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Travel platform with international staff

How do you organize your trips? Maybe for your holidays, you need a travel platform with deals, packages, and tools or staff as support. I like to do many things by myself, as get in touch directly with hotels and airlines. But this is not always the best way to catch the lowest rates. Online you can easily find websites that offer you holiday packages and tailor-made proposals. Also, a lot of them give you flight tickets. I want to tell you about my new experience with the reservation of transport tickets.

I had the chance to find and try a new travel platform. Since I go abroad a lot for business and for leisure, I spend a lot of time to search for great solutions. That’s why I visite Omio. It is designed as a search engine for planes, trains, and buses. But thanks to the connection with Booking, you can use it also to find the accommodation. So the journey and the stay can be reserved together on the website. I had a very good experience in using them. Now, I can add it to the list of the best platform to travel.

Travel platform features

Why am I recommending you Omio? First of all, because I am satisfied and I think it can be useful for you. Then there are many features that make this travel platform a very good one. Starting from rates offered. The company is not a tour operator, but a reseller with a huge search engine. It is able to give you all the traveling solution choosing according to your criteria among 800 official partners. This allows you to compare prices and tracks. Plus you can work on connections also with different means of transport: planes, trains, and buses.

Omio is one of the best travel platforms because it is composed by an international staff. They affirm to have people from over 40 countries. I don’t know if this true, but I can say that I can surf the website in my own language. Then I can have assistance in my own language. The staff guarantee support from the booking time to the trip period. Of course, in case of need. So if something happens, I know that I can really talk with someone who speaks Italian, who understand me and who help me.

How to use Omio

The concept of this travel platform is to give tailor-made experiences to travelers. If you want to go around Europe, Omio is the best solution for you. It is easy to use and in a few seconds, you access to the list of the proposals selected for your requirements. Open the homepage, digit the departure and arrival cities. Then put the date. Select the button to search for accommodation with booking. You will redirect to a page with the results.

It is readable the departure hour and as well the one of arrival, the price but you can find some other indications. In fact, the system underlines the fastest and cheap proposal. Selecting the solution you prefer the travel platform redirect you on another page with all the details. From there you can proceed to buy the ticket. The system opens also another page on Booking. So you can see and choose the hotel. Omio is the best comparison site. 


I gave you some information about the travel platform. If you want to get more tips and deals, check out the sections of the blog. I will be also happy to send you weekly updates and extra contents to your inbox. You just have to subscribe to my newsletter.

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Holiday in Qatar

Holiday in Qatar is my goal. Yes, one of my wishes is to visit the country. And since I will have the chance to get a few days off, I want to search for some ideas. Surfing the internet I found interesting news. Especially if I don’t want to limit my tour to only one country.

Maybe I can move around the area. The Middle East is in my dreams since many years ago, so it’s time to start to explore it. Well, I went on the Qatar Airways website. I did it for two reasons: search for some tickets deals and also to search for ideas. My mind has a clear thought about the destination. But I have to plan a bit.

Thanks to the airline I made a great discovery for my Holiday in Qatar. Why? Because there is an interesting offer concerning the stay. Yes, it’s not related to the plane ticket but to my room. The company proposes a super discounted offer to book in 4 or 5 stars hotels.

If I fly to certain conditions, I will benefit from special rates. Of course, I need to respect the rules, but the advantage is really big. Let me explain better what I found during my research. I had already a pleasant experience with Qatar Airways, this influences me to plan a new one.

Holiday in Qatar for $23

Qatar Airways dedicate this offer for the transfer book. The stay has a low rate, starting from 23 USD. How does it work? Before to see the details, let me give you the general overview. If you check the destinations and you go through Doha, you can benefit from this special condition.

That’s why anywhere you want to go, you should consider a holiday in Qatar. So if you are traveling, for example, from New York to Thailand, you can stop in Doha. You have to spend there for at least 12 hours. Also, the maximum limit is 4 days. In that case, you can access a booking condition unique.

The holiday in Qatar will be very cheap. Buying the ticket, once confirmed, I can access to the offer. Imagine staying in a 4 or 5 stars hotel for one or even four nights spending 23 USD per night. Ok, you are right. This is just the starting rate, but even if I spend 30-50 USD it’s not bad.

Don’t you think so? It’s not finished with the rates. People from 80 countries in the world can enter without a visa. Others, for this type of entry, can even get a free visa. This looks great. Qatar Airways apply this rates policy for the hotel bookings. Of course, if you follow the rules.

 Hotel 4*Hotel 5*
1 nightUSD 23USD 28
2 nightsUSD 86USD 110
3 nightsUSD 125USD 160
4 nightsUSD 165USD 210

Offer’s features

Now let’s go straight to the requirements. If I want to use this offer and if you also want to do it, we need to respect some rules. The Qatar Airways offer will be valid until 28th December 2019, and the travel period can’t be later than 31st December 2019. To book the hotel you need to confirm the tickets with a change in Doha.

You already know the timing limit for your stay. It works for single, couples or small families. In fact, the maximum occupancy per room is 2 adults and a child. Anyway, on the Qatar Airways website, you will find all the details.

I am already thinking about my holiday in Qatar. It won’t be my last destination, but I can enjoy Doha for a few days. I don’t need even a holiday, but just a stopover. Even during a work trip. Obviously, according to the track between my departure place and my arrival city. Also, timing is important. Qatar Airways reserve a very good offer. I will use it. And you? I don’t know if you are interested, but I thought it was useful to share my discoveries with you. Check it out and decide.

What to do in Doha

My knowledge of the Middle East is very limited, at least as a direct experience. But after my flight with this airline and after my stay in Dubai, I want to do more. Especially for history and archeology. But what can I do in Doha during my stopover? I have already an idea. You might get inspired for your holiday in Qatar.

  1. Visit the cultural heart of the city, Suk Waquif. It is full of restaurants where to taste the local food and plenty of shops where to buy cool items.
  2. Enter the Museum of Islamic Art to go deep in culture and explore the antique collections. It is one of the most important in the world.
  3. Enjoy Inland Sea. It is a special natural place. This represents the meeting between sea and desert. It is possible to swim and to do a safari on the sand dunes.

Doha is already on my next destinations list. Qatar Airways is helping me.

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My flight search: 1 way to save money! Follow my steps now

When I need to plan a trip I always pay attention to the flights. My flight search is important because visiting places for work reasons I need to have a safe and comfortable journey. Also, I don’t want to spend more than what is enough for a seat. That’s why I compare a lot of offers. I surf the internet using the flight search engines and also the official airlines’ websites.

I compare the prices, always using the window in incognito. Otherwise, the system recognizes me and it erases the prices. Of course, I compare also the conditions. When it comes to using low-cost companies you need always to add services. You pay extra for baggage, seat selection, and so on. Then you don’t have the right either to have a glass of water. It can be a solution, but how much do I spend in the end? The basic price is very cheap. But then I need maybe to add something more and the rate is not anymore low.

My flight search: offers

If I don’t have a strict need about dates, I start my research from offers. It’s full of deals, not only for my work journeys but especially for the holidays. That is why I need inspiration and good offers. My flight search is based on listing the promotions. I can benefit from some discounts. Airlines give low rates in certain periods. The dedicated platforms and the official websites always put offers in evidence. It is easy to reserve various stages of travel. Because sometimes you don’t find only a ticket, but an entire package for holidays.

In this way, I found great ideas. Especially because it is possible to search among different categories, starting from prices, passing by trip type, to arrive at airline companies. All this on travel websites. In particular about rates, I can say that my flight search is divided into a couple of days. The first one to find promotions and the second one to book. If you use the research by deals and you have the opportunity to change dates, you can save a lot of money.

There are a lot of offers, for example, the ones under $49. You can fly for a very cheap price. But don’t think only to economy class. Why? You can travel with more comfort for a price just a bit more expensive. You can in some cases bid to transform your economy ticket in a business or first class one. Almost all platforms propose all types of tickets.

I invite you to check them because you can have better seats and services at an affordable price. The travel websites allow you to reserve all that you need for your journey. Also, the ones of the airlines give you the chance to find everything. Including the car rental. Keep in mind that airline companies earn more from those services. So compare the prices. Anyway, when you will land the car rented will be ready for you. In a while, you will get to the hotel, where you will enter the room you booked.

My flight search: opportunities

What about to check out the “air miles price”? No, I am not suggesting you buy them, but to use them. Oh, you don’t fly often. Have you ever checked your credit card balance? It is possible that you have some point earned during your shopping. If you have them you can convert that amount in miles for discounts or free flights. Not only. You can use those points also for hotel booking for example. 

That’s why my flight search is always based also on air miles. I have some airlines’ fidelity cards, but I count more on my credit card. Because for each Euro I spend, I get some miles for my travels. What? You don’t know how it works. No problem, I prepared a guide for you. Click here to get all my tips. You will be able to select a travel credit card and to maximize the benefits. Just for the subscriptions, they give you a huge amount of miles. Then I suggest a digital course. Click here to learn how to get a lot of free miles paying with your credit card.

Free Flights: 1 tool, huge air miles. Use it!

Travel is expensive, especially because of the plane costs. There is a way to get free flights, or with a discount of over 90%. How? Using travel hacking. It is a system that allows, legally, people to use some secrets in their research. Online there are a lot of opportunities to find a very cheap flight, but they are hidden. In fact, the way to earn money for airlines and flight search engines is to monitor the behavior of the traveler. Once you start your search, they erase the price step by step.

This is only one of the obstacles that we have in front of us when we check the options for our journey. Get free flights with travel hacking! This is the solution. It is not hard to do it, just follow some simple steps. There is a course online that I recommend to you. The “teacher” is a professional travel blogger, with a huge experience made in many years of world exploration.

Free flights: the benefits of the course

Why should you follow the course? Because you can pay only $20 for a flight that usually costs $1000. You invest less than $50 and a bit of your time to learn how to find the best deal, when you should book and travel, how to earn and redeem your miles, and so on. All the tips will take you to discounted prices, to very low rates. You will become a hacker, but not out of the law. You will act legally just using all the hints to move online. Get free flights or very low rates will be a brainer for you.

I don’t want to consume your time, so I let you see the video. Clicking here, you will be redirected to the page with some tips and the explanation of the course. Now I know you have one more question? Why are you saying this? Because I always search for more convenient deals to fly. Get free flights, or almost free, it is my goal. Because I can use the saved money for something better during my trips. The benefits of the course are a lot. I also used what I learned for my recent trip to Vienna.

The course is here.

Tool contents

This course is a useful tool for you. How? Well, you will attend a digital lesson that will give you the procedure to apply for travel credit cards. Then you will learn all that you need to obtain free air miles. The result is simple. It will allow for getting free flights or huge discounts for your journey. Even if you have some bad credit story. You will also discover air loophole. It was discovered by a worker in the travel industry and he wants to share it. Obviously, he does it through the course. That’s why you should follow it.

It is a direct experience. You have access to a strategy. So, you will apply it each time you want to book a flight or to reserve a room in a hotel. This way will give you the chance to save a lot of money. The journey of your dreams is behind the corner. It’s up to you to catch it! Don’t miss the plane, go on board for free. Let me give you some more tips about how to get free flights or a huge discount.

Attending the course you will go into different parts. In the first one, you will learn how to obtain a high score for credit card application. This will make you free to choose the best credit card for yourself. Especially to receive a huge amount of free air miles. Bonuses open the way to free flights. The second part is made to explain to you how to get and use the air miles. It’s a way to discover also when and where to redeem them.

Parts three and four will be extremely valuable. First, you will go deep into the credit cards’ companies requirements. So it will be easier to apply and respect the rules. It is a unique way to be approved. Then there are the direct contacts of the offices and responsible persons of those companies. You will be in touch with decision makers. Of course, the contacts are updated periodically. As soon as you will get the course, as soon you will start to get benefits and free flights.


Air miles: 1 way to travel for free and live a great experience


Do you know how air miles programs work? Are you aware of all the benefits reserved to travelers? Nobody can say surely to know exactly how the miles awards work. Why? First of all, because each airline company applies different policies. Then reading the rules is sometimes hard. Yes, it’s not easy to understand the programs.

It is made by purpose. So how to deal with the situation? How to maximize the benefits? Well, I am going to give you some tips that will help you to earn air miles and to spend them on your trips.

In fact, you can easily get free flights or free holidays. Or you can simply save a lot of money with huge discounts. The point I want to focus on is that most of the people can’t fly for free. Because don’t fly enough to collect the miles they need to do it. Well, I want to give you some tips to get more free miles. Also because flying is not the only way.

I think you already know that credit cards can help you to collect air miles. I will tell you more details in this post because I want to make you an expert. Then I will also share access to a specific source that can help you a lot. Not only to maximize the benefits but also to apply for any card you want without problems.

Air miles with credit cards

The best credit cards offer always a reward program that allows you to earn air miles for your flights, whit any airline company. They give you generous sign-up bonuses. But this is only the beginning. In fact, the miles obtained for the subscription are only a small amount compared to the quantity given by the usage.

You can easily fly for free just paying with the credit card your daily expenses because this is possible and you want it. You don’t need to spend more money than usual. But how can you know exactly how much money you will get? Easy, there are specific tables that you must know. Let’s go step by step.

As a member of airlines loyalty programs, you have the right to receive air miles for free for each flight you book. According to the range and to other factors you obtain a certain amount of points. If you fly frequently you can get enough miles to travel for free. Free flights and discounts or free rooms in hotels come when you reach a certain amount of points. If you are not using planes some many times per year it’s hard to get benefits.

But you have other chances. Airlines have partners and with some of their offers, you can gain miles. The other way is represented by credit cards. It depends on the type of cards, but the airline credit cards give you 1 mile per $1 spent. Sometimes they recognize you bonuses, especially for certain expenses: 2 or 3 miles per $1 spent.

Airlines credit cards and air miles

You have different credit cards’ brands to choose, each of them proposes different products. There are tailor-made cards to answer better to the specific needs of clients. Among them, you find also the airline credit cards. They unite the benefits of the credit card company and of the airline to give you more miles because it is an incentive to buy more tickets.

Co-branded airline credit cards

The main credit card companies release their cards in conjunction with the airlines. These products allow you to earn more air miles for each purchase made with the airline. So when you book a flight you get more points if you pay with that card. Not only, using it you have some other benefits, like priority seating, free checked bags, extra weight for the cabin luggage, and so on.

Generic travel credit cards

The credit card used for any type of purchase rewards you with 1 mile for each $1 spent. You can then redeem miles for flights, hotels, holiday packages, and transportations. The point can be converted to air miles. This is the way to get more miles and, of course, more chances to have free trips.

Credit card miles worth

Each company applies different rules to their reward programs, so also the value of the miles is diverse. How to calculate it? If you want to know it precisely, you have to check the policies of the credit card company or of the airline. Anyway, your air miles can have a common base that is valid for all cases. Basically, the worth of a mile is around $0.01. Some plans recognize you more, maybe according to specific purchases.

In order to make you aware of what happens with your air miles, I prepared an example using a table with some of the main cards. Then you will see some examples coming from Citibank cards.

Rewards programAverage point value
British Airways Avios$0.015
Delta SkyMiles®$0.012
United MileagePlus®$0.012
Southwest Rapid Rewards®$0.015
American Airlines AAdvantage®$0.014
JetBlue TrueBlue$0.015
Discover it®$0.01
Barclaycard Arrival®$0.01
Capital One$0.01
Chase Ultimate Rewards®$0.02
American Express Membership Rewards®$0.012

The table shows the air miles valuations for the most popular airline rewards programs. It starts with airline loyalty programs and it ends with credit card rewards programs. The points of credit cards can be transferred to airlines or used for air travel. That’s why now I let you check the examples of Citibank cards.

Citibank cards

CardBenefitsPurchase and Balance Transfer Rate
Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard®For a limited time: earn 60,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles after making $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening18.24% - 26.24% variable APR based on your creditworthiness
CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard®
For a limited time: Earn 70,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles after making $4,000 in purchases within the first 4 months of account opening17.99% - 25.99% variable APR based on your creditworthiness
American Airlines AAdvantage MileUp℠ CardEarn 10,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles and receive a $50 statement credit after making $500 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening18.24% - 26.24% variable APR based on your creditworthiness
Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®Earn 50,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles after spending $5,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening17.99% – 25.99% variable APR based on your creditworthiness
Expedia® Rewards Card From CitiEarn 10,000 Expedia Rewards bonus points after $1,000 in purchases within 3 months of account opening17.24% - 25.24% variable APR based on your creditworthiness
Citi PremierSM CardEarn 50,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 within the first 3 months of account opening. Earn more on travel purchases. Redeem points for meaningful rewards16.74% - 25.74% variable APR based on your creditworthiness
Citi Prestige® CardEarn 50,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 within 3 months of account opening. Experience more together17.99% - 25.99% variable APR based on your creditworthiness

In the table, you can see the main conditions of the travel credit cards offered by Citibank. Some of them require a quite expensive annual fee, meanwhile, others are free of charge. All of them give to the subscription a certain amount of benefits, like free and more miles for the first period. This is a common feature for most of the cards proposed by the main banks in the world. But there are some elements that you need to consider because you can get more but they don’t say it to you.

Range of redemption

Obtain air miles from credit cards is quite easy, but it’s a bit hard to maximize the worth. The tables are an example and they can be updated from time to time, so check the credit cards and airlines websites when you are ready to subscribe. Average points are calculated by looking at a range of redemption options. They consider the reward program’s travel and the transfer partners because of the agreements. In fact, for each partner of the program a mile worth differently. For example, if you purchase a flight ticket you will get 1 mile per $1 spent. If you rent a car the recognize you 1 mile per $5 spent.

This depends on every single agreement between the partners with airlines and credit card companies. Also, redemption is different. If you will use miles to book a hotel room or a flight, the air miles you need will be totally different. I can’t explain to you the reason, but everything is part of the deals among the companies. So maybe you will need 30.000 miles to have a free domestic flight and 100.000 for one night in the hotel. If you check the rates you will see the similar cost, but a huge difference between the miles you have to use.

How many credit card miles will you need for a free flight?

As it is visible in the tables and also as you have read in the previous lines, there is not a precise answer to this question. According to the program you subscribed and you are using, the worth is different. Some other examples: Discover it®, Barclaycard Arrival®, and Capital One offer miles worth a flat rate of $0.01 each for travel redemptions. So you would need 20,000 miles for a $200 flight, 30,000 miles for a $300 flight, 40,000 miles for a $400 flight, and so on.

The advantage of the points earned with those cards is that you can transfer the air miles to your favorite airline. You are not obliged to spend them with the company they want. In the other hand, this opportunity change the number of miles you need. If you are flying to a certain destination and you have more companies that offer the service, you can choose the more convenient. Otherwise, the option to spend fewer air miles is to select company and destination according to your points budget. Of course, you can always add some money to the points.

Another element that you have to consider concerns about the flat rate redemption options. They depend on the distance you want to fly to. But not for all airlines. In some cases, they consider the price of the flight you want to reserve. This way is more profitable for them and it can change easily. Keep in mind that average air miles price is 25,000 – 30,000 per a domestic round-trip flight. It’s better to select companies with cheaper rates based on distance. International flights generally require 60,000-80,000 miles.

How to earn air miles with the credit card?

The basic principle for each credit card company is easy: the more you spend, the more you earn. Well, this is not totally true. Why? Because they offer many ways to earn without spending. Naturally, this means that you have to know them. The companies are not sharing a lot about the opportunity. Let me give you some tips to earn more air miles for free.

Select the best credit card for you

As the first step select the credit card that fits you more according to your spending habits. If you purchase flights mostly with the same company, you should subscribe to its credit card. Because you will get more air miles. In case you don’t fly so much or you do it with many different airlines, pick a generic travel credit card.

Verify the sign-up bonus

Each airline or travel credit card offers a certain amount of air miles as a sign-up bonus. Some of them require just the subscription, others oblige you to spend $1,000 per month for the first three months to have 30,000-50,000 miles. It depends on the policy applied by a single company because they use different ways to make loyalty. That’s why you have to check very well the offer before to sign the contract for the credit card.


Another way to get benefits from credit cards concerns promotion. If you refer your friends and they sign-up respecting the conditions, you will get bonuses. In most of the cases, you receive air miles. The company deposits them into your account. According to the program, the number of points can be different.

Couple up travel cards

Are you traveling a lot? Maybe you can pick more travel cards. Because you spend enough money to use an airline card plus a travel credit card. Why should you do it? Because you can collect more air miles. It is not a matter of expenses because you will just share them between the two cards. But you will have the chance to split the use according to the bonuses. So you will be also able to transfer the points and maximize your benefits.

Air miles redemption

Now it is time to know more about the way you can use to get your miles. Or better how to transform the credit cards’ points into miles. As I already mentioned the rules are different for each program. Anyway, to know the procedure, you have to check the company website. You need also to combine the airline and the credit card company processes so you can learn exactly the different options.

Online you will find all the information about the frequent flyer program and how to book your free flights with the miles collected with your purchases. Don’t forget to verify on airline’s website the various possibilities to get free flights spending fewer miles. Maybe you have to choose between direct and split flights, different airports and so on. The saved miles are useful for other trips or for the hotel room. Of course, consider the ticket cost and taxes. Let me give some other tips about redemption.

Book in advance

Never wait the last moment to reserve your seat. Book in advance, at least a couple of months before the departure. In this way, you will have more chance for your redemption and you will use fewer air miles. It works exactly in the same way to buy a ticket with money. You will save also on fees.

Be flexible to spend air miles

If you want to travel on certain days, especially during holiday seasons you will spend more. Maybe it will be hard to find seats. So be flexible. Check all the solutions, you can leave two or three days later or earlier. Just adapting yourself to proposed dates will help you to save air miles.

Consider airlines’ partners

You don’t find the chance to fly for free with your air miles. It depends on the number of points you have, the conditions and many other factors. Why don’t you check the partners’ offers? Each airline allows you to earn miles with some companies, like hotels, rent a car, and many other services. You can also redeem the points with their proposals. Maybe a discount for the hotel room, a free holiday… Pay attention to all the program options.

Research for transfer partners

Earning points with some partners of the loyalty programs allow you to transfer air miles to the airline and book your ticket. So you have to pay attention to the selection of the partner companies in order to optimize the benefits.

Best credit cards for air miles: the choice

It is difficult to suggest a specific credit card because the choice depends on your spending and travel habits. It is also important to define your goals. You want to earn points very quickly and be sure to redeem them for your trips. Naturally, you are searching for a program that allows you to earn air miles for your specific goals.

The first step is to decide between the co-branded credit cards and the travel ones. The choice depends on your airline use. Because the airline card is made to spend miles with that company, meanwhile the other cards give you the chance to collect air miles to spend with the airline you prefer.

There are a lot of elements to be considered to select the best credit card and obtain air miles. The sign-up bonus, the travel protection, the rental car insurance, the airport lounges passes, the dedicated concierge. All these benefits and others can convince you, but then you have to pay. The annual fee is different according to the type of card and of its services.

You can choose the travel cards without an annual fee and you get some benefits, but of course not all the ones mentioned before. It is a personal decision and there is no correct answer to give you, but I can do something more. I can suggest you get a guide that will help you to maximize the benefits of credit cards used for air miles.

The guide

I started to use it some time ago and I started immediately to get a lot of benefits. It is not necessary to spend more to earn air miles, but just to learn how to use the credit card to get more. Instead of saving money, today it’s hard, it is better to be smarter in facing daily costs. You can also get points flying, but your goal will be reached after a lot of time. With the guide made by an expert traveler, I got a lot of air miles just following the tips on credit card usage.

What are the benefits of the guide?

Fly around the world costs quite a lot, there are offers and low-cost airlines, but generally, it’s not uncommon to say that a domestic ticket can be purchased at around $500. Meanwhile, an international return ticket can cost around $3000. Would you like to travel from the USA to Paris for only $20? Or maybe for $0? You are thinking that it is impossible. No, it is possible, you should read some articles published by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal about free travels. Anyway, you can if you know how.

The hidden loopholes

For 63 world’s largest airlines there are hidden loopholes. You can find them in the big part of companies including United Airlines, American, Delta and Southwest Airlines. 

The system revealed by the guide works also:

  1. if you don’t have a passport;
  2. if you don’t have any money saved up;
  3. last but not least, if you don’t have any knowledge about how to make all this happen.

Thanks to a strategy called Award Stacking it is possible to book flights that generally cost thousands of dollars for just a few bucks. This happens with those loopholes. The only problem is that you can’t find much information about it. There are some forums accessible only by an invitation that allow you to learn about the opportunity.

The author

Derek Pankaew wrote the book. He was an average Jon Doe, he had his job with the ambition to explore the world. After one year process to obtain 1-2 week flight, he met a travel writer. That meeting gave him the chance to know Award Stacking. Then he started to visit the globe. Derek used this system and he has been in more than 28 countries, buying flight tickets with air miles. Now he is a travel writer and he quit his job. All his experience became a guide: Fly Free Academy.

How does the system work?

As you know the credit card companies are competitors between them because they want to lead the market. Most of the people have 1 or 2 cards to pay their bills in shops and online because everyone can manage easily the expenses and the accounts.

So when you put money on a credit card and you continue to spend, it for those companies like to win the lottery. They earn increasing the number of clients. Also, they gain when those customers spend. More money spent it’s equal to more commissions.

The companies goal is to attract people. That’s why they offer zero percent APR, free balance transfers or free concierge service. These aspects are important, but what we really want are free airline miles. You can get between 30,000 and 50,0000 miles easily, just with the sign-up process.

It can be what you need to purchase your first free flight, but it depends on your destination. You only need to subscribe and start to use your credit card. Fly Free Academy teaches you how to use the bucks and obtain legally the air miles.

Join The Fly Free Acadamy Right Now By Clicking This Link And Start Getting The Highest Discounts Possible On Your Next Vacation!

Fly Free Academy guidelines

If you want to take advantage of the credit cards’ benefits and get free air miles you have to follow these steps:

#1 Select the best credit card offer: analyze the various proposals on the market focusing on the ones without fee or with a low fee and a good amount of air miles for you.

#2 apply and receive the new credit card: the companies have strict rules, so this means that you can be rejected. Be careful about the requirements and the policy to prepare your application and get approval.

# 3 earn air miles: credit cards give you at sign-up bonuses between 30,000 and 50,000 miles. The worth of these points is between $600 and $1500. But to obtain them you have to spend some money as requested. Fly Free Academy explains to you how to get those air miles without spending any extra money.

#4 Pay off your credit cards: this is about outsmarting the credit card companies and avoiding paying interests. You don’t need to rack up your debt in order to get those free miles.

If you follow these instructions you won’t have problems and you will earn a lot of air miles.

Free Fly Academy lesson

Now you want to know exactly what you will learn with Free Fly Academy. Well, I am going to explain it to you. The goal of the guide is to support you in improving your credit card score while earning airline miles. Derek created the system to be easy and to work effectively. His course is divided into several parts:

1. Increase your credit score

You will learn what are the 5 credit card factors that companies look at. With a few tricks, you can improve your score in a week and overcome the limits came from your credit history.

2. How to choose the right credit card for air miles

In this part, you can find all the tips to find and use the correct credit cards. Derek teaches you how to recognize them, also reading carefully the cards’ websites. Then you will learn how to manage the payments and the air miles bonuses.

3. Double the chances to get approved by the company

The time of your payment plays a huge role in improving your credit score. The guide will tell you how to apply to get the credit card and also to whom you should talk directly to the company in order to solve any issue.

4. Spending requirements and air miles

The goal is to earn miles without spending any extra money. In this part, you will learn it. In particular, you will get tips on how and where to spend money to be rewarded by the credit card. You can also charge the rent on the credit card even if the landlord doesn’t accept it. Because you will learn all the options offered by the card company.

5. Cancel all the fees and the costs

Here you will get all the details to make the system 100% free for you. It is efficient and it guides you to avoid the monthly or annual fees of your credit card. You will also cancel any commission for fuel or other surcharges for specific transactions.

6. Booking your flights with air miles fast and without efforts

Derek explains here how, where and when to book a flight with the free air miles in order to maximize the benefits and save time and money.

7. Experience and examples about air miles collection

You will see the video examples of live bookings as a proven strategy. Because the author can demonstrate you the efficiency of his system. It will be easy to follow the steps explained one by one. You will learn something more: how to avoid the airline companies that charge additional fees and what are the best tool to book your tickets using free air miles.


It is not finished! The online guide offers you something more. If you buy the course you will get 3 bonus products.

  1. The Free Checked Bag & Free Priority Boarding Guide: learn how to avoid all the fees for the check bags and the charge for the extra weights, how to access to priority boarding.
  2. Visit Additional Countries for Free with Stopovers: use the stopovers options around the world without extra charge. Because there are ways to see more without spending more. Learn everything about the various airlines’ options and join the best stopovers for free.
  3. Preventing Your Miles from Ever Expiring: the most important thing about free air miles. Learn what miles do and what don’t expire. You will get all the tricks to use on time and in the best way all your miles.

Many travelers already used the course and wrote excellent reviews for this product. If you like to travel, if you have an adventurous spirit, and you want to explore the world without spending a huge amount of money, Fly Free Academy is definitely a program for you!

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