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Create online ebooks

create online ebooks

Money to travel. This is your goal. Well, I have an idea for you! Create online ebooks and sell them. This will give you the chance to have an extra income to buy your tickets and pay the bills during your trip. How can you do it? It is full of opportunities the web and … Read more Create online ebooks

The castle in Milan: 1 amazing way to improve your tour in the city

Castle in Milan: what you can see in the symbol of the city’s history. Read the post to know more about the building to plan your visit to Milan.

Christmas gift idea: how to find the best one now

Christmas gift idea

You have already read some posts about my gifts for Christmas holidays. Now I want to share the best Christmas gift idea. Or better I am going to explain what I had the chance to learn: how to find easily and quickly the best present. Some tips are useful, especially when you don’t know what … Read more Christmas gift idea: how to find the best one now

What about gift cards for Christmas?

I am too generous… Thinking to the Christmas gifts for friends I came out with a new idea. What about gift cards for Christmas? It is not an original idea, but of course it can be useful. I don’t have to choose the item but give a certain amount to purchase or to get a … Read more What about gift cards for Christmas?

The Christmas gifts for a traveler: 6 cool ideas

Christmas gifts

Here there are cool ideas ready for you. The Christmas gifts for travelers won’t be anymore a problem. Read the post, get my tips and buy presents for friends and relatives.

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