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A relaxing mountain

I love to have a break going to the mountains. It is great to have a walk-in nature. That’s why I visited a relaxing mountain. It helps to think and to search for some fresh air. Especially when in summer the temperature in the city is very high. I am not a lover of the hot climate. Well, I found a great place in Piedmont, my region, called Oasi Zegna. It is located in the northern part of the region. Nice mountains with a marvelous view and some trails to go around safe and totally in peace. These are the features of this area.

A relaxing mountain called Bielmonte

I needed to have a day off, from time to time. I can be in touch with nature and almost without connections with the rest of the world. The place is a natural park on the Alps, in Biella province. From Turin it is necessary to drive for an hour and a half, more or less, then you enter a paradise. The main mountain is called Bielmonte and it offers a lot of opportunities. Because there are pathways to walk, others where to have fun with the mountain bike or riding a horse. It a relaxing mountain.

There are restaurants, accommodations, spaces for workshops and sports activities. Are included the winter ones, starting from the ski. There are also some sanctuaries. You can enter to see art, pray or just take all the peaceful atmosphere that is always present around the churches over there. It is also possible to visit a few archeological sites. Of course, the park is very big and if you want to see all you need to stay a few days and move for many kilometers. It is a relaxing mountain full of things to do.

If you are going to visit Turin or Piedmont, you can put Bielmonte in your list for the tour. Do you like the mountains? This is the perfect place where to spend a few days. Thanks to the accommodations you can plan excursions and activities, staying a few days. The position is also good because it is closed to other interesting areas. More mountains, nature, and art to visit. 

Bielmonte is in Biella province, at the border with Alta Valsessera. In that area live free deers, roes and other beautiful mountain’s animals. Then you can see as well insects, as the rare protected beetle Carabus olympiae. Not always insects are ugly and annoying. The trails for trekking go to pastures where it is possible sometimes to taste local cheese. While you enjoy a relaxing mountain taste good food is a pleasure. Don’t you agree?

A lot of panoramic points are disseminated on the way. From Valsessera the road goes to Valsesia. It is famous because it is close to Monte Rosa and the Unesco sites. They are the Sacred Mountain of Varallo and the Supervolcano, one of the 12 in the world that had an eruption of magnitude 8. I had the trip alone, I planned everything by myself. But the Equipe Arc En Ciel, a local organization, generally helps visitors to go around. Geologists and naturalist guides accompany people to explore the area.

A relaxing mountain that allows you to be alone with nature or to have fun with other people. If you have a passion for nature and geology you will have many interesting aspects to discover and to learn.

Around Italy

The country is well known for art, but also nature is amazing. If you love it, Piedmont is sure the destination made for you. Do you want to know more? Explore the blog section dedicated to Italy. A lot of curiosities, fact, and all types of information. They will be useful to plan your travel. For any question, feel free to use comments space below or contact form. I will be happy to answer and to give you more ideas to explore Italy or other countries I visited. To be updated, subscribe to my newsletter. I will write to you weekly with news and extra contents.  

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Ice cream in Milan

In summer ice cream in Milan is the best solution to fight the hot temperature. What about winter? Even if it is cold I can’t renounce to good ice cream. Never! Well, since I am often in the capital of Lombardy, I made a personal map to find it. It is easy to have it in the city, but I am telling you where to have the best ice cream in the area. Imagine when you need to walk in a big city and you need something fresh with you.

There are different options: to have a small portable cooling fan, to have a fresh bottle with a drink or to eat ice cream. I am Italian so it is obvious what I prefer. When I go to Milan in the hot season, and in winter as well, I always try to have a break. Why? To visit the best shops to buy one. It is a need and of course a pleasure. Then you can’t be in Italy and don’t eat ice cream in Milan. It is a pity, a big one.

Ice cream in Milan: where to taste it

I like to change and of course, it depends on the exact place where I am in the city center. In the neighborhood ”Isola” there is a lovely shop with walls of bricks. It is called Artico and it offers a good variety of flavors, most of them very new and creative. Among them, you should taste Araguani chocolate. But for summer the fruit flavors are more popular. They always work on seasonal ingredients and selecting the best quality products to realize a delicious ice cream in Milan.

Few steps from Piazza Duomo there is also Cioccolatitaliani, with a lot of different flavors, especially a variety of chocolate. The ice cream in Milan is tasty. But the place is very popular so you need to be patient. Because it is all the time crowdy. Not only locals are going there, but also many tourists. You need to wait. But I can say that it is worth it. You will be delighted by the taste.

In the area of Navigli, where the restructured water channel is passing and where many nightlife places are located there is Rinomata Gelateria. It is a small shop well known and positioned on the Darsena. They propose Nutella flavor, but also a great variety of fruit flavors perfect for the summer time. It is quite crowdy because in the area there are a lot of tourists and events. but you will never regret to wait. You will get one of the best ice creams in Milan.

As usual, my day in Milan is good thanks to the ice cream. With it also hot weather becomes more pleasant.

More advice

Now you know where to go to have ice cream in Milan. If you want to know more about Italy or other destinations check out my posts. There are also many restaurants and bars reviews. Because in each travel the food has a big importance. Not because we need energy, but because it is part of the local culture. To eat helps a lot to know better the country we visit. 

If you are searching for a hotel where to stay in Milan, I suggest you Petit Palais Hotel de Charme. Read about my experience. The last advice if you are not only searching for ice cream in Milan, but you are visiting Italy. Read the bookThey Really Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots“. It costs a few dollars, but it guides you to the Italian habits. You will get support to interact with people in Italy. It’s a great one.

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The cuisine of the lagoon

Jesolo is a very small town located few steps from Venice by boat and it offers a good location for many tourists who want to add to their visit to the city on the lagoon sometimes on the beach. For this reason, the place is full of hotels, restaurants, and services dedicated to the visitors, active mainly during summer time. It is possible to eat almost everything, especially pizza and fish, the leitmotiv of many of the local restaurants, but there are also some elegant places where to taste high-quality food.

The food is a need for our body, but it is also a pleasure, that is why I generally search for a restaurant where to taste something typical and special, served by a professional and kind staff and consumed in a smart and original setting. Otherwise, I can just cook some pasta at home and that is it. Traveling for me it is always the chance to discover the culture in a deep way and cuisine is, of course, a part of it.

In Italy, food is quite popular, but there are not only pasta and pizza. In Jesolo, on the Venice lagoon, in town center few steps from the sea, there is a place that reminds a French bistro with brick walls and lovely objects disseminated as to underline the elegance of the dining room. The modern furniture well spread around the restaurant gives a precise style.

The menu offers dishes coming from the local traditional cuisine proposed with great quality ingredients and accompanied by homemade bread. There are cold and hot appetizers and different recipes for the first and the main courses. Also, the list of desserts leaves the embarrassment of choice. Also, the wine cellar is well stocked with a big selection of wines.

If you like fresh fish this restaurant is highly recommended, especially because it is not too elaborate. Do you want to know the name of the place? It is called Ristorante da Omar and you find it in Via Dante Alighieri 21, in Lido di Jesolo, it is in the main street of the center. It is a good choice also for the tourists who are searching for something different from the most famous Italian recipes.

Luxury in Jesolo

I needed to plan a meeting in Jesolo, not far from Venice and for me it is a pleasure to be again in this small town. I decided to book an hotel for my few days stays to have all the comforts and also a good position to watch the sea directly from my room window. It is summer and the place start to host people on holiday, so also to be quiet, since I am in Jesolo for work, and have some good rest it is a need and not all the accomodations can offer this aspect.

Hotel Almar is a quite big resort located direcly on the beach, it offers a variety of facilities as a spa, gardens, pool, the private beach on the turquoise sea. There are also bar and restaurant where to taste specialities form the Mediterranean cuisine proposed in an innovative way. The professional staff gives assistance for any need and this is an added value for who wants to relax between work meetings.

Despite the conference area, the resort is more typical for holidays, but maybe this is the aspect I like because I need relax and rest in some moments. The suites are really modern and spacious, full of amenities to give to the guest a more pleasant experience. The balcony or maybe I should say the terrace offers an amazing view of the sea, a superb panorama. The elegance and the luxury are the leitmotiv of the hotel. Each detail is important for the staff.



Luxury from the past

Last sunday I spent few hours in Milan visiting ”Amart”, the antiques and art exhibition organized by the Association of Antiques Dealers of Milan. It was really nice to be there. It passed quite a lot of time since my last visit to this type of event and I have to say that in last years the market of ancient artwork was decreasing, not only in relations to the prices but also about the quality of the manufacts.

In this case I saw a great exhibition, full of masterpieces from XII century to contemporary period. There were lovely and important paintings and sculptures, but also some furnishings, silver objects, carpets and many other art examples. In some stands there were antiques from China, Japan and various Asian and African countries. To be there gave me the chance to learn something new about art and history.

Anyway I noticed how the antiques market is going to live again a good period, also if not many young people were visiting the exposition and this is not a good sign for the future. Anyway ancient artworks are considered a luxury, some objects to be bought as investment or to decore prestigious houses. It is true they have this function as well and it is correct to consider those objects as status symbol, but they are more.

To have into the house an antique painting or sculpure is a pleasure. It is a piece of history that can tells a lot, a unique expression of art, a technique to be analyed. So it is a luxury now, coming from the past and staying forever as a witness of a passed period. Each artwork is also an inspiration for a new piece of art, because the real modern artists always start studying the old ways and techniques.

I love antiques and I consider each masterpiece more than a luxury to put in my home.