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Luxury hotel in Rome: Spanish Royal Suite

Are you searching for a luxury hotel in Rome? The city is one of the favorite destinations for worldwide tourists, but there are a lot of ways to see the attractions. The ancient city is the perfect place to live the luxury, starting from the accommodation. The center of Rome is the Coliseum, but few steps far there is the neighborhood of fashion and of the most known brands, around Via Condotti. The area is famous especially because of Spanish Steps. This location is perfect for a luxury hotel in Rome.

The popular stairs, the church on the top and the Fontana della Barcaccia in the square are the most photographed attractions of the Spanish Steps from all the tourists in Rome. Some of them have the chance also to sleep close to the monuments, choosing among hotel, B&B or flats. But luxury in Rome is something special to try. Very few hundreds of meters from the fountain there is an old anonymous building that host one of the luxury hotel in Rome. It is not big but full of comfort and impeccable service.

The luxury hotel in Rome

I have been at the Spagna Royal Suite hotel, in Via Mario De’ Fiori 3. It’s a 4 star, but it has nothing to envy to 5 stars accommodation. The furniture and the interiors are opulent but made with modern and smart style. All the rooms are very different and with peculiarities that made this hotel unique, like the Deluxe with the bathtub made as a big woman shoe with a high heel.

There is a Junior Suite, the biggest room of the structure, that is a symbol of classical modern elegance. Inside there are frescos, a corner with a champagne selection and Caffè Nespresso machine. The best part, anyway, is the wellness area inside the room, with a bathtub with hydromassage Teuco, a wall for fitness and the Kinesis Technogym. A paradise for relaxation.

The best room is the Presidential Suite, in the dependence of Via Condotti, exactly in front of Spanish Steps. The luxury of the flat is really exclusive. The three bedrooms with King size beds are connected. Also, there is the use of the event room to welcome some visitors by the guests or simply to see the reunited family during the stay. 400 square meters of comfort and elegance. The experience is unique.

My experience

Among the top rooms of Spagna Royal Suite, I reserved the Royal Suite, situated in the dependence in Via Frattina. It’s a big flat, with the main bedroom, very big with street view windows. In the same room, there is access to the main bathroom. Inside there are a statue, a double shower, and a flat-screen TV. Next, to the bedroom, there is the living room with sofabed and the bigger flat screen TV. A big wardrobe is in the bedroom and in the corridor as well. Then there is the second bathroom, smaller but with a shower, and a small kitchen. It’s how to feel at home.

Spagna Royal Suite is part of the luxury brand Le Reve de Naim, a guarantee for the lovers of exclusivity. The hospitality by them is like a trip in a familiar environment dominated by perfection. That’s why I am completely satisfied with my stay. Highly recommended for who wants to visit Rome and enjoy the stay. This luxury hotel in Rome offers peace and it is discrete. The professional staff ready to answer to any need. The breakfast served in the dining room it is not huge in terms of variety, but the quality is high. Elegance and luxury are the keywords for this hotel, so you can really feel like a king.

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Nihi Sumba Island, a dream luxury hotel

Winter holidays are finishing, but maybe you need to escape from cold weather and take a break to recover your energy. Bali is a dream destination and the climate is warm all the year. Over there people can have a real luxury holiday in one of the best hotels in the world: Nihi Sumba Island. The heaven on heart can be defined the hotel in Bali, Indonesia.

It is not a common accomodation, but it’s an island with villas reserved for the guests who wants to spend a relaxing period in the middle of a paradise on the sea. Spread in the wild nature of the island there are houses made by wood, well included in the environment. In each of them there are all the comfort, wi-fi connection included. View and pool are guarantee in all mansions.

The rates of each villa in the jungle include the meals, the accomodadion, non aloholic drinks, local excursions and sea activities. Infact the guests never get bored. On the island it is possible to use the wellness area and take some yoga lessons. The Spa safari is one of the best experiences, but reserved to visitors there are surfing, fishing, excursions, paddle boarding, horseback riding, a visit to the chocolate factory and the exploration of the local culture.

If you are searching an exlcusive destination and luxury, Nihi Sumba Island is your place.


Travel cheaply to get cheap

Yesterday I had a discussion with a friend of mine about a cheap trip to a thermal destination. He is searching for something exclusive where to spend a nice weekend with his girlfriend. What is trying to do is to surprise her. We were chatting, in front of a glass of wine, about luxury. This is what he wants to achieve for his experiences traveling. After some opinion and stories about our trips, he told me: “I found a great offer for a weekend! I will spend €70/person for a night in the hotel, a four courses dinner, the night in the hotel, and breakfast”. So I thought: “travel cheaply to get cheap“.

I am not going to judge his choice, that is fine if he is getting something that he likes. What was my point? In Italy, a four-star hotel can offer you a double room for at least €100. This rate is already low. We can try to consider breakfast included. Then we should add the entrance fee to the Spa, at least €30, without any treatment. What about the dinner? A four-star hotel restaurant for 4 courses and wined don’t ask less than €50. It means to spend, at least, €110 more than what he spent. That’s why I said to him that travel cheaply to get cheap.

Are the offers trustable

My friend found the offer on the internet. I know the website that proposes those packages for a weekend or longer holidays. I am not saying that is not serious, but the super discounted prices are just made to help some structures to get more customers. On one hand, they reduce the price to not keep free the room. On the other hand, they reduce the quality. If you travel cheaply you will get cheap.

They can renounce to a part of their earning, but they can’t go under a certain limit. So there are limits on the offer use. They reserve for you the worst room of the hotel. They will choose a menu for you and you will never have something really delicious, maybe neither something traditional. Travel cheaply to get cheap. This is the philosophy. Consider that the hotel has any way to pay a commission to the seller.

Travel cheaply to get cheap: from the problem to the solution

I am telling you starting from the story of my friend, mixed with my experience because I want to share some tips. Luxury and quality are not always together, but most of the times yes. Why? Because a brand that works in luxury needs to create an image and to define themselves with the services offered. That’s why to give something exclusive is a must. This allows them to ask for more money. If you travel cheaply you will get cheap.

Do you want to spend a good weekend somewhere and your budget is limited? You don’t have to renounce to luxury, but just consider to allocate your resources on the right place. First of all, you should avoid the websites created just to give you huge discounts. They will never think about your expectations and needs. They are interested only to sell. If you read carefully their proposal you will notice that something is missing. Something else is not clear. Other things are not properly well set up.

What to do?

Make a calculation of your budget in order to define exactly how much you can spend. Be flexible as much you can. Then check hotel, restaurant, spa or whatever prices. Check official websites. Consider to not eat in the hotel. Verify directly their offers. Then surf the main hotel search engines to see the prices. Compare the proposals. Be sure about the offer. How? Reading carefully what is included. If something is not clear, you can also send an email to them to ask.

Being in touch with a hotel can be helpful. They know about your interest and they can be available to set a special offer for you. Like a tailor-made rate. Or maybe they can add something as a benefit to the normal rate. Like a transfer or something like that. Many years ago I entered a five-star hotel and I asked the price. It was higher than what I expected and I said it to them. Then I started to go out. They called me back and the manager offered a discount, an interesting one, asking me to remain for at least a couple of nights. I had a very good treatment.

Travel cheaply to get cheap is what happens in reality. They will never give you nothing for free. It’s their job and they have to earn money. That is why if you just look at the price and you want to get the maximum for very cheap prices, you will never find a solution. Don’t accept huge discounts if there is no reason for them. You risk ruining your holiday. Avoid the proposals that are not clear since the beginning. Bad surprises are behind the corner.

For more advice read about my travel planning tips.

Finest boutique hotel in Prague

My break in Prague with my friend took me in the end in the finest boutique hotel. The decision was taken after a discussion between the hotel and the apartment. For a few days of relaxing stay in a luxury place with a familiar stay and all the services won on the independence of the apartment. I am satisfied with the accommodation because it is really a marvelous place that I suggest to go.

In past I used Sheraton and it is a great hotel, not so big and located in a quiet area 15 minutes walking distance from Charles Bridge.  The finest boutique hotel offers anyway a friendly space in a unique setting, not comparable with any other structure. It is called Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa. The furniture, the details, and the staff are surely the strength of this hotel.

The finest boutique hotel and its features

I had really a pleasant stay. What did my opinion very high? There are many elements that I evaluated. This finest boutique hotel is located quite close to Charles Bridge, so to the river. It is like five minutes walking distance. There is a very small square in the middle of small streets whit the hotel entrance. It is almost in front of US Embassy. It appears like a very quiet place. The building is a former-bourgeoise house. The structure perfectly restored and kept became hotel, open to the travelers in 2006.

The setting is in baroque style, reminding the past of the palace. The furniture is very well selected to create a refined ambiance. These aspects are easily visible getting into the finest boutique hotel, but there is something more. The staff, starting from the reception, is very welcoming and they are giving tailor-made assistance. The support to every request looks like to be part of a long relation, also if you booked a room for the first time. Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa offers particular rooms.

The rooms

About the room I had I have to say that it is beautiful, clean with a very comfortable bed. Space is above the usual standards among the hotels and each detail is kept in high consideration. Also, the bathroom was large with a powerful shower. Lovely decor is spread everywhere and to sleep in the finest boutique hotel was an incomparable experience.

The room of the finest hotel boutique in Prague has a baroque style, but it is fully equipped with all the modern amenities and with luxury toiletries. Among the features of each room, there are safe, air conditioner, plasma TV, DVD and CD player, WiFi, Mini-bar. Thanks to the location of the hotel guests can sleep easily because there is no noise from outside.


Included in the rate of the room there is breakfast. Therefore you should enjoy the first meal of the day offered by Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa. It is not only a matter of money but especially it is because of the food. There is a great variety of salty and sweet dishes, prepared according to high-quality standards. You will be delighted, I am sure of it. Do you like to taste local food? If yes try the finest boutique hotel restaurant.

We went to the restaurant one evening and we had delicious traditional dishes. Traditional meal and very good service provided by the professional staff. Aquarius Restaurant is not so big and decorated in perfect baroque style. They offer also Italian cuisine, but as Italian, I want to taste something different. The finest boutique hotel has also the Café Barocco Veneziano, where to taste some hot drink like chocolate with superb sweets during the day.


One of the amenities of Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa is the spa area, modern and very relaxing. It is in the historical cellars of this finest boutique hotel in Prague. They offer different amenities and also a good variety of treatments for body and face. You can also ask for manicure or pedicure. If you just search for some relax, as it was for us after some parties for the New Year’s Eve, the Health Club is the proper place where to spend some hours. Steam bath, swimming pool with waterfall and the sauna are ready to help you to recover energy.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful city of Prague, the finest boutique hotel Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa is the right place, especially to start your exploration of the capital. There are many attractions to visit, but also cool bars and restaurants where entertainment is an art. Stay tuned to read my next posts about the capital of the Czech Republic.



The room

Happy birthday to me

Today it is a big day for me or better for my blog. I should say “Happy birthday” to me. Yes, today I celebrate the first year of blogging. After 12 months I can say something more about my activity and not only to wish to “myself” a happy birthday. 2018 was very interesting for my presence online. On 1st January 2018, I started to write posts on WordPress, Instagram, and Twitter. I had a different relationship with each of these platforms.

Here I wrote every day for the very first period, as I did on IG, but then my job didn’t allow me to continue with the same engagement. Then, even without posting, I focused more on Instagram because it was funny for me. Meanwhile, Twitter was for me the way to share the links to my posts on the blog. Why am I telling you that? Be patient and you will discover it. My happy birthday is really happy because of you.

The way to my…happy birthday

Instagram gave me followers because I was spending my time there, but the blog was not growing. Post after post the number of followers was almost the same. After the 20th August 2018, I started to be more active on WordPress Reader. I discovered many interesting blogs and following, liking and commenting I got results. From 14 followers I arrived to have (now) 1025 followers. You started to follow my activity online. That was a good start for my happy birthday.

This gave me a reason to write more and to continue. Especially I had some feedbacks. You asked me to put more pictures, to add some information about my travels and so on. That is why I bought a domain and, with the help of an expert, I changed the dress of my blog. I am experimenting step by step for two reasons. The first one is to learn something useful to manage my blog, the second one is to give you better contents, more interesting for you. So my happy birthday has come.

From the first year to the second one

Well, I already wrote some thoughts about my first year. So in this part of the post, celebrating my happy birthday I can focus on the plan for 2019. Today it is the first day of the New Year, this means that my blog’s birthday is even more important. My wish and my expectations go to include my goals. What to do next? Grow. This is the answer because I really like to interact with you, to share my experience and to improve my posts together with you.

I am planning to organize myself better in order to combine the time for work and the time for the blog. Some articles are already in my mind, but this it’s easy because I have some trips already fixed on my agenda. Then I want to create a section dedicated to my experience on the internet. What? Why? Some of you asked me for some advice about blog management. I am not an expert, but I can explain what I learn in doing. Now you can start to say to me “happy birthday”. Why not?! But the big gift I ask you is to give me your feedback.

You and me

This birthday is happy because of you all, my dear 1025 followers. I thank you for the support and for being here. In the beginning, I had a lot of doubts, but mow my passion became reality. I was surprised when I started to see the numbers of visits and views. Maybe my expectations were very low and maybe I was thinking to leave after a few months. I am here and I want to go forward.

This means a lot. I promise you to keep my engagement and to write cool and interesting posts in the next 12 months. This is my new goal in walking with you for 52 weeks, traveling and sharing. There will be tips about the places I visit and my luxury experiences. What do you think about my plans? In the end, I say happy birthday to my blog and Happy New Year to you!

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Happy birthday My Anasa