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Next trip: Vienna

2019 started and for me, it is a new year of travels. Now I am organizing my next trip: Vienna. The capital of Austria is already on my agenda with some work meetings. It is not my first time there. I have already been there and I hope to find a bit of time to see what is missing on my list. My love for Vienna is really big, because of its elegance, the huge variety of attractions and classical music.

Each step in the city is a jump into the history. If you have already read other posts, you know it. I have a big passion for history, I like to study it and learn more about the history of the places. So I am really glad about my next trip: Vienna is the right place for me. Since I have been there I know what to do and where to go in my free time. But in the past, I didn’t have much time to explore the city bars and restaurants.

Next trip: Vienna. Did you visit it?

I will spend in the capital of Austria only a few days, but I want to try to find time for a couple of museums. Also, I would like to eat in some special place and maybe go out to explore the city in the night or at least late evening. Have you ever been to Vienna? Do you have some advice for me? I am asking about your experience. Since I established my next trip: Vienna.

When I visited Malmö some of you gave me great suggests, maybe you can do the same this time. I will appreciate it a lot. This travel blog shares my experiences, but the best part is obviously sharing. So we can exchange information and opinion about the places we visit. What do you think? Can you help me for my next trip: Vienna? I wait for your comments.

Flight delay: how to deal with it?

Sometimes people ask me if I like to travel and then they think about how I am lucky. They are true and I really love to travel, but there is always a negative side of the medals. The hours spent in airports and on planes. It is possible to enjoy it but traveling often gives a risk: flight delay. How to deal with it? This is the question I want to answer today. Once I had four hours delay at the departure and the duration of the flight was a bit more than one hour. We were going up and down from the plane without taking off.

It happens and especially if you travel for work reasons it is a huge problem. I learned in the years to not fix any meeting on the traveling days. You can easily imagine why. Well, everything is normal, because of the number of travelers. The traffic is increasing and this means that the risk to be a victim of a flight delay is higher each time. The first rule is no panic. Never will change if you fight with the staff. Most of the times they even don’t know exactly what is going on. Second rules: follow my tips.

Causes of a flight delay

There are many reasons that cause a flight delay. Sometimes it is a technical problem to the plane, other times is a plane missing or too many flights landing and taking off at the same hour. Then it can happen an overbooking. Airlines, not all of them luckily, accept more reservations than available seats, so if all the travelers arrive at the airport some of them don’t find space on the flight. This also causes delay.

Once I was on a plane ready to take off. A passenger started to give in outburst. The captain called the police and we had a huge flight delay. Another time I was flying for half an hour and the captain said that an engine stopped to work and we needed to go back. In the end, the airline company hosted us in a hotel and we started again the journey the day after. What to do in all these cases?

Flight delay: the airlines’ proposals

Generally, the airlines for a flight delay try to do the minimum they can. For example, when I had 4 hours delay at the departure I was in Rome and they gave us a voucher for a sandwich and a soft drink to the airport bar. When I was in Paris and we went back the airline paid for one night in the hotel, meanwhile I lost the money of the first night to my destination. It is always a bit tricky to deal with the compensations.

Anyway, there are some laws and rules, so if you follow the right step you can receive money from the airline company. Of course, it happens if the delay is huge. I had also overbooking situations, but luckily I left with the plane. Usually, they ask people if they want to wait for the next flight in exchange for a certain amount of money. Sometimes, if you are not in hurry, it can be not bad the compensation offered. But don’t forget that maybe you have expenses for the hotel reservation and so on… To deal with a flight delay you need to be prepared.

What to do in case of flight delay?

I mentioned the main causes and also briefly what the airline does. You have your rights and you need to know them if you want a correct compensation. When you have a flight delay check exactly the reasons and especially the hours of the delay. So you will have the elements to verify if you have the right for compensation and also its amount. Keep in mind also that if the airline does overbooking you are not obligated to accept their offer to wait for the next flight.

If you are traveling from EU to protect you there is a rule settled by the European Commission. So, according to the conditions you are living with your flight delay, you have different rights. If the delay is huge or the flight is canceled you expect for a compensation. The airline has to reimburse you up to $700. Before to ask for money verify exactly your position. How? Simply using AirHelp. It isn’t made only for EU.

How AirHelp works?

Ar you at the airport and you just get informed about a flight delay? Don’t worry, download the App of AirHelp and fill the form with some details about your flight. You will know immediately what are your rights. Then you can contact the AirHelp staff to receive support. They will give you assistance to apply and ask for the compensation to the airline company.

The App is free and the staff answers very quickly to all your requests. You can find here all the steps you need to follow, listed for easy use. Maybe you will discover that you have no right to a refund, but it is always better to check. They are the best in their work, so in case you are eligible for compensation, you will have it. Meanwhile, if you need to book a flight, check out my guide to save time and money.