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Strasbourg: capital of Europe and tourist destination

I have been several time in past in Strasbourg, but always for work reasons and for this reason mainly focused on institutions. The city is famous, together with Brussels, as capital of the European Union because of the presence of the European Parliament, the headquarter for the plenary assembly, and other offices, included the diplomatic missions of the various countries. This time I explore Strasbourg as tourist.

I already discovered that the city is the third one in France as tourism destination chosen by the worldwide travellers. They are right, because there are many attractions to be seen and also a walk in the centre or a trip on the river with the boat is something that gives satisfactions to the tourists. In some corners of Strasbourg as the streets and the buildings are it is like to jump in the past, travelling through history.

Before to describe some of the best monuments and museums, I want to share some curiosities. First of all it is necessary to mention that the Grande Île is protected as Unesco Heritage. As you know Strasbourg is located on the border between France and Germany, so crossing the river Rhine you can find the city of Kehl. Anyway on the French side in the city area are living around half a million inhabitants and this means that Strasbourg is the nineth city in the country.


If you want to visit the down town you should know that the best way is on foot or by bike, in order to not miss any particular corner and to enjoy better the atmosphere of the area. If you prefer to use the public transport network, you can be sure that it works perfectly, it is well organized. Never be in hurry in that part of Strasbourg because you will need a lot of time to visit the different attractions and to take pictures of the well kept buildings, bridged and small streets with characteristic shops and restaurants.

Thinking about the restaurants when a traveller goes to the city a must is the sauerkraut (choucroute in French), made with cabbage. It is a specialty served in the traditional restaurants and I have to say that is quite good, reminding a bit the German style mixed with the French cuisine, especially from Alsatian region. You will be delighted, but of course on the menu there are different proposals.


About the culture Strasbourg is really active and it offers many free and not free events: opera, ballet, concerst, exhibitions and so on. There is a big number of museums able to satisfy every interests. The quantity of the collections is not second to the one of the entertainment. The city offers a great nightlife thanks to the largest concentration of bars and clubs that remain open until dawn in Europe. There are lovely squares full of patios and young people where spend the evening drinking, chatting and have fun.

The architecture of the city has similarities with Germany because the influence that comes from the other side of the border is obviously high. Among the big and modern buildings of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe there are many ancient architectural testimonies like the Cathédrale Notre Dame, built between 1176 and 1439 with a 142 metres tower from where to enjoy the panorama over the city.

Stay tuned, because in the next article I will write about the attractions, going deep in what to see in Strasbourg.


Italy: interesting facts

Today it’s my curiosities’ day. So I share here some interesting facts about Italy. You have already been to my country, but maybe you don’t know them. Or you never had the chance to see the beautiful Italian boot and its islands so these facts will help you to plan your trip consciously… Hey, I am joking. I just want to share some facts not much known by the people…also by some Italians…

Here you will find the basics to know Italy, starting from the name’s origin. They will open your mind to Italy. If you never been to the country of fashion and pasta, after reading this post you will have an irrepressible desire to leave. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit. But I am sure that you will satisfy all your curiosities about Italy and you will see the Italian cities from a different perspective.

I like a lot to go deep in the country culture when I travel the world. It’s the way to know better a place and to understand how is life there. That is the reason why I think to share some facts with you. Maybe you already heard some of them and for others is a discover. This is a brief guide that can introduce you to Italy. Especially these facts will be useful also to start to get in touch with Italians. 

Let me suggest a book about my country and especially about Italians. It is a short one that you easily can read to explore culture and habits, also in a funny way. It is called They Really Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots. There are emotions and curious episodes. You can read more in my review. It’s easy to find information about Coliseum, I guess you want to know something more to plan your tour.

Italy: facts and curiosities

Are you expecting a long list of facts? Do you think to see a lot of lines full of boring information about Italy? No, I prepared a short video with some of my pictures taken during my trips around my country. Each image will have a few words written about a factor of curiosity. Easier to read them and to learn them. I can query you in next days. So if you want a good grade, you have to pay attention to. Just kidding you.

I will let you see my short video and I hope you enjoy these facts. When I have some work meetings abroad and people ask me something about Italy, I always tell some curiosities. This catches their attention more than the well-known adjectives used to describe the famous monuments. Now I want to do the same with you. You know, we like a lot to smile, so it is quite common to joke about our habits. But be careful, we tell jokes and the truth is in the middle. Don’t miss it. 

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More Italy

Now you got some curiosities about my country, but if you want to know more, I have a lot of posts for you. I wrote articles about my visits, so check them out. You find facts, curiosities, information, impressions, culture, art, and much more. I am going on with my activity on the blog, so often there are updates.

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Milan: curiosities about Duomo

I go often to Milan for business and sometimes for leisure. The city offers many opportunities in terms of tourism, entertainment, and of course of business. I have to confess: I love Milan. It is quite close to my hometown and it has an international soul that I like. If you browse my blog you can easily find some posts about the city, from the best ice cream to the Castle. You will see a lot of other posts about Milan because going there often I have some experiences to share.

This article has a goal: give you some information about Duomo. It is the famous cathedral of Milan. It is the most visited attraction in Lombardy’s capital, but maybe some of you don’t know so much about its features. That’s why I  want to share with you some curiosities. If you have been to Milan, you can add some particulars when you tell about your trip to your friends. In case you will be there in the future, you will observe what I am going to post here.

The building is religious, but its architecture and the masterpieces created inside and outside on the facade are unique. You have to visit it even if you are not Catholic. It deserves to be seen for the art. Then knowing some more particulars about the construction you will love it. So, let’s go to the topic.

The curiosities of Duomo in Milan

I decided to share the curiosities on the Duomo of Milan, the third largest cathedral in the world. But I am not going to write them down. I did a short video including my pictures and some slides with a few lines: the written curiosities. When I visit a place I always try to get something more. I mean that I like to explore my destination, in each corner. To be a tourist who goes just in front of the main attractions is not part of me. I love to travel, that’s why to go to hidden pearls and to learn about some fewer know elements are my goals.

Milan is almost like my city because I spend there much time and in the years I had the chance to learn many different things. In the last days when I passed in front of Duomo, I thought about the curious facts I know. So now it is time to share them with you. I hope you will enjoy my video and then you will follow me also on YouTube.



Milan and Italy

Are you planning a trip to the capital of fashion? The curiosities about Duomo are useful, but you surely want to know more. Well, before to search for the flight and the accommodation, check out my articles about Italy. There are posts about Milan but also many others dedicated to other places in the country. All of them come from my direct experience. In each post, there are information about the city, the attraction, the less known areas. But you can also find impressions, facts, cultural aspects.

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