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Travel planning tips: the guide

Travel planning tips

I already shared some travel planning tips in my posts, but now I want to try to be a bit more helpful. There is nothing new, except the format. In fact, I want to give you a Pdf guide with the main advice I wrote. This is a first free giveaway because I am preparing … Read more Travel planning tips: the guide

Blog: revive old posts


Here you have some other tips about the blog. Your blogging life belongs to your activity, but one of your goals is related to the traffic. You need to grow the number of your followers if you want to have success. Actually, I consider increasing the number of readers a result. I mean, why to … Read more Blog: revive old posts

SEO for Dummies

Seo for Dummies

When I have read the title I thought that was for me. Am I a dummy. I don’t think so, but when I started my blog adventure in this field I was like that. SEO for Dummies is a great book because it explains very well the strategies and also the reasons why you should … Read more SEO for Dummies

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