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Best travel gadgets: 10 items you must have

Every time a traveler has to pack there are always doubts. What to take for the trip? This is the question. I don’t like to have too many things with me. Because I like to travel light, but there are some items very important. What are the best travel gadgets? This should be the question to answer. I do it with this post to help you to be prepared for any occasion around the world. To carry them with you is convenient.

In this article, I am going to list some of the best travel gadgets. They are selected according to my travel experience. This means that if you are going to explore other countries you will benefit a lot from their use. Because they are made to help you in different stages of the journey. They represent a solution for the various problem you will encounter on your track. Let’s see what are the best travel gadgets.

Best travel gadgets: the list

Universal plug adapter

You have your laptop and your smartphone with you. Then, at your arrival at the hotel, you need to charge them. With the cable in your hands, you try to plug. No way. You can’t. This happens because the plug is different. Obviously, countries use various systems, so if you travel, for instance from the USA to Europe you won’t have the chance to plug. Among the best travel gadgets, there is a solution. The universal plug adapter.

This simple and cheap item you can plug everywhere with any type of electrical plugs. The different shape can support your device cables and you can easily use and charge your IT products. Be sure to have one for your trip. Aren’t you sure about their selection? I suggest you browse the AliExpress catalog clicking here. Reading the features you will easily find the best one for your needs. Especially for your destination.

Portable charger

Abroad we don’t spend all the time in the hotel because we want to explore the place. So it can happen to finish the battery of the smartphone. Maybe we also take some pictures with it, so after a few hours, it turns off. What to do? If we have the cable, we can enter in a bar, order a coffee and ask to plug. But we are not all the times in the middle of the city. Not everywhere there are bars. 

It is always better to have a USB phone charger, a power bank. This is one of the best travel gadgets, but pay attention to quality. Most of them finish in a while or they fail. That’s why it is necessary to choose the best ones. The price can be around $30, but you will never lose your battery. Especially in the middle of your trip, when you take pictures or call your relatives at home. Browse the chargers on AliExpress clicking here and choose the one you prefer.

Car charger

Time to time I rent a car to go around the place. It is a good way to explore the destination and to move freely. So, like I do when I drive in my hometown, I use a car charger. Yes, it is really helpful to recharge the phone battery while I travel by car. It is time-saving. What about you? If you buy a car charger and you are traveling on a taxi or in a friend’s car, you can ask to use his power. You just plug it and energy will go directly to your smartphone.

On one side there is the USB entrance to plug the cable of your phone. On the other side, there is the plug to be inserted in the car’s cigarette lighter. Easy and immediate to use. In a while, the battery will be ready again for your calls, social networks, and taking pictures. Go down at the destination and use again your phone. In case you need it on the car you can use it meanwhile it charges. Browse the page on AliExpress clicking here. You can find the best one for your needs. The one I have allows me also to answer the calls.

Waterproof phone case

One of the best travel gadgets, or even one of the most useful, is the waterproof phone case. Especially if you go to the seaside, to the lake or to the river. It protects your phone not only from hits but also from water, including the rain. Consider it, because the water can make a lot of damages to your device. Imagine losing all your pictures and your contacts just because of some water drops. With a few dollars, you can solve the problem.

On AliExpress you find great deals and a lot of models. Check out the ones available for your brand and model of the device. Then choose. Transparent, colored, there are many options ready to meet your personal taste. Click here and browse all the items. On the online shop, there are all the best travel items with special prices proposed to the customers. Buy yours and travel safely with your phone. With some of them, like mine, you can also go under the water. It appears as an envelope.

USB flash drive

Time to time it is better to download pictures from your phone and store them. Instead of filling the laptop memory, put them on a USB flash drive. This is one of the best travel gadgets. It helps you to keep safe your pictures and files without to use all your phone’s memory. Of course, choose one with enough space. Because if your trip is long or you like to take pictures, you will need a lot of space to store them.
On AliExpress is full of proposals for you, with special deals. I recommend you to select one that can be used with the phone and the laptop. So with a USB and a micro USB. You will use it with any type of IT product. Insert in your phone to download the pictures and then in the laptop to see the images or work on them. The prices are various, but if you want a good item you can spend around $20. Click here and browse all the offers


Instead of your mobile phone, you can use a tablet during your trip. There are many reasons to do it. You don’t use all the mobile battery, even if you can charge it easily. The screen is bigger. You can download a movie or a book and read it on the tablet, for example, while you are on the plane. It is also useful to take pictures. You will transfer the images from your phone later before you can catch some nice shot with the tablet.

If you don’t have it, search for it on AliExpress. There is a huge variety. The prices depend on the brand, model, and memory. But on the online shop offers special rates and discounts for any pocket. Read carefully the features, so you will match them with your habits and needs. Among the best travel gadgets, a tablet is a good mate for your trips. Click here and browse the items available online


One of the best travel gadgets for readers is Kindle. This is great if you like books and you want to read while you are on means of transport or before to sleep in the hotel. Instead, to carry some paper book that can be heavy in the luggage, you can have one compact item. A light suitcase allows you to travel easily, especially if you have to move a lot with the bag during your trip. This product is a good investment, also because then you can download a lot of book with the same space. Also, you will spend less because digital books cost less than paper ones.

AliExpress is the right place where to find a good Kindle for a low price. The online shop reserve a lot of discounts to customers. Check out the features to understand how big is the screen and how much memory has. Browse the various models available clicking here. You will surely find what you are searching for. It is really convenient to have Kindle, you store it in the bag and inside you can have all the books you want. Including travel guides to prepare better your trip.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Imagine being on a plane to watch a movie on your tablet, to read a book on kindle or to sleep. A baby starts to cry, people talk loud. How can you do it with all that noise? Easy, there is an item made for you. The noise-canceling headphones allow you to listen to something on your device to avoid all the external sounds. So, also if you want just to close your eyes and have rest, you can. Yes, because you are completely isolated from the world outside. Don’t worry about the stewardess, if she needs you or her is going to give you drinks and snacks she knows how to call you.

Give importance to the quality, because this is one of the most important things to select the best travel gadgets. Click here to browse all the products offered by AliExpress and take advantage of the discounts. Your trips will become really quiet. At least when you want. You will just wear noise-canceling headphones. The quality of your activities or of your sleep will change and you will be really satisfied. Some of them are Bluetooth, so without cable.

Portable Hard Drive/Wireless Router

I know, you can’t believe that this is one of the best travel gadgets. I was thinking the same, until when I bought one. Today, the internet is almost everywhere and you can easily have a connection entering a bar. Not always the quality is good. Thanks to this device it is possible to convert a weird connection into a secure wireless network. Also, you can connect more devices together. In this case, all your family and friends can use it with you during the trip. That’s why you should consider this product. It will be great in the hotel and in any other place to improve your use of the internet.

AliExpress offers a huge variety of routers for travelers. There are a lot of discounts, so you can have a very good product for a cheap price. Browse them and check out the features of each model. It is useful to find the proper one. Mostly depends on how many devices you want to connect together and where you will use it. I suggest you get a powerful one. It is better for the weird connections you can find in some countries. Click here to see the catalog.

Smart suitcase

Have you ever lost your luggage traveling with planes? I did it. Of course, it should be better to say that the company did it. Anyway, the result is the same. Luckily after some days, I had it with all the content. That first episode happened some years ago gave me two ideas. First, always put in the cabin luggage some clothes for the main needs. Second, buy a smart suitcase. Why? If you had the same problem with the luggage you noticed that the airport and the airline never know where your bag is. With this type of suitcase, you can monitor its trip.
You can find one on AliExpress. This innovative luggage is perfect because you can connect with it through a smartphone app and see its position in real time. There are different models with various prices. Click here and browse them so you can choose freely. I want to tell you about the one I have. You can see it in the picture. Not only has a system for tracking, but it has Bluetooth and USB plugs. So it is possible to use it to listen to music and to use different functions. Last, but not least, I can ride it and go fast to the check-in desk. This is one of the best travel gadgets I have bought.

Shopping updates

My selection of the 10 best travel gadgets is finished with the luggage, so inside you can put all the other items. If you like this post, share it through the buttons on the page. You can help your friends to find exactly what they need or some ideas. Maybe an idea for a gift. 
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Bluetooth 9D Stereo Earphone Wireless: 1 amazing item for your trips

Do you like music? Don’t renounce to listen to it during your trips. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless is all that you need. It is an innovative type of earphone. This means better performances. Why should you buy the earphones? I can answer by telling you why I decided to purchase this product on AliExpress. The huge discount influenced me a bit on the model, but it was not enough.

Searching for a solution, not only to listen to music or movies while I explore the world, I analyzed a lot of proposals. Well, the best one was available on the platform. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless offers many options and a high-quality sound. Maybe this is also due to the shape. Yes, you can easily insert them in the hears, so you won’t lose anything from the sound.

To convince me contributed the facility to manage the functions. In fact, it is easy to answer a call, stop it or erase the volume. Just to do an example. For each need, I don’t have to use some control key, but only to touch softly the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless. I can also separate the single ear. I know, I am not a woman and I can’t do two things at the same time. Just joking, don’t worry. I like to make some jokes time to time, also in my posts.

Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless: what to do with them

It’s clear this item is made to listen to sounds or voices. But the object found on AliExpress is something more. Especially because of the use. Let me explain something more. Thanks to the LED power display it is possible to see the battery level, in order to recharge the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless on time. To charge it is not necessary any cable. The touch Bluetooth headset does everything by contact with the charger.

On average use, it works for 4 hours for a single broadcast. The item offers a movie assistant mobile phone holder. It’s perfect for a video call or to enjoy some cinema on your device. Then the pairing is automatic. You don’t have to spend time and efforts to connect it with the phone. It is waterproof, so no worry for rain or sweat. You can even keep the earphone while you swim in the sea or in the pool.

The high quality of the sound is one of the benefits given by Bluetooth 5.0. Noise reduction, the stability of the signal, and fast transmission speed are the main features. This is one of the innovative parts of the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless. These reasons made me sure to buy the item. I saved 52% on the price thanks to a limited time offer on AliExpress.


Before to search for the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless I tried to study a bit the technology. I didn’t become an expert, but I wanted to compare the products. You maybe know very well this type of items and you understand perfectly the technical specifics. I give you some features to help you to evaluate this useful product for travelers. Of course, also who doesn’t travel can find the earphone great for daily life.

The brand is QCR, well known in the market and specialized in the production of phones accessories. The style is in-ear. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless operates on a dynamic vocalism principle. The sensitivity is equal to 110±4dB. Another important aspect concern the functions. You can get a multifunctional object. For internet bar, monitor headphone, for the video game, common headphone, for mobile phone, for iPod, HiFi headphone, sport.

Now you are thinking about the compatibility. No worries for you. It is made to work with any type of phone, any brand, any system. The frequency response range is 100-10000Hz. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless has a resistance of 32Ω, with an earphone battery capacity of 60mAh*2. The charging box battery specification is 3300 mAh. You can easily count on a play time of 5-6 hours. To recharge the battery you will need 1 or 2 hours maximum.

See the product description on AliExpress. I am sure you will find it interesting and useful. If you are searching for other ideas, you have to read my shopping advice. There are a lot of suggests for you.


Free trip for you

You like to travel, you dream about a relaxing weekend somewhere. You would love to get free travel. Maybe your relatives and friends think the same. That’s why you should consider a free trip as a gift for them. A birthday, the graduation or some other occasion require a present. If the receiver is a traveler, you need the proper idea to make her or him happy.

Don’t think about the cost, because there are different solutions. You don’t have to buy a huge trip around the world. It can be just a short weekend inside the country or in the region. Consider the free trip from a different perspective. Instead to think about the price, first, think of the traveler‘s interest. Does the person need a break to relax, a holiday or something more? What type of trip does the receiver would love to do?

How to select the free trip

It is not a present for everyone, but just for a relative or an important friend. So you will spend a bit more than what you can spend on other people. Then if it is a special day, maybe you are not the only one who have to purchase the gift. So try to share the cost with other. The free trip can be better. Do you want to have ideas about the journey and the price? Take a look on Booking.com.

Why? Because you get inspired in choosing the destination. You can have some ideas about the formula: weekend, a few days, hotel, apartment, and so on. Why not a romantic getaway for the receiver and the partner. The free trip starts to have a shape. That is why you need to visit the platform. Then share the result of your research with other people who will participate in the gift purchasing.

Free trip: package or gift card

Online and in shops, you can easily find holiday packages. Some voucher for one or more nights. You buy it and the receiver will follow the instructions to reserve, choosing the period. The price is quite low. You can give a free trip starting from around $ 50. Of course, it depends on the offer. This is a solution, but you can also do something better. What? Buy a gift card.

Yes, for travel lovers what is better than some money to purchase the dream holiday? The receiver will know how much you spent, true, but this person will have the chance to plan according to her or his interests. On Booking.com there are gift cards. You just need to choose the amount. Who will get the gift will decide. The traveler can use the money to reserve a room or to buy hotel+flight and so on. It is a free trip or maybe just a discount. In fact, it is possible to use the amount of the card and add more money if it is not enough.

Do you want more ideas to buy the gift for a traveler? Stay tuned and read my other posts in Shopping category.