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Hotels or apartments?

Now it is your turn. I need to decide between hotels and apartments. What is the best? For the New Year’s Eve destination I and my friends decided to go to Prague, but we are discussing the accommodation. I suggested to rent an apartment, but one of my friends insisted that hotels are better. He suggests to book a boutique hotel so someone will clean the rooms, we will have the breakfast included and so on. I wanted to go to an apartment to be more independent.

That is why I am trying to get ideas and suggestions from you. We have the task to decide, but you can be a support. What do you think? Are hotels better? Or are the apartments the best solution? Generally, it is a matter of price, but at the last moment you can’t find cheap rates, so the point is more related to the services and the amenities. To let you help me, I can describe what we found on Booking.com.

Hotels or apartments? The apartment

For our New Year’s Eve, I proposed to rent an apartment in Prague. Checking on Booking.com the different available options, I selected the most interesting one. It is larger than what we need, but we love luxury and comfort. What are the features of it? Simply: a marvelous terrace with a great view of the city. Not only, but there are also more things to mention. This is better than hotels for me.

The apartment, called Luxurious Pařížská, is located 400 meters from the Old Town Square. The position is really very good to see the attractions. The terrace then allows having a superb point of view on the Prague center. Free WiFi is included in the rate. There are hitters and a very big space. Five bedrooms, so one more than what we need, a living room, three bathrooms with a bat and a spacious living room. Plus a seating area and a kitchen equipped with a dishwasher.

Hotels or apartments? The hotel

My friend prefers definitely the hotels so this is our selected option. On Booking.com we found a very good one, but what about independence. It is a boutique hotel, called Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa, and it is located 5 minutes walking distance from Charles Bridge. The place is perfect and it is a very good structure, with even more amenities of other boutique hotels.

What are the features? Free WiFi, reception open for 24 hours and they offer a complimentary welcome drink. Breakfast is included. They have a spa, Ecsotica Spa and Health Club, hosted in 11th-century cellars, you can imagine what a beautiful setting where to relax. The access is free and guests can use the fitness area, sauna, and pool. It looks perfect, but what about the independence?

What do you prefer?

Please help me! I am not asking to support my proposal against the one of my friend, but just to express your thoughts. We have limited time to book and it is necessary to define what we want. I am asking you what would you prefer. Hotels or apartments? What is your choice when you travel? Why? What are the elements that influence your choice? Comment below and you will give me a real help to decide and also to convince myself and my friends. Thank you!

Boutique hotel: why choose it

Why not a boutique hotel? This is what a friend of mine asked during our plans for New Year’s Eve… I was focusing on apartments and, I admit it, I was insisting a bit on this solution. Why? I want to feel totally free and completely independent. This because we will be on holiday. Anyway, now we have some more doubts and we need to decide between a luxury apartment and a boutique hotel.

I am thinking to share some pics found on Booking.com so maybe you can help us to decide. It becomes like those TV show when you can ask help from the audience. I am not a TV lover, but I think there should be a famous format called “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. I am trying to win my stay for the New Year’s Eve, but I have to decide among the luxury apartment. Before to do that I can explain to you why my friend prefers a boutique hotel. Let’s see together how and why to choose it.

Why choose a boutique hotel

A boutique hotel is an expression of charm and luxury. The structure offers an intimate stay. This is the real difference between the hotel chains and the big resorts. Boutique properties can show a unique style and décor, along with the perks they feel best suit their guests. There is a smaller footprint that helps guests to feel comfortable and in a place more similar to their home.

You can benefit from a tailor-made service, incomparable assistance, like in a family, to a high level of privacy. You have a quiet space to relax. There are more reasons to book a boutique hotel anyway. This starting point, of course, it looks like a great competition with the luxury apartment. Anyway, a hotel gives you more, like someone who cleans the room every day and a ready breakfast every morning.

The reasons to book a boutique hotel

  1. Most of the small boutique hotels are family-owned and run. The family members manage directly the structure and the services.
  2. Many boutique hotels are luxury places with the breakfast included in the rate.
  3. The staff knows the guests by name, so the interaction is more friendly.
  4. Some hotels of this type are located in beautiful quiet places or in the best tourist parts of the cities.
  5. The setting is unique and not like big chains with the structures made using the same standards and design.
  6. There are fewer amenities than bigger hotels, but you can get support to craft your perfect getaway. Maybe the spa is missing, but who are searching for a romantic break, the boutique hotel is simply perfect.
  7. They are not offering loyalty programs and neither co-branded credit cards, but guests will always get special treatment and discounts. Anyway, there are some companies that operate with boutique hotels and they give you a card as a loyalty programme. It is the case of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. In this case, you can get also free nights.

How to book a boutique hotel

Now you know the benefits given by this type of structure, so what you have to check is already listed. In fact, a real boutique hotel has the described features. Plus: they have four or five stars and not many rooms. Checking the pictures you can see the setting. There is always something exclusive and surely you will never feel to be in a déjà vu. Check the availability and the prices on Booking.com. Then I suggest you contact directly the hotel. Maybe they have special rates or they can offer a particular condition. Don’t forget anyway to read the reviews. It can be useful.

And now?

Let’s go back to my challenge. Do I have to book a luxury apartment or a boutique hotel? Well, I really need your help. So stay tuned, because I am preparing a post with more details and you will be able to help me in my decisions. You will be so important because I will get more advice to share with my friends.




Luxury apartment for New Year’s Eve

What about a luxury apartment for New Year’s Eve? I asked this question to my friends because I found interesting proposals. I like to stay in hotels when I travel, because of the services. But going from a hotel to another it seems to me to be like a parcel post. That’s why sometimes I prefer to book an apartment. It gives me the feeling to be like at home. Of course, it is not the same, but it is more close than a hotel room.

In order to find a way to be less ‘tourist‘ for the New Year’s Eve, I am searching for a luxury apartment. I love the luxury setting and then with more rooms I can share it with my friends. It will cost less and we can manage it easily. Since the offers are a lot, I want to find the destination according to the availability of the best apartments.

My luxury apartment research

I decided to use Booking.com to have quickly a list of offers. Thanks to the filters I can easily activate the option I prefer to define better my research. In this way I skip all the properties I don’t like. This starting point helps me a lot. I can see the cities and also have some proposals with the prices. So I don’t start from the place but from the accommodation.

I can check the location, the pictures, and the features. This is really useful. Through this method, I can select the best luxury apartments in different cities around Europe and then I can decide what is the best choice. I and my friends are interested in a few days to break, so it is good to have comfortable rooms. Maybe the New Year’s Eve it will see us outside for a big part of the nights, but before and after we need a room where to relax.

The choice on the way

We need to decide quickly to book and organize our trip. That is why we are going to focus on the city events for the New Year’s Eve and as well on the luxury apartment features. What we really need in the house? Bedrooms, where to sleep separately, few bathrooms to not plan turns. Then a kitchen, a living room and of course a marvelous view.

The location is very important so this is one of the priorities. In the downtown or close to the main attractions and to the main events. This will be perfect to easily explore the place and as well to go easily where the party takes place. To have an amazing view helps also our stay. Thanks to Booking I can have the complete list and also to compare prices and to get the best deals on luxury apartments.

Booking.com: how to book an accomodation

Booking.com is one of the most known hotel search engines of the world. It is not the only one, but one of the most complete that you can find. Most of the people, me too, don’t use it to reserve a room, but tho get inspiration. How? Thanks to the filters and to many options regarding the amenities to choose, it is possible to have a list of the best hotels. “Best” according to our own criterias. Infact in the website it is possible to search selecting a lot of options.

As I wrote a couple of days ago in a post about hotels search, this is a time-consuming activity. You have to list the structures, then select the ones that offer you the best conditions. It is not only a matter of price, but you want a good location, close to the main attractions or at least near the public transportation stations. You need included breakfast, free WiFi in the room and so on. Each of us has different wish and paying the bill we have some expectations.

The reasons to use booking

Why is Booking.com, if you want the best deals online, your starting point? Because it helps you to save money and support you in the fast research. With few steps you can find the ideal hotel. I think that you really want to save time and money. That is why I am going to explain you how you can use efficiently the website and get exactly what you are searching for. If these aspects are essential for you, this engine is the solution. Because it is trustworthy than others and it easy to navigate, more than others. The intuitive steps in the menu requires few minutes to insert all your choice and have the list of the structers that answers to your criterias.

Surely you already tried the platform, but are you sure to know very well about the different types of accomodation available? I want to give you some tips. So you will be aware about the opportunity that Booking.com gives to all of us. As a traveller I really need to optimie my time in organizeing my trips and as well to find the best service that can support me. To be more clear I am going to make some examples, trying to be concrete and practical.

Hotel or apartment?

As you know reading my posts I love luxury, so I generally search for high level hotels. This means to be available to spend a certain amount of money, but not more than enough. I can have good services for a reasonable price. Anyway not in all countries is is possible to find the same condition and also the same rating with stars. So I nedd to compare the hotels and to see what they offer. So I can mix the results and catch the best deal. Booking.com shows hotels and also other types of accomodation. For example you can rent a luxury apartment for a cheap price and have some hotel services offered by the owners.

Thanks to the variety of accomodation types you can consider a different way to spend your holiday. You can easily book a room in a B&B, a villa or a boat. Yes, Booking has also that option. It is really easy and immediate to reserve your stay online in very few steps. There are also the main hotel chains and you can choose the best deals regarding a huge variety of rooms and suites.

Before to go deep into the tips, I think it is good to list the reasons why you should start to use Booking.com. These must be added to the main elements mentioned before.

Thanks to the hotel search engine you have at your service:

  • Over one million properties world-wide to guarantee you the chance to compare and to find the best deals on your next accomodation
  • You can book immediately and then pay at the hotel
  • You can change your reservation anytime
  • Free cancellation on the majority of the rooms
  • Booking.com gives you assistance 24/7
  • There is a guarantee on the best price
  • The reviews are verified

The staff is going to ask and accept reviews only from who booked and stayed at the property. This means that you can’t find the fake opinions made on other websites. I suggest always to read them carefully because each of us has different standards, but surely those are real opinions by real customers. The process for the evaluation of the property is strict and checked in all the stages.

Now it is time to make the examples I want to specify that I decided to become an affiliate of Booking.com. So if you book a room through my links, I will get a small commission, meanwhile you will have the best deals without any other cost. Why? Firstly I chosen it, so I did by my own because I had the chance to try it personally and to notice what I am writing here. With very few exceptions I reserved my hotels and apartments through this platform. My advice comes from other experience. In the other side, as you already know, I am just using some ads to revover the costs of the domain.

The hotels

One of the best hotels where I stayed in Rome, one of the city that I know more, is Hotel d’Inghilterra. It is located few steps far from Spanish Steps. Since I like to change and to try different structures I research a lot using many websites. The best deal for me was on Booking.com. I decided to stay in a hotel to have the room service and other amenities. I wanted comfort and a central location. These condition were fully satisfied, together with included breakfast and free WiFi.

Closed to the main attractions, in the heart of the city and with many amenities available, like airport shuttle, free cable TV, laundry facilities, 24-hour reception, a minibar, and coffee machine. I ticked the different options starting from “Luxury hotels“, five stars, breakfast included, free Wifi. You can easily choose the type of hotel ( family, business, romantic, beach…) and then select the amenities that you want.

The apartments

Ginnasi Palace Penthouse is a special apartment with a great terrace overlooking the city. It is located in the central Rome, few steps from Pantheon. I was searching for a prestigious flat where to spend some days and where to be free. Comfort and luxury were the leimotiv of the accomodation, but also the price was good. Certainly appropriate to the type of apartment, but cheaper than a hotel of hight level. Travelling a lot and spending many days in the hotels, to choose an apartment means to feel more like at home.
Thanks to Booking.com I could select the apartments and then list them through the features that I like most. It was possible for me also to have some visits from my local friends during my stay. In case you want to host someone you can do it adding a small fee. What are usually the benefits of this type of accomodation? Access to a full kitchen, so you can cook the meals by yourself and save money, have separate bedrooms and maybe more bathrooms. You have also the laundry to manage by your own and a lot of privacy.In some cases it is possible to add a cleaning service during your stay, otherwise you have to clean the apartment by yourself. Do you want an apartment? On Booking.com you have just to search among a huge inventory to find the best deal.

The resorts

Do you like resorts? On Booking.com it is really easy to find one and to reserve your room in a while. In Rome there is one that I never tried, as a resort, but only for the restaurant, and I listed as a wish. It is called Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. Five stars luxury accomodation located on a hill from where to enjoy a marvellous view of Rome. Comfort is part of it. What they offer is more than a hotel room, because it is full of facilities where you can spend an entire holiday without move.

I like to explore the places where I go, but in case I know that I will not be bored to spend one day at the resort. It is not so close to the centre, but that gives the perfect setting for a relaxing stay. If you like resorts on the website you just need to select the proper voice on the menu. They give you some advices and ideas about the destination and for each of them you have the list at your disposal. It is always possible to select the main amenities.


The hostels

I am not used to go in hostels now, but when I was youger to explore the world I did it. This type of accomodation offers cheap rates and also the chance to make new friends. Young travellers from all around the world are always there and open to chat and to meet the others. There are also some family friendly structures. It depends on the countries, because not in all the places you can find a big number of them, but I suggest you to try to search them on Booking.com.The hostels are in down town and very close to public transport and to main attractions. They offers also private rooms and free services like breakfast, laundry and WiFi. There is almost always a kitchen for guests where they can prepare their meals and share the food with others. Rome, for example has a lot of them well spread in the most important parts of the city.

The motels

In Italy there aren’t some many motels, meanwhile they are present everywhere in USA. It happens time to time to use them, especially the ones close to the airport or to the main roads. You can sleep there and start again to continue your journey. These type of accomodation is not the best deal only for the location, but also because it is budget friendly. This means that you can have a clean room with good amenities without spending a huge amount of money.

Mostly depends on the management, because some of them apply highers rate giving more facilities and services. Anyway on Booking.com you can select the best ones ticking from the menu the amenities that you are searching for. It can be WiFi, breakfast, air conditioned, car parking. It depends on you. You can easily check the location and compare the different motels.

The vacation houses

In Rome there is a good choice of vacation houses, where to stay in chosy rooms where privacy is guarantee. The prices are generally cheaper than hotels and those structures are located close to the main attractions and to the public transport stations. You can also find entire houses with a lot of space and more bedrooms. For families or groups of friends they offer the perfect budget solution. Rates are not so high, meanwhile you are frre to move and to use kitchen, living room and so on.

This type of rental involve private owners who wants to monetize their property hosting tourists and travellers. It is possible to rent on a short or long-term basis. They are on Booking.com to get more visibility and to easily get reservations. The vacation houses can be homes, condos, lodges or cabins. The common element is made by the comforts of home proposed by these accomodations.

The homestay

If you like to explore the local culture and to stay in touch with inhabitants, you should consider the option of homestay. It means to choose an accomodation that gives you a real example on the local life. You become for a while a citizen of the destination where you go. This is a similar service to the one offered by Airbnb. You find an apartment or an house for few days or for a long period and have your private home. You are directly in touch with the owners and you meet easily the neighbours.

Booking.com propose a great list of homestay properties. You select the various options and then you decide which one is the best for you. When you book it you start to be connected with the owner who will welcome you at your arrival. You can exchange messages and prepare your stay and maybe the details of your arrival to let them be ready for you.

The farm stay

Do you like nature? Outside the cities in the countryside is is full of farms where you can reserve a room and also taste the local food made with genuine ingredients. On Booking.com there are dedicated pages with the list of the different accomodatons of this type. You generally need a car to reach them, but you will live a great experience. The prices are lower than the ones applied by hotels. You have contacts with the family who manage it and sometime you can attend to some cuisine courses, creativity classes and so on. They are full of activities.

The farm includes different types of structures: cabins, cottages, converted barns, tents, yurts and so on. It is also a great experience for kids, under the entertainment and educational aspects. They are able to host families and also couples. In some cases there are spa services included. You can enjoy specific activities for wellnes, with unique and well prepared pathways.

Now it is your turn, you have to start to search for your favourite accomodation and to book it.

Enjoy your holiday!