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Malmö hotel: in the bed of history

Malmö hotel

Searching for a hotel in Malmö I wanted to choose luxury, but also something particular. The results was great. I slept in the bed of history in Malmö hotel. Five stars hotels are not present in the Swedish city, but there is a good variety of four stars, mainly concentrated between the railway station and … Read more Malmö hotel: in the bed of history

Malmö: the reflected city

I literally fell in love with the Swedish city. I can’t say that this beauty it wasn’t in my expectations, but I enjoyed Malmö: the reflected city. This aspect is what I found more interesting. The river, the sea, the small lakes in the park gave me the chance to see the nature and the buildings … Read more Malmö: the reflected city

Malmö and the history

Arriving in the city the modern buildings caught my attention, but  Malmö and the history are very well connected. Going around I saw some old constructions and elegant palaces. I asked and read about it, discovering that the origins, according to the books, come from 1275. In XV century the inhabitants built a new citadel and … Read more Malmö and the history

The parks in Malmö: walking in 19th century:

The parks in Malmö

The parks in Malmö: attractions to fall in love with and spend romantic and lovely walks in the city. Read more about them now.

Malmö: a modern city

Malmö: a modern city

Malmö: a modern city. Get all the tips, see the pictures and plan your holiday in this amazing place. You will fall in love with it.

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