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Men luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips

Are you getting ready for the holidays? Maybe you need men luggage. From AliExpress I got many ideas. And I found great products. Let me show you the bestselling suitcases for men. Each great trip requires details taken care of. One of them concerns the selection of the bag. The five items I am going to mention in this post are among the most sold on the online shop. Do you agree with the majority of consumers? You can comment on the post, but this is not exactly my goal. I want to give you useful tips for travel shopping. 

I selected 5 men luggage, the ones that are favorite of AliExpress clients, bus also of me. Because of their features. Space, lightweight, pockets, design, and practicality. These elements are the ones I need when I buy a suitcase. What about you? What are you searching for? You can use them as hand luggage and in every type of trip. In the years I bought many suitcases, bus some of them are getting old and then I also want something new. Well, here there is the solution I applied for this “need”.

Men luggage: the list of bestselling

According to the type of travel it is good to have different men luggage. If I use the plane I prefer to focus on resistance. In case my trip is into the wild, practicality is a must. Elegance is pairing with city and business. Let’s see if you agree and if you like the selection I made according to the bestselling items on AliExpress.

XIAOMI 90FUN PC Suitcase

This suitcase won a prize for its design and it is proposed in different colors. I like black but you can choose red or yellow. There are also various sizes: 20, 24, and 28 inches. It has 2 wheels and it is easy to handle. The main features can be summarized in these 4 elements: lightweight; anti-scratch texture; mute universal wheel; TSA customs lock. It is resistant and according to the different sizes, it is possible to use it as hand luggage or checked baggage.

There is a lot of space inside. Here you can find some example of what you can put inside this men luggage. The smallest one, 20 inches contains 2 T-shirts, 2 trousers, 1 camera, 1 pair of shoes, 1 wash bag, and 2 coats. It’s enough to take with you in the cabin all the necessary for a short trip or for the first days. Helpful also in case the airline loses your suitcase

ZWJ Luggage

This men luggage is a high-quality business travel suitcase with carry-on spinner wheel. Also, in this case, you can choose different sizes: 20, 24, and 28 inches. The hard shell makes it resistance, so perfect to travel by plane. The smallest one is made to be hand luggage, according to the main airlines’ policies. So there are no problems with size for the cabin. It is proposed as a business elegant item, so the colors available are gray, rose gold, black, and beige.

The comfortable aspect is given not only by the internal space. In fact, it counts 4 wheels to be handled easily and not bear the weight of the men luggage. Or better of the content, because it is quite light as a suitcase. Inside there are pockets and a partition to separate the items. It is useful especially if you have a suit and you want to protect the jacket. The design is quite nice because it combines elegance and practicality.

OZUKO Multifunction Large Capacity Men Travel Bag

This men luggage is surely a cabin suitcase, but also a bag for any occasion. You can use it for a short trip or when you need to travel light and compact. It is waterproof and it counts a shoe pouch. The item is ideal also for the boat, you can easily enjoy the journey and leave the bag everywhere. It is small, but spacious inside, and there are no risks from the contact with water. All the contents are safe.

What I like is the practicality. The inside division helps to store any type of items and it keeps them ordered. This means that traveling things will remain in their space. You surely know how in normal bags after a hard trip start to go around the bag. Except when it is really full. This has also a very nice design. It has special protection for a suit and it can be used as a backpack. So your hands will be free.

LIELANG Men’s Black handbag

Elegant a smart men luggage. This bag is made of leather and it is waterproof. Perfect as hand luggage, the item offers internal partition and a space for the shoes. It counts on many pockets to store also the tech devices. It is also usable as a shoulder bag to keep hands free. The large capacity is doubled thanks to the interior compartments and to the side pockets.

The up to 45 yards shoe space allows you to put any type of footwear. Metal zipper ensures the closure of the main and of the side pockets so you can keep safe all your content. With this type of bag, I always use one of the side pockets to store passport, phone, and boarding pass. It is even better than keeping everything in the jacket. Then in a while, you can extract them. Closing the zip I don’t lose them. 

Multifunction Men Travel Bag

Men luggage has to be made thinking of safety. This is surely created for this. The side pockets are closed by an anti-theft zip closure. Then if you buy this bag, they give you a free lock. It is not the only feature. The bottom protection allows putting on the floor the bag without direct contact. So if the floor is dirty or wet, there is no risk for the bag and the contents. It is also waterproof. The bag is usable as well as a backpack to keep hands free.

There is a space for shoes, plus a lot of interior and side pockets created with different sizes. You can store a lot for the large capacity, but also use the pockets for various items. As well for a thermos. There is a side zipper bag, where you can put something that you might need during the journey. It is perfect as hand luggage. Inside there is a wallet bag, so you can easily store something precious and keep it safe. Colors available are gray and black.

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Traveler’s items: best deals

From when I started to use AliExpress, I spend almost every day some time on the web. To do what? Searching for some traveler‘s items that can be useful for my trips. You know, at the beginning of my travel experience, I was all the time preparing the luggage at the last moment. Every time I forgot something at home. Now, I wait for the last minute as well, but I have always what I need. Why? Because I wrote a list that I use when I prepare the suitcase. Do you want a copy: click here and download it for free.

Of course, you can personalize it as you need. But there is also a second reason why I am well equipped with any travel I do. It is called AliExpress. Online shopping platform offers a lot of traveler‘s items at good conditions. Special prices are often applied. They send the object fast to your address. The quality is good and you can also access the support given by the staff. Since the company has a huge variety of products, I can easily find what I need and also to get inspired by some objects present in the online shop.

Traveler’s items: my selection

I won’t annoy you with my shopping experience, but I want to share some information about the products I bought. This to answer to who of you time to time write me asking some suggests and to who is searching for some objects for the trip. The list I am going to present you in the following lines is due not only to my purchase but also to the prices. Yes because I found traveler‘s items for a very cheap rate. There are big discounts so you can purchase exactly what you need for your trips around the world for a few dollars.

So I share here 10 products that I bought on AliExpress to improve the quality of my travels. Yes, I want to be always ready and equipped for any situation. When I am far from home and in places isolated or without certain services, I have a particular need for traveler‘s items. Actually, the selection I prepared contains every type of object. I am sure you will get inspired or you will follow my steps buying them on the platform. Let’s go to the list.

The list

The first of the traveler‘s items I bought is the portable silicone lotion soap dispenser. It offers a solution to have with you always some soap or shampoo. You can wash when the accommodation doesn’t provide this material. The hand sanitizer bathroom accessories. Click here to see the item and to get a special price. Only $0,88 with 29% off.

Portable Silicone Lotion Soap Dispenser Pump Soap Bottle Travel Soft Package Shampoo Shower Hand Sanitizer Bathroom Accessories

In my suitcase can’t miss the transparent waterproof PVC travel accessories scrub storage. It helps to pack and to save space, but also to keep safe the content. You can go everywhere and stay away for the time you want, you will need this traveler‘s item. Click here to see it. AliExpress proposes this product with a discount of 30%. Only 0.41USD.

Transparent Waterproof PVC Travel Accessories Scrub Storage Cloth Protection For Women And Men Portable Packing Organizer Bags

For emergency or camping, you may need a mini portable aluminum alloy led flashlight. It is compact so you can easily keep it in your pocket for any type of trip. This is one of the most important traveler‘s items. You can have it for 0.70USD, with a discount of 41%. Click here to see the object.

9leds mini portable aluminum alloy led flashlight glare pocket torch waterproof flashlight for camping travel emergency by 3*AAA

A credit card holder wallet is a must because it has two important features. It keeps safe the cards. Then it is made to simplify to you the way to extract the card when you need. This product is anti thieves. Clicking here you will get all the information about this item. It costs 1.99 USD thanks to 50% off.


5PCS/Set RFID Anti Credit Card Holder Wallet Business ID Card Protection NFC Travel Portable Waterproof Holder Bank Card Case

Never forget a password lock copper cipher for bags. It doesn’t matter what you have at home. Check out often the new models to improve the safety of your luggage. Thieves are always updated, so it’s better to use the last innovations. Click here to see one of the bests on the market. It costs 3.92 USD, it has a discount of 30%.

Password Locks Copper Cipher Lock Bags Secret Code Gym Dedicated Travel Outdoor Tent Cabinet Drawer Metal Padlock High Quality

Imagine being in a place where people don’t speak English or the languages you know. How can you ask directions or a sandwich? Easy, you can do it with the voice translator 68 languages. It is really useful and the price is cheap. Only 61USD, thanks to the 53% off. Click here to see all the features.

Voice translator 68 Languages English Japanese Korean French Russian German Chinese Spanish translation Travel translator White

Let me show you a luxury item. I like it a lot and I want to valorize my laptop traveling. It is a cow leather 14inch notebook backpack men for traveling. The cost, thanks to a 28% discount, 760,32USD, but it worths a lot. Protect the laptop from hits and it is really elegant. Click here to know all the details. 

Cow Leather 14inch Notebook Backpack Men For Travelling Fashion Cool School Backpack Bags For Boys Anti Theft Laptop Backpack


For a daily trip in nature or for adventure travel, you will need a water bottle. Fill it with water or with energy drink and drink in the desert, in the mountains or wherever you want. The price is only 5.16USD and it has a 44% discount. Click here to see the features.  

VOZRO Gel Cup Foldable Outdoor Sport Portable Kettle Go Out Travel Aquarius water bottle my drink. Botella de agua mamadeira


If the trip is long it’s better to have a backpack large capacity. It has to be spacious and light. Clicking here you can find exactly this type of product. The model is casual and strong. The price is 19.14USD and you can use it everywhere to take with you all what you need.


New Men’s Backpack Casual Travel Canvas Backpack Large Capacity Student Bag

What about if it starts to rain. The solution you have traveling is to take with you a unisex travel raincoat. It protects you, it is light and compact. Put it in your pocket and be safe from the rain. The price is just 29.90USD. Click here to see it.

Travel raincoat, adult thickening, men and women waterproof ride, transparent Korean fashion is not one-time.

Tips for you

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Cabin luggage: how to choose it

Every time I have to travel by plane, I always wonder about my suitcase. Because the airlines’ policies are changing fast, especially regarding the cabin luggage. It is generally a matter of weight and size. For a long trip, I put just a few things in my cabin luggage, but for two or three days I use only that type of luggage. Anyway, it is not so hard to respect the weight rules. More difficult is the size policy.

In fact, every company tries to reduce the space available for each passenger and for each cabin luggage, to make more profit. In the other hand, they also answer to the increased risk to have passengers full of luggage. Anyway, the rules are rules and we all need to respect them. How to deal with the requirements and our own criteria? I am going to help you to select the best hand luggage.

Cabin luggage: how to pick the best one

Traveling from Italy to Eastern European countries means use mainly low-cost airline companies. Because they are unique to offer direct connections. This takes me to face more restrictions about the cabin luggage. It happens also that during boarding they say: “Dear passengers, we are sorry, but there is no more space for hand luggage, give it to the staff and they will put it in the aircraft hold”.

So I need a small, but a strong suitcase. These are not the only features I search for cabin luggage. Let’s see together how I select the best hand luggage to travel. You can use the tips for any type of journey and airline. Your suitcase will never get refuse for the size and its features. Of course, you have to pay attention to weight.

Cabin luggage: restrictions and needs

It is hard to list all the rules and the requirements coming from airlines, but the most popular cabin luggage size is 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches (55cm x 35.5cm x 23cm). Are you thinking to use a backpack? The size problem is the same and then you need to carry it on your back. Is it comfortable? Maybe it is better a rolling carry on luggage.

Another important thing concerns your travel goal. Why? Because according to your trip you may need a different type of bag. If you are staying in a city you will easily move with a trolley and most of the time it will be in your room. If you are traveling around a country and maybe in some remote areas, you will need something easy to carry on. This aspect is important to choose your cabin luggage.

Best carry on suitcases

A backpack has a big disadvantage: you have to put all the weight on your back. That’s why it is always better to prefer a carry on suitcase. What should you check before to buy your cabin luggage? Wheeled suitcases are the most popular. They are a good option because they have a rectangular shape and this means to get the most out of every cubic inch allowed.

It is easy to put clothes and our items inside, keeping them in order. More than in a backpack. The items inside remain well organized during all trip. Also, the laptop can find space with clothes and other objects inside the carry on suitcase without risk damages. There are, anyway, some disadvantages of this type of cabin luggageOne hand is always occupied with the suitcase. Then the wheels don’t help the passenger on the stairs and along cobbled streets, both of them well spread in all Europe.

What to check in a cabin luggage

Following the recommendation of the airline company, it shouldn’t be hard to find the proper size. They indicate usually height x width x depth. Anyway, they can be different for each airline, so be careful during the choice. Keep also in mind that in the size it is considered everything, including the wheels and the handle. So pay attention to measuring your cabin luggage.

Once you checked properly the size, focus on the comfort. The handle is important because you will keep your hand on the suitcase for all the movements. If the handle is too short you will go around folded and this is not healthy. Pay attention to the wheels, be sure they don’t seem too cheap or flimsy. Then you can have two or four wheels. But solutions can be useful, just consider all of them checking the size.

Suggested cabin luggage

According to my experience as a traveler, I can give you some tips. I have at home different cabin luggage in order to be ready for any occasion. What I want is to respect the size required by the airline, to have comfort in the usage, lightweight and space. Also, I like the resistant suitcases. These are the features I look for when I buy luggage. I found a very good brand that offers quality and good prices. Let me give some advice on the best suitcases you can purchase to travel. All of them are designed as cabin luggage, according to the various companies’ rules. 

The hard-shell carry on luggage is surely a great choice to keep order inside and protect all that you put inside. Of course, also the design can be considered in the end. On AliExpress I found many solutions proposed by great brands. There is a very good collection.


This suitcase offers three versions: 20/24/28 inch. It is rolling luggage with Spinner wheels. The ABS+PC Women travel suitcase is good also for men as a cabin carry-on trolley box luggage


Material:  ABS+PC

Wheel: 360° mute caster  
Tie rod:  Infinitely variable speed pull rod, High ductile aluminum alloy with excellent bearing capacity.
Handle: Comfortable  Soft leather handle
Function: waterproof, wear-resistant, shockproof, Pressure resistance
Luggage size: (include wheels height)
  • 20 inch:56*34*22CM,2.5kg
  • 24 inch:66*41*24CM,3.5kg
  • 28 inch:76*47*26CM,4.4kg


Spinner Children

A cute cartoon student rolling luggage. The Spinner children butterfly trolley suitcase has wheels and it is ideal for kids to carry on travel bag. Its version is for women.


Material:     PC+ABS

Wheel: 360° mute caster
Password lock: Three-digit combination lock
Tie rod: Thick alloy rod
Handle: Comfortable handle
Function: waterproof, wear-resistant, shockproof, Pressure resistance
Luggage size: Plus the height of the wheel
  • ​20 inch:55*34*21CM
  • 22 inch:59*36*23CM
  • 24 inch:64*41*25CM
  • 26 inch:69*44*27CM


Sipnner wheel

Travel Rolling luggage with Sipnner wheel, made of ABS+PC. This women suitcase on wheels has a version for men. The cabin carry-on trolley box luggage has a size of 20/28 inch.


Material:  ABS+PC

Wheel: 360° mute caster  
Tie rod:  Infinitely variable speed pull rod, High ductile aluminum alloy with excellent bearing capacity.
Handle: Comfortable  Soft leather handle
Function: waterproof, wear-resistant, shockproof, pressure resistance
luggage size: (include wheels height)
  • 20 inch:56*34*22CM,2.5kg
  • 24 inch:66*41*24CM,3.5kg
  • 28 inch:76*47*26CM,4.4kg

Waterproof Luggage Bag

It is a new waterproof luggage bag with thick style rolling. The bag can be used by men and women. 24 inch is the size proposed.

Material:    waterproof cloth

Wheel: 360° mute caster
Handle: Comfortable handle 
Scooter material: pure aluminum alloy material
Function: waterproof,  fashion 
Trolly suitcase Size:
  • 20 inch:52*24*32CM
  • 24 inch:60*28*38CM

ABS+PC Suitcase on wheels

Different sizes are available: 20/24/26/28 inch. Made of ABS+PC, this suitcase on wheels is very well designed to keep things ordered inside.


Material:  ABS+PC

Wheel: 360° mute caster  
Tie rod:  Infinitely variable speed pull rod, High ductile aluminum alloy with excellent bearing capacity.
Handle: Comfortable  Soft leather handle
Function: waterproof, wear-resistant, shockproof, pressure resistance
luggage size: (include wheels height)
  • 20 inch:36.5*22*55.5CM,2.9kg
  • 22 inch:39*23*61CM,3.2kg
  • 24 inch:42.5*26.5*66CM,3.4kg
  • 26inch:46*28*70.5CM,3.9kg

Oxford Rolling Luggage Spinner men

This is a high-quality waterproof Oxford rolling luggage spinner. The design is made for businessmen who want to be always elegant and travel light. It has a very good capacity.


  • Item Length: 34-45cm
  • Item Weight: 4-6kg
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Luggage Type: Rolling Luggage
  • Have Drawbars: Yes
  • Caster: Spinner
  • Item Width: 23-32cm
  • Main Material: Oxford
  • Item Height: 53-78cm
  • With Lock: Yes
  • Brand Name: Travel belt
  • 20 inch size : 58*24*37cm
  • 22 inch size: 62*26*39cm
  • 24 inch size : 67*28*41cm
  • 26 inch size: 72*30*42cm
  • 28 inch size: 78*32*45cm

Unisex Multifunction PU Travel Bag

This is a unisex multifunction PU travel bag and cabin luggage. It has a great style for a woman interested in fashion and elegance.


  • Main Material: PU
  • Have Drawbars: No
  • Style: Fashion
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Travel Bag: Travel Duffle
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Item Height: 29cm
  • Item Length: 51cm
  • Item Weight: 0.99kg
  • Item Width: 28cm
  • Material Composition: PU
  • Occasion: Versatile
  • color: black/red
  • capacity: big/small
  • fit for: travel/sport
  • on the way: hand/shoulder/crossbody

Waterproof canvas men women big bag

This luggage is waterproof and unisex. So it is possible to use it in any situation, also the adventurous ones. It keeps safe all the content.


  • Main Material: Nylon
  • Item Height: 34cm
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Have Drawbars: No
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Occasion: Versatile
  • Item Width: 23cm
  • Item Length: 53cm
  • Travel Bag: Travel Duffle
  • Style: Fashion
  • Material Composition: 80%
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Item Weight: 0.65kg
  • Travel bags hand luggage: Business Casual

Business boarding business trip Rolling Luggage

A boarding business trip rolling luggage with a size of 20 inches. It is usable by men and women. Very well designed the space for the laptop.


  • Main Material: PC
  • Item Weight: 2.8-4kg
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Luggage Type: Rolling Luggage
  • Have Drawbars: Yes
  • Caster: Spinner
  • Item Width: 21-26cm
  • Item Height: 49-61cm
  • Item Length: 35-43cm
  • With Lock: Yes
  • 20 inch size: 49*35*21cm
  • 24inch size: 61*43*26cm
  • 18inch size: 41*22*46cm

Men Multifunction Travel Bag

This suitcase is a 35L man multifunction travel bag. Ideal for any trip because it counts on a large capacity and an elegant style with gray and black colors.


  • Main Material: Polyester
  • Have Drawbars: No
  • Style: Casual
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Pattern Type: Letter
  • Travel Bag: Travel Duffle
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Item Height: 52cm
  • Item Length: 29cm
  • Item Weight: 1.2kg
  • Item Width: 22cm
  • Material Composition: polyester
  • Occasion: Versatile
  • color: gray/black
  • capacity: large capacity
  • weightportability
  • fit for: travel bag/school bag/business bag/weekends bag
  • on way: shoulder bag/handbags/crossbody bag/backpack
  • style 1: bag travel/duffel bag/travel bags/luggage bag
  • style 2: wholesale
  • style 3: fashion/leisure

Last considerations

Measure your cabin luggage

It is very important to take into consideration when you choose your cabin luggage, as I mentioned, that the airlines include the wheels when measuring suitcases. Every time, before to make your purchase, make sure the description of the suitcase indicates if the measurements include the wheels. In case they are not part of the size indicated, it is better don’t buy. Why? Because surely they won’t be accepted at the boarding, they exceed the measures required by the company. For example, if you have 22-inch carry-on luggage with wheels not included, it’ll be too big for an airline that allows 22 x 14 x 9-inch bags.

Cabin luggage weight

Another element of the airline company policy concerns the weight of the cabin luggage. There is a specific limit. It is not only a matter of what you put inside but especially of the empty bag. More weight has the suitcase and fewer things you can put inside. So choose quality and resistance for your cabin luggage, but prefer the lightweight.

International journey

The policy for a domestic flight doesn’t change compared to the international one. So when you buy the cabin luggage you need just to check the airline requirements. If you will use the suitcase for more trips with different companies, I suggest you verify online the various airline companies. It is necessary a bit of time, but you will have the data you need for your purchase.

Laptop compartments in the cabin luggage

Traveling for work reasons I am used to having always with me my laptop. That’s why buying cabin luggage I searched for the laptop compartment. I can easily insert the computer inside and keep it safe during the whole travel. It is protected in case the suitcase gets knocked.

I hope this post can help you in finding the best cabin luggage. The next step is to pack, get my tips with a complete list of what you may need during your journey.

Shopping tips

This post has the goal to share my personal traveler‘s experience to give you some advice. Here you have all my tips about the suitcase. If you want more shopping suggests, you can check out the dedicated section on my blog. You will find more ideas. Then subscribe to my newsletter, you will get weekly in your inbox some updates and extra contents.

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Shopping deals for travelers

I am not a shopping addicted, but I need some items for my next travels. Visiting AliExpress I discovered some shopping deals for travelers deals. Maybe you need something and you can take advantage of the discounts. So I decided to share them. I will be happy if you use these opportunities because it means my travel blog is useful. Not only for the reviews. But if you are going to buy on AliExpress, leave something for me. It’s just a joke, I guess they have enough for all of us. 

From now to the 16th of July 2019, there will be a lot of shopping deals for travelers. Even if you are not a traveler, you may find something for a trip or for your passions in daily life. I have already in my mind some object I would like to purchase a new drone or an action camera.

One day I will show you some of the pictures I take with my drone. Actually, I am learning, so the results are not perfect enough for you. Step by step I improve my skills and experience and I will use it during my world explorations. In the meantime, I do some traveler‘s shopping on AliExpress. I bought a new one in the online shop and I am really satisfied.

Shopping deals for travelers on AliExpress

The opportunities are all connected to one huge discount applied to many shopping deals for travelers. You can find a long list of smart products on AliExpress platform. Yes, the offer concerns 

Until 16th July 2019, you can get up to 50% off on all smart devices. There are many items you can buy thanks to the shopping deals for travelers. From watches to clothes, from smartphones to sunglasses. Accessories, devices and much more. All the products are proposed to improve the travel experience of customers. This is your chance, don’t miss it. Click here to browse all the products and discover the ones you need and prefer. 

Offers for all

Aren’t you interested in shopping deals for travelers? I suggest you check out the discounted items. There are products for all. Not only smart devices. Let me give you some news about the other AliExpress offers

Until 16th July 2019, you will have the chance to buy products for your beauty. In particular for your hairs. Up to 20% off unique hairstyles is the discount applied to a great variety of items you can use to be trendy and fashionable. Click here to know all the details. 

The same deadline is applied to other deals:

  • up to 50% off living room items, click here to see all the items;
  • up to 50% off bedroom items, click here to browse the products;
  • up to 50% off bathroom items, click here to know the details;
  • up to 50% off garden & garage items, click here to browse the deals;
  • up to 50% off DIY essentials, click here to get the best discounts.


My favorite offer

What do I want? After the drone, I can purchase something else. It’s an opportunity to take advantage of shopping deals for travelers. Now I am focusing on Action and Sports Camera. Browsing often the online shop I can easily discover the proposals made by AliExpress. It’s a great deal for me. Let me give some detail.

The camera will follow me everywhere and it won’t keep my hands occupied. It counts on an effective MegaPixel of 12MP, with SONY IMX377 image sensor. This item works also with night conditions and it has a display size between  2″ and 3″. Plus there is electronic image stabilization. I am not going to annoy you with all the specifications. I let you check out this amazing item. Just one more thing: I can have it for $ 89.99. The discount applied is 50%. Click here to see the item.




I suggest you follow my example and to take advantage of these shopping deals for travelers. If you want more ideas to get travel items, read my posts. To have all the updates and some more deals, subscribe to my newsletter. Weekly in your inbox, you will receive my blog updates and some extra contents.

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