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Discounted flights and luxury seats

Traveling with luxury is a pleasure, but it is also useful. Because the comforts help the person to have more assistance and so to be calmer and rested. You can find discounted flights and luxury seats together. The energy must be used to discover a place and its culture and not to solve diseases related to the accommodation or worst to the flights. Delays, not enough space in the cabin and so on can really destroy the good atmosphere of a holiday or also of a work trip.

It does not mean that all the time people must spend a lot of money for the journey. You can find, just searching online, thousands of solutions. A lot of discounted flights are waiting for experts. But some times you only see very high prices. Who can change the dates can find better rates. But to search for a plane and find the proper one is not so easy. You need to know what kind of parameters is necessary to use and to modify.

Discounted flights: the digital guide

There are many ways you can use to find the flight to use for a comfortable trip without to spend so much money. I learned it with some experience and also using the guide prepared by an expert. He was engaged for many years in the travel industry and he also spent many years going around the world. This traveler visited many different countries. Thanks to the huge experience he prepared a course, more than a guide. Following his instructions and advice, I had the chance to save a lot of money with discounted flights. Time to time to travel for free.

The websites are showing you the solutions based on your research history, so if you keep the way to find the plane for that destination you will only see the rate increase. Also, some sites are not the proper ones and a lot of influence is given by your booking zone. How to avoid all these tricks? Easy collect air miles with your daily expenses. The expert is going to tell you how to choose the best credit card and also how to handle the hidden airline loophole. A few secrets will make you happy. You will travel with discounted flights and luxury seats.

My experience

Once I needed to do a last minute work trip to a southern city in Turkey. Following the methods suggested by the course, I spent around 80% less. The normal price was around 300 euros. Imagine to reduce is for a so high percentage. Discounted flights are always welcome. I do not want to renounce to luxury, but if I can have it spending less money, why not use the chance? Don’t you agree with me? 

This course can teach you a lot and you can increase easily the number of trips. Explore the world just getting the maximum benefits from credit card bonuses. Improve your experience in flight searching. With the course, you will be able to get for free a lot of air miles. So discounts and free flights will become your hobby. You don’t need anything else to follow the instructions here. Then you will be able to cut your expenses to travel. Try discounted flights and let me know about your experience.

Here you can find the digital course.


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The cuisine of the lagoon

Jesolo is a very small town located few steps from Venice by boat and it offers a good location for many tourists who want to add to their visit to the city on the lagoon sometimes on the beach. For this reason, the place is full of hotels, restaurants, and services dedicated to the visitors, active mainly during summer time. It is possible to eat almost everything, especially pizza and fish, the leitmotiv of many of the local restaurants, but there are also some elegant places where to taste high-quality food.

The food is a need for our body, but it is also a pleasure, that is why I generally search for a restaurant where to taste something typical and special, served by a professional and kind staff and consumed in a smart and original setting. Otherwise, I can just cook some pasta at home and that is it. Traveling for me it is always the chance to discover the culture in a deep way and cuisine is, of course, a part of it.

In Italy, food is quite popular, but there are not only pasta and pizza. In Jesolo, on the Venice lagoon, in town center few steps from the sea, there is a place that reminds a French bistro with brick walls and lovely objects disseminated as to underline the elegance of the dining room. The modern furniture well spread around the restaurant gives a precise style.

The menu offers dishes coming from the local traditional cuisine proposed with great quality ingredients and accompanied by homemade bread. There are cold and hot appetizers and different recipes for the first and the main courses. Also, the list of desserts leaves the embarrassment of choice. Also, the wine cellar is well stocked with a big selection of wines.

If you like fresh fish this restaurant is highly recommended, especially because it is not too elaborate. Do you want to know the name of the place? It is called Ristorante da Omar and you find it in Via Dante Alighieri 21, in Lido di Jesolo, it is in the main street of the center. It is a good choice also for the tourists who are searching for something different from the most famous Italian recipes.

Luxury stay in Lviv

Are you searching for a destination for your next holiday? Why not Ukraine? In the magnificent city located in the north-west part of the country, there is a hotel that offers you a luxury stay in Lviv. It was used also by Portugal national football team during the European Championship in Ukraine and Poland. The country is still not so famous among tourists around the world, but it deserves for sure a visit.

There are beautiful and historical buildings and also amazing landscapes. Ukraine is a good destination for your holidays. In the western part of the country, you can see lovely cities and towns surrounded by mountains. In the eastern part, the sea is really attractive. It is not a rich country, but the population is friendly. Luxury stays in Lviv is guaranteed by this huge local hotel.

A luxury stay: the hotel in Lviv

Located in the North-West part of the country, there is Lviv. A city with about 730.000 inhabitants. It is known as the main cultural place in Ukraine. In the downtown, I tried for you the luxury Nobilis Hotel an elegant accommodation built in 2011 in an ancient and historical palace. From the facade, there are fine decorations everywhere. But entering the hall and then in the rooms, it is possible to find antique furniture and some old and peculiar artwork. This is the setting for a luxury stay in Lviv.

Space is the main feature of the room, very big. The furniture is prestigious, maybe a bit much decorated. It is close to becoming kitsch, but anyway it is like to enter the bedroom of a king. The modern equipment allows the guest to enjoy completely the luxury stay. Inside the room, there are minibar, satellite TV, desk, and Wi-Fi connection. The classical style bathrooms with bathrobes and sleepers offer a relaxing pleasure. This place has all that you need for a luxury stay in Lviv.


The breakfast offer is very wide. Guests can find salted and sweet dishes, including raw fish, as it is typical in the region. The menu proposes international and Ukrainian cuisine. After breakfast, I suggest of course to go out and visit the beautiful city by walk. The hotel is in the center, so the main attractions are closed to the building. You can reach all of them in a few steps. Everything is located in a short walking distance. Also, this is part of your luxury stay in Lviv.

After the tour customers can use the facilities of the Nobilis Hotel. Especially in the wellness and spa and the fitness center. You can relax and take new energy. Inside the structure, there are the lounge bar, the piano bar, and the Nobilis Restaurant. The last one is an elegant place where you can taste the best recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine. In all the hotel the staff is welcoming. Because when luxury meets the local hospitality, the guest becomes a king. You will have a luxury stay in this hotel

My Trips

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Gucci Osteria in Florence: 1 superb meal to delight you

The fashion luxury brand Gucci opened in 2018 a restaurant in Florence. It is called Gucci Osteria and it is located in the central Piazza della Signoria. The location is surely one of the bests of the city because it is inside Palazzo della Mercanzia, built in the XV century. To delight the most demanding palates the chef Massimo Bottura takes care of. He is a 3 Michelin stars chef and his restaurant in Modena was named as the best in the world. The menu is various and really particular. Each recipe represents the meeting between tradition and innovation.

The ground floor of Palazzo della Mercanzia, between Palazzo Gondi and Palazzo Vecchio, is a prestigious welcome for the guests. The interesting aspect of Gucci Osteria is the presence in the building of the museum and of the boutique. It’s a full immersion in the Italian fashion. Plus there is the Maison archive, but this is not public. The Florence brand has chosen the best Italian cook of the moment from the Osteria Francescana of Modena. These elements indicate a very high level of the restaurant.

Gucci Osteria: the chef and its staff

Massimo Bottura is the number one of the world ranking filled by San Pellegrino 50 Best of 2017. In 2018 he got the second place. He manages this restaurant like the one in Modena, also thanks to a professional staff selected by him. Among the cooks who are helping him, there is Ana Karime Lopez Kondo. She is a young chef of Colombian origins. Her previous experience was in the restaurant Central in Lima, one of the bests of South America. She is married to Taka Kondo, sous chef of Bottura. Gucci Osteria is now her new kingdom because she is managing the kitchen for Bottura.

Gucci and Bottura met each other thanks to Marco Bizzarri, the manager of Gucci. He is one of the 20 most influential managers in the world. They were schoolmates and since 2017 they work together for Gucci Osteria creation. Fashion and food made in Italy are surely a great combination for success. If you are going to Florence you should reserve a table, just do it in advance, because it’s not so easy to find a free table. Famous and good restaurants in Italy are always fully booked. 

The menu of Gucci Osteria

The selection of dishes is quite big and it changes often, according to the season. And according to the creativity of the chef. The cost is not high, it’s well proportioned to the quality offered. You can choose among recipes proposed between 10 and 30 euro. About the food is really good and it includes typical local recipes like Chianina meat. Innovation is paired with contamination. You can easily find some South American influence and proposals. In the menu there is a lot of meat, but also fish is well represented.

In particular, in Gucci Osteria work on a mixture of ingredients. They get inspiration from Mexican, Japanese, and Italian recipes. You can find tortillas, ravioli, and Taka Buns. It’s like an experiment, but the results are really a success. This restaurant, using a French expression, can be defined as an “n-ni”. It isn’t a gourmet and neither a Bistrot, but guests can taste high-quality food, to have pleasure and fun, as the cooks said. They promised a love story between the restaurant and the tourists in Florence. To be tried.

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Luxury hotel in Rome: Spanish Royal Suite

Are you searching for a luxury hotel in Rome? The city is one of the favorite destinations for worldwide tourists, but there are a lot of ways to see the attractions. The ancient city is the perfect place to live the luxury, starting from the accommodation. The center of Rome is the Coliseum, but few steps far there is the neighborhood of fashion and of the most known brands, around Via Condotti. The area is famous especially because of Spanish Steps. This location is perfect for a luxury hotel in Rome.

The popular stairs, the church on the top and the Fontana della Barcaccia in the square are the most photographed attractions of the Spanish Steps from all the tourists in Rome. Some of them have the chance also to sleep close to the monuments, choosing among hotel, B&B or flats. But luxury in Rome is something special to try. Very few hundreds of meters from the fountain there is an old anonymous building that host one of the luxury hotel in Rome. It is not big but full of comfort and impeccable service.

The luxury hotel in Rome

I have been at the Spagna Royal Suite hotel, in Via Mario De’ Fiori 3. It’s a 4 star, but it has nothing to envy to 5 stars accommodation. The furniture and the interiors are opulent but made with modern and smart style. All the rooms are very different and with peculiarities that made this hotel unique, like the Deluxe with the bathtub made as a big woman shoe with a high heel.

There is a Junior Suite, the biggest room of the structure, that is a symbol of classical modern elegance. Inside there are frescos, a corner with a champagne selection and Caffè Nespresso machine. The best part, anyway, is the wellness area inside the room, with a bathtub with hydromassage Teuco, a wall for fitness and the Kinesis Technogym. A paradise for relaxation.

The best room is the Presidential Suite, in the dependence of Via Condotti, exactly in front of Spanish Steps. The luxury of the flat is really exclusive. The three bedrooms with King size beds are connected. Also, there is the use of the event room to welcome some visitors by the guests or simply to see the reunited family during the stay. 400 square meters of comfort and elegance. The experience is unique.

My experience

Among the top rooms of Spagna Royal Suite, I reserved the Royal Suite, situated in the dependence in Via Frattina. It’s a big flat, with the main bedroom, very big with street view windows. In the same room, there is access to the main bathroom. Inside there are a statue, a double shower, and a flat-screen TV. Next, to the bedroom, there is the living room with sofabed and the bigger flat screen TV. A big wardrobe is in the bedroom and in the corridor as well. Then there is the second bathroom, smaller but with a shower, and a small kitchen. It’s how to feel at home.

Spagna Royal Suite is part of the luxury brand Le Reve de Naim, a guarantee for the lovers of exclusivity. The hospitality by them is like a trip in a familiar environment dominated by perfection. That’s why I am completely satisfied with my stay. Highly recommended for who wants to visit Rome and enjoy the stay. This luxury hotel in Rome offers peace and it is discrete. The professional staff ready to answer to any need. The breakfast served in the dining room it is not huge in terms of variety, but the quality is high. Elegance and luxury are the keywords for this hotel, so you can really feel like a king.

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