting and your question is: how can I start? You have to face the market online, create a website and promote your offer. I know, in the beginning, it is hard. So I suggest you use a platform ready to welcome you. Mentioning the research about trust and professions I named Airtasker. Access it and find your clients there. Everything is already set up to make requests and offers meet. You will easily find clients proposing your coaching service.

On the platform, you easily find a market for your knowledge and advice. You have a window to show your skills, but you can also answer to clients requirements posted on the website. It is easy to use and you don’t need to do a lot of marketing. The staff will manage the payments for you, so you will be sure to get your money after the task is done. Less administrative work for you and more support to start. Isn’t it great? Online coaching and consulting and Airtasker are the combinations that represent a solution for you. So check out the platform clicking here. Register and set your profile.


I know, you still have one question. How much can I earn? Sorry, I can’t answer you. Why? Because it depends on the activity, on your tasks, on single rates and deals with clients. I can just give you an example. Surely it will help you to make a general calculation. A person does travel consulting and he charges $75 per hour. Who is interested ask for Skype calls and he gives directions, tips, and so on.

Well, through the platform explore competitors offers, see what potential clients are available to pay. Then set up the price to share your knowledge. Online coaching and consulting can be profitable for a certain type of service. Life coach, dating a girl, financial advice. There are a lot of things that people need to know and learn. If you are a professional like a lawyer you can sell specific advice.

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Travel preparation tips: 13 huge hints improving your trips

You are planning to have your holiday but before you may need some travel preparation tips. I am sharing them with you. What is about? Here I list the sources that will help you to save money, to improve your experience, and also to take care of your house while you explore the world. It is not about packing list or tools to reserve flights and hotels. This post will help you in finding services and guides to make your journey unique and unforgettable. When you plan a trip it is important to think of all the details. That’s why I give you some suggests that you have to use before to leave.

My travel preparation tips come from my direct experience. Yes, all that is written here is already tried and the results prooven. You will benefit following my steps. I go abroad often and I know very well the worries and needs. After spending a lot of time to organize, making mistakes and searching for solutions I found the right way to avoid risks and to live better my journey. I am pretty sure that you will be happy and satisfied by applying my tips.

Travel preparation tips: the list

It is not necessary to spend more words to explain to you about the list and the reasons. You will understand better reading my tips one by one. This is why you are reading my post. So read my brief description and click the links to go deep in the topics you are interested in. Take the guides and try the services, your travels will be amazing. Let’s go-to travel preparation tips. There is also some advice to earn money to travel.

1. House Sitters

Housesitting is a booming popular trend worldwide. Acquiring the services of a housesitter decreases the risk of theft. By exchanging home care and security for free accommodations, housesitters save on rent expenses allowing them to build financial strength and accomplish their personal goals.

The homeowner can ask to water flowers, clean the house, feed pets, collect mail, and so on. The house sitter earns and travel. There is a good service for both, a platform that allows meeting each other. It is possible to read profiles with experience, cross offers, and requests. Plus the staff will help you to write the contract. 

Click here to check out the platform.

2. Book flights as a travel agent

How can you save money buying flight tickets? There are a lot of ways, but the best one is to use the channels of travel agents. Or better to know very well the tricks. This is what I include in my travel preparation trip. A guy revealed a system that works very well. He was a travel agent and now helps travelers sharing the guide about airfare saving. 

What can you have from the expert? The minimum investment on the guide “Save On Airfare: The Definitive Guide To Flying For Less” will be useful for you to get the best deals, but also to receive more benefits. In fact, for free, you access to Good Seats Guide, The Genius Guide to Packing a Luggage, Hotel Reservation Secrets Manual, Car Rental Secrets Manual, Cruise Travel Secrets Manual, Holiday Plus Travel Planner Software, Seven Language Phrase Guides. These manuals are all that you need to travel.

Click here to have your copies.

3. Cheap flights secrets

If you are searching for how to save money booking flights, I also suggest a guide prepared by an expert traveler. He made a lot of researches and he became a master in finding the best deals online. He wrote ”The Ultimate Guide To Travel Hacking Cheap Flights”. The topics of the manual are a lot. All of them are part of a step by step guide that can be used also if you are booking a flight for the first time.

Here the main topics:

  1. the biggest reason why you overpay for flights and hot to avoid it for your next bookings;
  2. 54-day rule and international best booking dates;
  3. how to find the baseline;
  4. the list of the three weekdays to book the departure;
  5. how to surf the web in incognito;
  6. the two best free alert services;
  7. the quickest way to cross-check for low tickets;
  8. a tool to be used to get refunded when the ticket price drops;
  9. pre-booking checklist for you made for domestic and international flights;
  10. a monitor tool to have low prices. 

Click here to discover more.

4. Save booking the holiday

If you are going on vacation you don’t only need to buy the flight ticket. You will reserve a hotel room, an excursion, and so on. That’s why it will be using a guide to save money on every booking. In my travel preparation tips can’t miss the access to “Top25” Travel Wholesalers. It is a database with the resources that will help you to organize your trips, in all the stages. You will save a lot of money.

You can use a special report that will guide you step by step and it will support you for reservations. What can you find inside?

The elements that will make your trip unique and unforgettable:

  1. save your car and money by renting;
  2. map it out;
  3. pack for safety;
  4. reserve hotel rooms ahead of time;
  5. be mindful and thoughtful;
  6. stay connected;
  7. travel light if you are flying instead of driving;
  8. travel at odd times.

Click here to know better this type of source.

5. Take advantage of special flights rates

One more guide to help you to save money. It includes a lot of travel preparation tips regarding the flights booking. Why should you follow the steps described here? Because this is not an alternative, but an added value. You can use all the resources I am giving you on this page. It’s a complete guide that will allow you to live the best experiences spending less money.

The guide is entitled  “Why Not Fly For Free“. Thanks to the words written by an expert you will learn:

  1. secrets the airlines don’t want you to know;
  2. how your kids fly free;
  3. the strategy I use to get free airline tickets;
  4. how you can save up to 70% on First or Business Class;
  5. to fly anywhere in the world, only pay the ticket’s tax;
  6. how to take a vacation free, including airline tickets and hotel;
  7. the truth about last minute airfares.

Are you ready to act like a travel agent? Click here.

Specific travel preparation tips

Now I am entering a more specific category. From here my tips are dedicated to a precise way to travel or to some destinations. Don’t skip them, because you can get inspired and you never know. One day you may need these suggests. In the end, there is also a FREE GIVEAWAY for you.

6. Holiday in Disney World

Are you going to have fun with your family at Disney World? Well, my travel preparation tips include a guide to saving money. Yes, you can explore the attractions, live an incredible adventure, but spending less. A former cast member prepared of Disney World and a best selling travel writer is the author of the guide. She is going to tell you how to take advantage of special rates. 

She conducts the readers step by step into tips, tricks, and hints about the reservation procedures. I just make an example. If you book a Disney 4-star resort, they will ask you $1,941 for 5 days. Thanks to her tips the cost will be $890. Don’t you believe it? Do you want to know how it is possible? There is only an answer. 

Click here and you will know how to save money visiting the amusement park.

7. Make money and travel

I wrote it, in this post, you find also some tips on how to make money to travel. Now the moment arrived. There is a guide that gives you all the information and hints you need to apply to work in the travel industry. It’s a way to find a job, earn money, and travel at the same time. So you will save and you will explore the world receiving a salary to do that. 

How To Work In Travel guide contains a lot of useful news divided into sections.

Learn the Industry

  1. 147 packed pages of information on all aspects of the travel industry
  2. Dozens of exclusive diagrams that explain the tourism value chain
  3. Important travel industry trends with explanations
  4. Insider knowledge on cutting edge information sources
  5. Over 100 travel industry terms and vocabulary explained in detail

Meet the Players

  1. A look at tour operator and travel agent careers
  2. Unfolding the hospitality industry – jobs with airlines and hotels
  3. Understanding the support structures of the travel industry
  4. Detailed background on the function of government organizations

Start Your Search

  1. Sample travel job descriptions
  2. Detailed salary guides with real-life examples
  3. Calendars of all major international travel trade shows
  4. Comprehensive org charts of tourism boards, airlines, embassies, agencies, hotels and more
  5. Listing and tourism contact info for 180 different countries

Make an Impression

  1. Sample resumes
  2. Presenting your travels, study abroad and other skills
  3. An overview of how to utilize social media platforms
  4. How to present your credentials in the most relevant way possible
  5. A special section on mega-events careers with the Olympics and World Cup

Click here to download the guide now and start to explore the opportunities.

8. Dump guide

If you are an RV enthusiast and you are going to visit the USA, Canada or Australia, there is a guide you need. Why? This is a good question, so to understand why you should have the guide write by an expert and an RV traveler, you need to know what it is offering. There is a list of the dump stations with hours, seasonal openings, and features, plus driving directions.

What are your benefits?

  1. Save money! Eliminate unnecessary driving because you don’t need to hunt for an RV dump station… Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle… Save RV dump fees by finding the least expensive ones…
  2. Save time! Never find yourself at a closed RV dump station again! Avoid the long lineups at popular RV dump stations by knowing where the alternate ones are.
  3. Safety for your family! Some police agencies target RVs because drivers can easily surpass load limits while carrying around full tanks… Insurance companies are known to deny claims when the RV is found to exceed weight limits… Sudden catastrophic failures to your vehicle happen far less frequently when your holding tanks are empty.

Access to the guide now clicking here.

9. An RV checklist

Go around on your home on wheels is amazing, but before to leave you to have to prepare everything. Check the status of the vehicle, fill it with food and items you will use during the trip, and so on. It can be easy as a habit, but there is always a risk to forget something. That’s why I suggest you use the RV checklist. Because if you forget the toothbrush or some food you can buy it on the road. If you don’t verify the functions, you can have problems on the way to the destination. Maybe your van will stay stopped for some days. This will ruin your holidays.

The checklist helps you to do a step verification of the vehicle, wheels, engine, equipment. You have different sections, for the pre-departure and also for all the stages during and after the trip. Following the points, you will easily check all the elements to be sure that everything works properly. Then, in case something is not in order, you will fix it. 

Check it now, download the guide and be sure to be ready for the holiday clicking here.

10. RV packing tips

My travel preparation tips take into consideration RV travelers. I already mentioned the food and items you need when you go on holiday using the home on wheels. Well, there is a complete eBook that helps you to take with you all that you need. You will avoid the risk to forget something. It is unique in its genre and it makes your organization before the departure so easy and fast.

There isn’t so much to do. Just follow step by step the list and mark what is already done. Over 50 pages will guide you in all the stages. What will you learn?

Here the three main parts:

  1. how-to pack your RV;
  2. how-to avoid our costly mistakes;
  3. how-to-deal with the idiosyncrasies of your home on wheels.

Click here to download your copy of the eBook.

11. Visit the Philippines

Are the Philippines your next destination? You can’t muss the ultimate travel guide. All the information and the curiosities are part of it. When you go to explore a new country it is better to be prepared. You can read something before the departure and then have a book always with you. So you can go deeper into some aspects and improve your experience around the best places.

This guide is not only made for tourists. It offers many sections dedicated to who wants to move to the Philippines. All the travel preparation tips are added to the hints to live in the country. Procedures for the visa, real estate rules, and so on. It is perfect for just a visit and as well to plan your permanent stay. 

Click here, download it and use it as you need.

12. What about Italy?

My travel preparation tips include Italy. Yes, if you are going to visit my country it is important to know more about our culture. I want to suggest a book. It is a journey in Italian society through funny moments and some history as well. You will learn a lot and it will be useful to improve the skills to get in touch with locals during your trip to Italy. The book title is “They Really Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots“.

You will read a heartwarming and entertaining journey across two continents attempted to connect with lost and forgotten Italian ancestors separated by oceans and time. The lighthearted treks, sometimes hectic but always fulfilling, will put a smile on your face. This book has the potential of enriching your own life.

Reading the tales will make you think about memories of your own family, your first home, your youth and a time of innocence. You might ponder your family tree and ancestry roots. You don’t need to be Italian to enjoy the richness of our journey. You will feel Italian. 

Download now a copy of the book clicking here.

13. An Italian guide about Rome

This is the last of my travel preparation tips. I recommend a complete guide to Rome. There is only one thing to precise. It is written in the Italian language. So if you don’t speak it, you have to learn it or ask for some translation. You are thinking that you don’t need it. It is full of books about the Eternal city. It is true, but the difference is the content. You won’t find the information about the city and neither the main attractions.

This guide is in my travel preparation tips because it is a must for who wants to visit Rome. There are all the secret places. Special attractions, corners, gardens, monuments not known by tourists and neither described in the common guides. There isn’t news about what is included in this book. You can have it and then get help for translation. What do you think?

Click here if you want to download it.

Gift for you

I hope you found something useful in my travel preparation tips. Now I want to share a free giveaway. It is a gift for you that will be my present. Free personalized luggage tags for your suitcases. Your trips will be cooler. Do you want them? There is no cost, you only need a click.

Click here and discover how to get immediately the gift for you.

More tips

My travel preparation tips are only part of all my hints for you. Surf the blog and check out more. Since I will ad step by step other advice for you, you can subscribe to my newsletter. I will send you weekly news and some extra contents. Meanwhile, I invite you to explore the destinations section. It will be easy to find ideas for your next holidays. For any questions and other tips for your travels, I will be happy to answer and to share my experience.

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