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Ice cream in Milan

In summer ice cream in Milan is the best solution to fight the hot temperature. What about winter? Even if it is cold I can’t renounce to good ice cream. Never! Well, since I am often in the capital of Lombardy, I made a personal map to find it. It is easy to have it in the city, but I am telling you where to have the best ice cream in the area. Imagine when you need to walk in a big city and you need something fresh with you.

There are different options: to have a small portable cooling fan, to have a fresh bottle with a drink or to eat ice cream. I am Italian so it is obvious what I prefer. When I go to Milan in the hot season, and in winter as well, I always try to have a break. Why? To visit the best shops to buy one. It is a need and of course a pleasure. Then you can’t be in Italy and don’t eat ice cream in Milan. It is a pity, a big one.

Ice cream in Milan: where to taste it

I like to change and of course, it depends on the exact place where I am in the city center. In the neighborhood ”Isola” there is a lovely shop with walls of bricks. It is called Artico and it offers a good variety of flavors, most of them very new and creative. Among them, you should taste Araguani chocolate. But for summer the fruit flavors are more popular. They always work on seasonal ingredients and selecting the best quality products to realize a delicious ice cream in Milan.

Few steps from Piazza Duomo there is also Cioccolatitaliani, with a lot of different flavors, especially a variety of chocolate. The ice cream in Milan is tasty. But the place is very popular so you need to be patient. Because it is all the time crowdy. Not only locals are going there, but also many tourists. You need to wait. But I can say that it is worth it. You will be delighted by the taste.

In the area of Navigli, where the restructured water channel is passing and where many nightlife places are located there is Rinomata Gelateria. It is a small shop well known and positioned on the Darsena. They propose Nutella flavor, but also a great variety of fruit flavors perfect for the summer time. It is quite crowdy because in the area there are a lot of tourists and events. but you will never regret to wait. You will get one of the best ice creams in Milan.

As usual, my day in Milan is good thanks to the ice cream. With it also hot weather becomes more pleasant.

More advice

Now you know where to go to have ice cream in Milan. If you want to know more about Italy or other destinations check out my posts. There are also many restaurants and bars reviews. Because in each travel the food has a big importance. Not because we need energy, but because it is part of the local culture. To eat helps a lot to know better the country we visit. 

If you are searching for a hotel where to stay in Milan, I suggest you Petit Palais Hotel de Charme. Read about my experience. The last advice if you are not only searching for ice cream in Milan, but you are visiting Italy. Read the bookThey Really Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots“. It costs a few dollars, but it guides you to the Italian habits. You will get support to interact with people in Italy. It’s a great one.

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Luxury in Jesolo

I needed to plan a meeting in Jesolo, not far from Venice and for me it is a pleasure to be again in this small town. I decided to book an hotel for my few days stays to have all the comforts and also a good position to watch the sea directly from my room window. It is summer and the place start to host people on holiday, so also to be quiet, since I am in Jesolo for work, and have some good rest it is a need and not all the accomodations can offer this aspect.

Hotel Almar is a quite big resort located direcly on the beach, it offers a variety of facilities as a spa, gardens, pool, the private beach on the turquoise sea. There are also bar and restaurant where to taste specialities form the Mediterranean cuisine proposed in an innovative way. The professional staff gives assistance for any need and this is an added value for who wants to relax between work meetings.

Despite the conference area, the resort is more typical for holidays, but maybe this is the aspect I like because I need relax and rest in some moments. The suites are really modern and spacious, full of amenities to give to the guest a more pleasant experience. The balcony or maybe I should say the terrace offers an amazing view of the sea, a superb panorama. The elegance and the luxury are the leitmotiv of the hotel. Each detail is important for the staff.



Luxury stay in Lviv

Are you searching for a destination for your next holiday? Why not Ukraine? In the magnificent city located in the north-west part of the country, there is a hotel that offers you a luxury stay in Lviv. It was used also by Portugal national football team during the European Championship in Ukraine and Poland. The country is still not so famous among tourists around the world, but it deserves for sure a visit.

There are beautiful and historical buildings and also amazing landscapes. Ukraine is a good destination for your holidays. In the western part of the country, you can see lovely cities and towns surrounded by mountains. In the eastern part, the sea is really attractive. It is not a rich country, but the population is friendly. Luxury stays in Lviv is guaranteed by this huge local hotel.

A luxury stay: the hotel in Lviv

Located in the North-West part of the country, there is Lviv. A city with about 730.000 inhabitants. It is known as the main cultural place in Ukraine. In the downtown, I tried for you the luxury Nobilis Hotel an elegant accommodation built in 2011 in an ancient and historical palace. From the facade, there are fine decorations everywhere. But entering the hall and then in the rooms, it is possible to find antique furniture and some old and peculiar artwork. This is the setting for a luxury stay in Lviv.

Space is the main feature of the room, very big. The furniture is prestigious, maybe a bit much decorated. It is close to becoming kitsch, but anyway it is like to enter the bedroom of a king. The modern equipment allows the guest to enjoy completely the luxury stay. Inside the room, there are minibar, satellite TV, desk, and Wi-Fi connection. The classical style bathrooms with bathrobes and sleepers offer a relaxing pleasure. This place has all that you need for a luxury stay in Lviv.


The breakfast offer is very wide. Guests can find salted and sweet dishes, including raw fish, as it is typical in the region. The menu proposes international and Ukrainian cuisine. After breakfast, I suggest of course to go out and visit the beautiful city by walk. The hotel is in the center, so the main attractions are closed to the building. You can reach all of them in a few steps. Everything is located in a short walking distance. Also, this is part of your luxury stay in Lviv.

After the tour customers can use the facilities of the Nobilis Hotel. Especially in the wellness and spa and the fitness center. You can relax and take new energy. Inside the structure, there are the lounge bar, the piano bar, and the Nobilis Restaurant. The last one is an elegant place where you can taste the best recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine. In all the hotel the staff is welcoming. Because when luxury meets the local hospitality, the guest becomes a king. You will have a luxury stay in this hotel

My Trips

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To find a plane, train, and bus ticket visit the website of Infobus. You will have all the chance to get the best offers and to compare the various options. Then for a tour package check out TEZ Tour, they will prepare a tailor-made trip for you. Make your journey unique and use My Anasa deeply.


A lake in the mountains

Piedmont offers beautiful landscapes, one of these is in the mountains over the small town of Biella, in the northern part of the region, close to Aosta Valley. I want to share with you a brief experience that I had on a lake in the mountains in Biella some time ago. I was in a place called Lake Mucrone. Mucrone is the name of the local mountain part of the Alps. On it, there is a very small but lovely lake. My suggestion is to go there if you are around the region. You can go up walking on the pathway or use the cableway. 

The Mucrone mount is 2553 meters high and it offers a marvelous view of alps and of the green area of Biellese. There are trails to walk in spring summer, meanwhile in winter, when it snows, you can also ski. Since I love to walk in nature and especially in the mountains, I have been there in the warmer season some months ago. To explain to you why I recommend a visit there if you like nature, mountains, and lakes, I will use my pictures, taken during my trip to a lake in the mountains. Before to see the pictures, let me give some more tips and information about Lake Mucrone.

A lake in the mountains: how to get there

To reach a lake in the mountains you can’t use a car, but you need it if you are not already on the place. So how can you go to Lake Mucrone? I am going to explain how I went there. I started the trip from Turin. So I used the highway to go to Biella. My exit was “Rondissone” because the first part of the highway is free. Then you drive for around 45 minutes following the signal to “Biella”. Otherwise, you can go out to “Santhià” and from there the road is almost all straight. If you come from Milan go out in “Carisio”. When you arrive in Biella follow the direction to Santuario di Oropa, an amazing monastery full of art and history, also related to the Savoia Royal Family. About this, I will write more in another post. If you go to Biella by train, then you find a bus to Oropa.

In Oropa you park the car (in Piazzale Busancano) and you choose to go up walking, you will need at least a couple of hours. But mainly it depends on your speed and on the stops you will do on the way. Follow the directions of the pathway D13. In my case, I used the cableway (the return tickets costs €12,50). I was up in a few minutes. Do you think I lost the chance to conquer the summit? Sure, I, unfortunately, did it, but I enjoyed more a lake in the mountains. Don’t expect something big, but I am sure you will like it. Then you have to walk around the mountain and not only to stay on the lakeside. 

The lake

At an elevation of 1894 m, its surface area is 0.01713 km². Of course, on a mountain, you can’t expect a big lake. Since 1800 it’s one of the major destinations for the local tourism and this place was one of the favorites of the famous painter Lorenzo Delleani, who lived between 1840 and 1908. A lake in the mountains from where starts the Oropa creek. It is a symbol of the area and inside you can also swim. Don’t forget anyway that the water is called. In one side there is a fountain dedicated to Italian sharpshooters corp, funded in Biella.

What to do there

There is a mountain retreat where you can taste the local “polenta” or just to drink something. Then you can explore Mucrone, enjoy the panorama and admire the beautiful colors of the lake and its reflections. The best time to see it is with the fog, because of the mysterious and superb atmosphere. But avoid that type of weather if you want to go around and walk. You can get really lost. Wear or at list have with you a sweater because the temperature there is always… a bit cold. Use some waterproof boots or waterproof mountain shoes. I suggest then to visit the Santuario di Oropa and if you like it also the Adventure Park and the Botanical Garden. A day to Lake Mucrone and surroundings will be good. For technical information check the cableway website.

The lake and view

Now I don’t have to write more words, because I guess the pictures can show you the landscapes better than me. I think it is a unique place and if you plan a visit to Piedmont, insert a day to Lake Mucrone, you will never regret it! Check out also my other travel experiences!

Start a blog: 1 great opportunity to make money to travel

Making money with a blog is a dream for many people, but it can be possible. Why not use this way to have extra income to travel? Well, it is not so easy, but if you work hard, you make a plan and you are focused on the topic, you can do it! There are bloggers who are really rich, others are living with the profit from their activity online.

So you can start a blog to travel. Don’t forget: you need time to reach a high level. Plan carefully your activity online. How? Decide what type of contents you want to create and organize the articles to write in order to know day by day what to publish for at least three months. Then work on SEO and on the promotion.

Why you should start a blog to earn money to travel? Because this is a good way to get an extra income. Plus, if you write about travels, it will be easier for you to get in touch with companies interested in cooperation with you. For example, you can be hosted in a hotel in exchange for some featured posts.

This doesn’t come immediately and it works like that if your blog will be bigger. In terms of the number of visits. Anyway, step by step you can get paid to host banners, advertisements, and paid posts.

Why start a blog?

Did you consider the freedom given by a blog? You will work anywhere. What you need is only a computer connected to the internet. So you will be able to work also while you travel. Writing and sharing online you will have the chance to connect with people and companies. This will give you a nice experience, I can be witnessed in this part thanks to My Anasa blog, and part of the contacts will become opportunities.

New ideas, cooperation, paid chances. But you have to be sure about the topic. To have success you have to be genuine, to give something useful: tips, knowledge and direct experience. If travel is your passion, why not to work on a travel blog. 

How can you make money with a blog?

Don’t be in a hurry and stay focused on the goal. This is the first rule when you start a blog. Opportunities will come, not immediately, but you will have good chances, growing with you. The ways to monetize your site are mainly four. The first one is to sell advertising space. You can subscribe to Google Ads or to similar services. You will need a domain, so not free space on the internet. Remember: to earn a good amount of money in this way you have to register a huge number of visitors.

Then you can promote affiliate products and earning a commission. This way is more profitable, but you have to be sure to influence your followers. In case, you have your own product to sell or you want to propose a tutorial or ebooks written by you, the blog will help you. The website can become the perfect space to find buyers and clients. Now you know what are the main reasons to start a blog to earn money to travel. I think you got also some tips about the pathway you have to follow for the first steps online.

A platform ready to support you

I am not telling you anything about WordPress or other platforms to base your blog. This is something that will give you help for contents. It is called Airtasker and it works to outsource tasks. You can apply according to your competences and propose yourself for specific tasks. Also, you can present yourself for people and business proposals and work for them. You will get paid. But I suggest you something else if you want to start a blog.

In fact, you can search for some help. I mean a photographer or a writer. You will get tailor-made material to create successful contents. Professional people will work for you and you will see your blog rapidly grow online. Airtasker will be your ally. It is normal to work hard, but some help offers more great results. Start a blog now and search for experts on the platform. But it’s not finished. Click here to get 25$ off. It will be a profitable investment for you and for your blog.


It is easy to start a blog and you can have success online. If you want to have more tips about blogging, don’t forget to read my direct experience advice. Also, be sure to connect to your blog your social networks profile. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and the other major platforms will help you to share the posts. It will be a way to attract followers and readers. More visits you will have and more chances to earn you will have.

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