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Eat and sleep in Strasbourg

Now it is time to write about my accomodation in Strasbourg and also to share my experience in some restaurants, the ones I really suggest you to go. As you now I like luxury but especially to have some unique and comfortable experiences. You already know how I check the hotels and as always I chosen the structure considering the location in the city and the services provided.


The hotel

The five star accomodation is located directly on the river in Petite France neighborhood close to the half-timbered houses and to the most characteristic restaurants of the city. It is the best position to start the visit of the city and to enjoy a lovely view of Strasbourg. The Régent Petite France Hotel offer a restaurant with a terrace from where admire a great panorama.

The ideal place to visit the city and the proximity with the shops and the attractions are not the only strenght of the structure. The building was built in XIX century and it was an ice factory, not the shape is the same, but there are modern elements and especially inside the setting is modern style, in the lobby as in the rooms. Elegance is anyway the main feature in every corner.

Inside there is a spa and a fitness center, but I did not have time to use them, I preferred to go around in the city. About the rooms I can underline the big space and a contemporary style of the furniture and of the décor. The bathroom are made with marble and the suite has a balconie from were to enjoy the view of the Petite France buildings. The modern equipment helps the comfort of the stay.

The restaurant of the hotel, Le Pont Tournant, offers the traditional cuisine in a light version, with an innovative touch. To accompain the meal there is the riverside terrace, a nice environment especially for dinner. The menu is seasonal made. The Champagne Bar is always ready to give drinks and some snack as steak tartare or club sandwich. Last but not least it is the breakfast, prepared as a big buffet with cold and hot dishes and a good variety of cheese, cold meat, toast, fruit and sweets recipes.


The restaurants

The first one that I want to mention is called Au Crocodile, the name is quite original, meanwhile the menu starts from the tradition with some innovative creation that offers delicious tastes obtained by selected local and seasonal ingredients. The elegance and the impeccable service are the elements that make the restaurant a must for who wants to have a unique gastronomic experience. In the desserts list there is a space dedicated to the cheeses, with a selection of Alsace and French best products. Oh, I forgot to mention that it has a Michelin star.

A bit hidden from the street, in a Petite France courtyard, the restaurant Perles de Saveurs proposes a setting made by artworks of some loal artists and it has a typical French menu. The tradition let the space to contemporary recipes, always connected to the country cuisine. The fish dishes are superb and in this case I suggest to taste the lemon cake (tarte au citron), in my opinion very delicious. Maybe you can skip the cheese.

A small restaurant managed by a wife and an husband represent a small Alsatian jewel. La Cuiller à Pot offers regional cuisine with traditional dishes prepared at the moment. The quality of the ingredients is very high and there are homemade specialties. Among the special dishes there are the escargots, but since I do not like them I can not express any opinion about them. Anyway the various choice is able to delight every person. If you like cheese, just ask to them and you will taste some of the most delicious products of the Alsace.

Not far from the cathedral there is the restaurant Le Clou, a bistro typical of France with an old but elegant and characteristic decor and furniture. The regional recipes are served with professionality and the ingredients used are coming from a quality selection of the local products. They have of course a good cheese to be tasted after the second course and it is a must since it is one of the strenght of the French cuisine. The staff is very kind and the prices are quite cheap compared to what is offered.



I can not recommend specific bars, but going around Petite France you can find squares full of places where to drink something in the evening and have fun. The city has a lot of offers for all tastes and you can find also various types of music and entertainment, also because Strasbourg is a tourist destination and headquarter of the European Parliament, so open to people from all around the world with different cultures and age. I suggest you to try to enter in more bars, so you can experiment the different atmospheres.


There are no specific tips regarding the safety, it is a well protected city, of course it is good to pay attention, but it is full of young people quite open minded but at the same time serious and friendly, as people in general are, because they are used to meet foreigners.

Just an episode that happened to me during one of my visits to Strasbourg. Close to the cathedral a small group of drunk guys were trying to approach people and disturb them. In less than one minut the police, by bike and by walk, came and surrounded the group. They checked those guys and took them away. The police was not standing in the square, but somehow they are always around and ready to act.

Of course it is the main part of the city, the heart of Strasbourg, but in a very discrete way the police is always present, so be careful if you want to be drunk 😀


Armani Milan: a trendy drink

At the very beginning, it was a fashion brand, then it became an empire. Armani Milan is one of the hotels created by Giorgio Armani and its industry. It is a five stars superior hotel located in the central Via Manzoni in the capital of fashion. Few meters from the most famous luxury shopping street Via Montenapoleone. The hotel is hosted in a huge city block, all dedicated to Armani and its shops. Clothes, bags, accessories, flowers, books, coffee, chocolate and many other products made by the fashion house.

In the middle, there is the hotel, with its 95 rooms and suites, a Michelin star restaurant and a bar on the 7th floor and a spa on the 8th floor. It offers a nice view of the city center, from one side the Duomo and the fashion district and the on the other one the skyscrapers recently built on the way to the central railway station. The position is great, as the inside setting. Each area has a design of furniture and modern equipment. Armani Milan represents the style and philosophy of the brand. It dedicates superb assistance to guests

The experience at Armani Milan

I go to Milan often for business and leisure, so I always search for new experiences to enjoy the city. I like to live the habits of locals and explore the new frontiers of luxury. It is full of great hotels in Milan, but Armani Hotel is surely one of the best, with a unique sign of refinement. In Italy, in last years the happy hour became an important rendezvous on the daily agenda. It means to go to a bar, order a drink and get food included. Most of the people consider it a substitute for dinner. Anyway, it is always a chance to chat and stay with friends and colleagues after work.

I decided to enter for the first time last year when I was going to purchase some gifts. I bought the gift vouchers for the spa because I thought (successfully) to bring some relaxation to the receivers. Then I stopped in the bar to order a drink. The luxury setting with comfortable sofas welcomes the guests. At a certain hour, the light becomes soft. When you enter a person takes you to the table, then a maitre comes to bring the menu. A waiter takes note of your order and brings you what you want. The drink arrives with some snacks.

They bring more snacks at the start of a happy hour time. Some couscous, some canape and pieces of fresh salmon with a lime sauce. Of course, they change the proposals often, but the quality is really at a high level, like the service. The courtesy of the staff makes the guest feel important. This is the added value of Armani Milan. People use the bar of the hotel also for their work meetings.

The menu and the prices

Go to Armani Milan is surely trendy, that is why it is common to find important people or models. The menu of the bar counts a good variety of drinks, including champagne, wines, centrifuged drinks, cocktails with and without alcohol. The selection is very good, according to the quality, especially for wines, spirits, and soft drink brands. The staff is ready to advise to choose the wine. Also, they can give easily and explanations about the cocktails.

A glass of wine, at Armani Milan bar, costs between 18 and 23 euros, it depends on the type. It is quite expensive also for the city range. But you have a very high quality of the products and a superb setting. It is an expression of the Armani style and they take care of the guest and each detail. These things have to be paid. If you go to Milan I suggest a visit at least to the bar. You will live a great experience and it is worth. Believe me, you deserve a luxury treatment from time to time.

If you are searching for a luxury experience in Milan, you can book a room and a spa treatment in the Armani Hotel. There are a lot of things to visit before and after a drink. See my tips about the Castle. 

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