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Asolo: Italian beautiful village

Asolo: Italian beautiful village. It is part of the list of the most beautiful villages of the country. It is close to Venice and located on a hill with a famous fortress. Not far from Treviso there is another jewel that deserves a visit. If you are planning a trip to the Veneto region, follow my advice: include Asolo. You surely want to ask me why. Because you can see marvelous landscapes, to explore archeological finds, to attend to special events. You can also enter in the history thanks to the ancient palaces spread around the village.

I want to focus on different topics, for this reason, I prepared different posts, as I did for Malmö. In this way, I will describe easily the different aspects. Asolo, the Italian beautiful village, counts less than 10.000 inhabitants, but it is one of the pearls for the travellers. If you like Italy, in this place you find the typical shape. Art, architecture, style, and history are very well combined. There is also a chance to taste traditional food.

Buildings: art and architecture

The first post is dedicated to the center of the village, or better to the buildings of Asolo, the beautiful Italian village. You should start the visit from the central Piazza Garibaldi because the main buildings are located to a walking distance from it. Many of the small streets conduct from the square to the various parts of the village. It is almost like the center of a circle from where goes easily and straight to each point. Some of the palaces are decorated with frescoes on their facades to tell you the local history.

Asolo: Italian beautiful village. The origins

Asolo is a pearl of Treviso province and it is also called “The City of a Hundred Horizons”. The mountain setting around this Italian beautiful village makes it one of the best places for the panorama. The foundation of the first agglomeration was made by Veneti, Indo-European people, around 590 B.C., and the name were Acelum. Then Romas ruled the place and now it is possible fo find some archeological site with finds of that age.

The village visible now is mainly made by buildings and churches realized between Medieval time and XIX century. Of course, you can see modern constructions, but outside the center. This is what I like of Asolo: the place and the atmosphere looks like stopped in the past.

Piazza Garibaldi

Your starting point in Asolo is the main square. What can you see there? As I already mentioned, Piazza Garibaldi is the hub of the village. At the center of the square, you can see the fountain, called Fontana Maggiore, that spouts water from the Roman aqueduct. La Bot, this is the name of the aqueduct, during the Roman time was conducting the water to the ancient baths where Romans. The main buildings that you can see immediately around you are the cathedral and the local museum.


Before to enter in the cathedral stop outside. There is a balcony with a superb view. It is one of the examples of the “hundred horizons”. The style is quite simple, not too many decorations, but you will remain surprised. Duomo is famous for artworks. Among the best paintings conserved there is “Assumption of the Virgin” by Lorenzo Lotto. This is alone a good reason to visit the cathedral of Asolo. But this is only the first step of your walk around the center.

Civic Museum

Few steps from the Duomo there is an amazing museum with the local history and finds. Paintings, ancient finds, and archeology are the items that you can find inside. You are in Asolo: Italian beautiful village. So don’t enter immediately. Admire the frescoes on the facade. It is part of the experience offered by the museum. Palazzo della Loggia is a mansion built during the XV century and it is one of the most fascinating constructions in Asolo. The portico occupies the entire ground floor. Frescoes represent “The defeat of Crassus against the Parthians”.

These are the main places I visited and I suggest you do the same, but Asolo, the Italian beautiful village, offers much more. I am going to walk to see them.

Other attractions among buildings

Villa Freya deserves a visit because inside are conserved the remains of foundations of a Roman theatre. Then you should see the Queen’s Castle, built in the Middle Age. The prestigious palace was used by Queen Cornaro as her official residence. Another very nice house is Casa Duse. It is famous because in Asolo lived Eleonora Duse, a popular actress.

Never miss the Convent of Saints Peter and Paul, an XVII century monastery, a great example of religious architecture. Benedictine nuns stayed there until XIX century, then the building becomes a school. I suggest you check also the Longobard house with a facade made with tuff stone and grotesque figures.

To be prepared to explore Asolo, the Italian beautiful village, you should download a map. It will be useful when you will be there to plan your walk and visit.

I wrote a post about the Fortress of Asolo: Italian beautiful village. It offers an interesting structure, also if it is only partially visible as it was. From there you can contemplate the horizon made of amazing landscapes. Stay tuned to know more about Asolo and my trip there. It is so relaxing in the place because the time seems to be stopped. The atmosphere help travellers to go into the local setting as time travel. Autumn is also the best period for a tour. It is so quiet and empty.

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Booking.com offers you new experiences

In last year Booking.com improve its activity offering new experiences to its customers. I am exploring the various services provided by the platform and I discovered that Booking Experiences are not only in the U.S., but also in other countries, as mine: Italy. In Milan, Venice and Florence using the app of the hotel search engine I can buy tickets, use fast track in the museums and get some other discounts in the city. This is reserved to all clients of the company who reserve a room.

Tours and activities can be personalized. The functionalities are developed by the Booking Holdings-owned brand and they were firstly developed in certain destinations as Amsterda, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore. Now it is possible to enjoy the experiences in USA and in Italy also. To use the opportunity you need to book an hotel in one of the cities where the “experiences” are active and download the app. It is not finished. Continue to read and I will explain all the details to use it.


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How it works

When you complete the reservation of your accomodation on Booking.com, you get an e-mail with a link post-booking that directs to a personalized landing page. You find the different option concerning the tours, the activities and the local attractions. There is a QR code that you can use to obtain discounts for museums and tours tickets.  You don’t need to do anything special, just use the code when you buy the experience. Of course the conditiones and the type of activity are different in each city. In USA you can try the service in many places, included New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Make unique your stay

Meanwhile I write this post to share with you this special think that I discovered on Booking.com, they are working to create new experiences and also to increase the number of the cities participating. So try it and check what are the best offers of the moment. Christmas is coming, maybe it can be the proper way to give a unique trip with a special experience to the people you love.

Treviso: Italian beauty

Treviso is one of the Italian beauty that you will literally love. It is around 30 kilometres far from Venice and it is a real pearl. The town is not well known, but every traveller should include it in her or his journey. Especially if the trip is in Venice or in Veneto region. Water channels, ancient and prestigious buildings, history and friendly people are the ingredients that will welcome you. It is perfect for a city break or to establish a base from where to start a trip around the area.

My post’s beginning looks like a sponsored article, I know, but it isn’t. This is just a small part of my feelings. This town really made me fall in love with it. The center of Treviso is surrounded by walls and inside there are the main monuments. Despite its 85.000 inhabitants, it looks like a small place with a human dimension. It is common to find people on the street al the time and to meet locals in bars before dinner with a traditional white wine glass. Also after dinner, they are in the squares to chat and to enjoy life.

What to see in Treviso

Walking around downtown you can have a first idea on how Treviso, the Italian beauty, appears. Meanwhile, you can see the first important local attractions. Piazza dei Signori, the square created in XIII century, is the first one. It is full of bars and restaurants. You have to see, in the same place, Palazzo dei Trecento, a superb example of Medieval architecture. Prosecuting your walk along the walls you can reach the Sile river and enter in the Regional Natural Park River Sile.

The cathedral, known as Duomo, is a great example of religious architecture. It is located on its square (with the same name). The local museum hosted in a Medieval building is full of finds that literally take the visitors to explore the history and the culture. Among the monuments you can’t miss the Loggia dei Cavalieri, that is considered one of the most representative monuments. It is located in the place where Romans built the Forum, not anymore visible.

Porta San Tommaso is one of the gates of the walls and it was built in the XVI century. The facade has incredible decorations and it shows a rich era, not only for money but especially for artistic creativity. Among the churches, it is Italy so they are a lot, I suggest you visit the one located in Via San Vito. It is dedicated to Santa Lucia. Going inside is like to enter directly in the past. Your time-travel will be pleasant. You can admire a lot of statues all around the altar.

Where to eat

Treviso is an Italian beauty, but it offers also a great cuisine. Don’t worry, I don’t want to annoy you with the text in this case, but I prefer to let my pictures talk. In the pictures, I tried to catch the atmosphere, the reflected buildings, and trees on the water and some particulars of the decorations. I mention one more thing: a restaurant. In this place, I had a delicious meal. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Treviso: an Italian beauty. The town is not far from the sea and it has a river, so eat fish is always a good idea.

If you want to taste local recipes and also to find fresh fish, you have to go to Antico Morer. The specialty is the sea cuisine and the chef is a master in combining tradition and innovation in each dish. The various and rich menu is surely one of the strengths of the place. You can easily accept suggestions from the cook to taste the best fish of the day and to start your journey in the regional cuisine.  If you want to sleep in the city there are very nice hotels, you will be delighted by the warm welcoming and kindness of the staff.

Now it is time to stop to write and to let you enjoy my pictures. You have then to say me if I am right about Treviso. But before let me give you some more tips.

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Enjoy my pictures!