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Seo books

In my previous posts, I wrote about the search engine optimization. Now I want to focus on Seo books. Yes, surfing the internet you can easily find websites that reveal to you a lot of strategies, but a book is generally more complete. Despite I am not an expert, I learned that it is very important to study a lot to manage a blog. I mean, it is something personal to share contents, but if you want to find readers and increase your numbers you need something more than quality content.

It is like to sell the best product in the world. If people don’t know it, you will never succeed in your business. Talking about blogging the theme is the same. Seo books help you to go deep into the topic and to get a real strategy. In fact, to make a plan to prepare Seo for your blog you need more than a couple of tips or a plugin. It is a matter of method.

Seo books 2019

There are several Seo books that I have read in these months and in the last days as well. The first one that I want to recommend to you is SEO 2019. There were also the previous year’s editions, but of course, you need to read the updated one. Its cost is low and it is available on Amazon. Let me give you some more details. Starting with the author, an expert in the field.

The subtitle is “Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies” and it includes a step by step strategy. Therefore you can easily follow the tips and apply them as described by the writer of one of the best Seo books of the last years. His name is Adam Clarke. Have you ever heard or read about him? No? So I can easily write a couple of lines about him. It is quite simple to understand who is Clark only explaining what he does.

SEO 2019

If you go on Amazon you find it in the best sellers, with raking #1 in Seo books. You can choose among the different versions: analog, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited versions. The price is $7.99. A cost that you can face considering the benefit that you can have reading it and using the tips included. But let me go to the question: who is Adam Clarke? He spent the last ten years doing counseling on many major brands to build their websites. He claims regularly reach the number one slot on Google.

SEO 2019 is recommended, among the Seo books, for the bloggers at the beginning and for the experts. Also who has experience in the marketing online can find much useful information and advice. The first thing you can learn concern Google’s latest algorithm updates. So you have the hints to write your posts in the proper way to be visible on the search engine.

Avoid the penalties

Clarke gives the method you should follow to avoid Google’s penalties. He fixed a strategy for optimizing contents in the proper way. The author uses scaleable techniques for all types of businesses, of any size. He also explains sophisticated SEO topics without resorting to industry jargon. These aspects are not common online and especially they are not inside the most common articles spread on different field’s websites. That’s why this is the first of the Seo books I want to suggest.

It is not finished. In the book, you can find many topics like web analytics, keyword research, and link building. Then Clarke gives you the way to optimize any type of text for the best Seo results. Take your time and read SEO 2019, you will thank me. I am sure of it. Stay tuned, I will write more about this topic.

Happy 2019 from Prague

My dears, how did you start the New Year? I want to wish again Happy 2019! From Prague. I am really happy to be here, but I am a bit tired. Maybe many of you can understand me. When you are abroad for the New Year’s Eve you don’t go to sleep early and you enjoy the party…or maybe more than one. I am not able now to tell you all what I want about the city so some other posts will follow this one these days. I will write about the place and the accommodation.

With this article, I want to refresh my wishes for a happy 2019 and to show you a few pictures of fireworks. The cruise on the river was fabulous and also the walk in the city to go to the concert in the main square and in the clubs. I saw Prague in the summertime, but now during the new year celebration is completely different. It is funny and there are a lot of people of all ages coming from all over the world.

Happy 2019: fireworks and more

There are magnificent buildings very well enlighted and during the winter holidays, the lights have different colors. Then the atmosphere is unique, very well combined between the tradition and the international soul that comes from visitors. The river looks like a magic touch. Yes, because of the water that reflects the lights, the buildings, and the fireworks. It was a good start to have a happy 2019!

I love fireworks, but I can say that in Prague they did an amazing job. The show was really beautiful. This brief break with my friends was really a great idea, maybe because it wasn’t mine… 😮 I have a lot of new energy for the new year. Also for the blog, so I want to put more strength to work online to improve my posts and to give you new cool articles.

My dears, watch this very short video and stay tuned for other news from Prague. Happy 2019!

Fireworks in Prague. Happy 2019!

Happy birthday to me

Today it is a big day for me or better for my blog. I should say “Happy birthday” to me. Yes, today I celebrate the first year of blogging. After 12 months I can say something more about my activity and not only to wish to “myself” a happy birthday. 2018 was very interesting for my presence online. On 1st January 2018, I started to write posts on WordPress, Instagram, and Twitter. I had a different relationship with each of these platforms.

Here I wrote every day for the very first period, as I did on IG, but then my job didn’t allow me to continue with the same engagement. Then, even without posting, I focused more on Instagram because it was funny for me. Meanwhile, Twitter was for me the way to share the links to my posts on the blog. Why am I telling you that? Be patient and you will discover it. My happy birthday is really happy because of you.

The way to my…happy birthday

Instagram gave me followers because I was spending my time there, but the blog was not growing. Post after post the number of followers was almost the same. After the 20th August 2018, I started to be more active on WordPress Reader. I discovered many interesting blogs and following, liking and commenting I got results. From 14 followers I arrived to have (now) 1025 followers. You started to follow my activity online. That was a good start for my happy birthday.

This gave me a reason to write more and to continue. Especially I had some feedbacks. You asked me to put more pictures, to add some information about my travels and so on. That is why I bought a domain and, with the help of an expert, I changed the dress of my blog. I am experimenting step by step for two reasons. The first one is to learn something useful to manage my blog, the second one is to give you better contents, more interesting for you. So my happy birthday has come.

From the first year to the second one

Well, I already wrote some thoughts about my first year. So in this part of the post, celebrating my happy birthday I can focus on the plan for 2019. Today it is the first day of the New Year, this means that my blog’s birthday is even more important. My wish and my expectations go to include my goals. What to do next? Grow. This is the answer because I really like to interact with you, to share my experience and to improve my posts together with you.

I am planning to organize myself better in order to combine the time for work and the time for the blog. Some articles are already in my mind, but this it’s easy because I have some trips already fixed on my agenda. Then I want to create a section dedicated to my experience on the internet. What? Why? Some of you asked me for some advice about blog management. I am not an expert, but I can explain what I learn in doing. Now you can start to say to me “happy birthday”. Why not?! But the big gift I ask you is to give me your feedback.

You and me

This birthday is happy because of you all, my dear 1025 followers. I thank you for the support and for being here. In the beginning, I had a lot of doubts, but mow my passion became reality. I was surprised when I started to see the numbers of visits and views. Maybe my expectations were very low and maybe I was thinking to leave after a few months. I am here and I want to go forward.

This means a lot. I promise you to keep my engagement and to write cool and interesting posts in the next 12 months. This is my new goal in walking with you for 52 weeks, traveling and sharing. There will be tips about the places I visit and my luxury experiences. What do you think about my plans? In the end, I say happy birthday to my blog and Happy New Year to you!

This is my video for you. Don’t forget to check my YouTube channel.

Happy birthday My Anasa

Happy New Year

My dear readers and followers, the moment came: Happy New Year!!! In a few hours, we will welcome 2019. Tonight we will celebrate a new beginning, of course, we hope better than the previous one. Generally, we do a balance of the things done, but I will wait a bit for this blog because it will have the birthday tomorrow. It will be one year of blogging for me, an important event.

This 2018 was more or less a year like others, but thanks to you all that you followed my posts with your comments and likes, it was a great year. My Happy New Year to you is also a hope. I hope we can continue our journey together. Also, I have great expectation, not only for my job and my private life but also for my presence online. I am working to improve my activity step by step. Now I don’t want to write about this topic, I will have time to do it tomorrow.

Happy New Year to you

I want just to wish you a Happy New Year! With the hope that you will have joy, satisfaction, and success. 2019 can be the year to realize your dreams, all of them or just a few of them. Work hard to help your destiny to be sweeter, be blessed and thank you for being here. You are the reason why I write and why I share as much as I can my posts, my tips, and my pictures.

About me, except blogging, I will have a new full year. I don’t know what will happen, but on my agenda, there are a lot of trips. Mainly I will travel for work reasons, but I will be glad to share with you my experience, always combining travels and luxury. I hope also to get good news and feedback from you. I will surely enjoy spending a bit of my time here with you. This will be a Happy New Year.

What will you do tonight? What are your plans to celebrate the New Year’s Eve? Before to start the party check my short video wishes, available also on my YouTube channel.


Happy New Year to you

New Year’s Eve destination

My dears, with my friends we finally decided the New Year’s Eve destination. After discussions and researches online, we came up with a common idea about the place. There are a lot of cool proposals around Europe, but we can’t obviously to join all of them. So, what to do? We agreed on the place. The reasons are different so I won’t list them here.

Now your question is becoming bigger: what is your New Year’s Eve destination? Well, I have to answer… We will go to Prague. I have already been there, but I am happy to go back to that superb city. Also, I was there for some work meetings and I didn’t have so much time to visit the attractions, neither to enjoy the city entertainment. What we will see during the party night?

The New Year’s Eve in Prague

Prague, in the Czech Republic, is surely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and maybe in the world. Since the Middle Ages, it is considered a jewel of art and architecture. People call our New Year’s Eve destination “golden city” and also “city of hundred spires” or “the crown of the world”. It is located in the heart of Europe. What will they organize to celebrate the arrival of 2019?

It is full of small events around Prague, but we are interested in what will happen in Letná Gardens. There will be a traditional fireworks display and they will be visible on the river, from every bridge. This is not the only thing that we considered, also because fireworks are part of the party everywhere. Let’s see the plan to know better why Prague is our New Year’s Eve destination.

New Year’s Eve in Prague plan

It is possible to do river cruises (also if now the tickets are almost all sold out). There are boats for every taste, as the party one, the jazz one, and the panoramic. Unfortunately the boat with the dinner a la carte is already full. I have a friend in Prague who can help me with this. The New Year’s Eve on the river is something that I really like to do. It is something different. Around the city, performers will act with theatre and opera shows.

As midnight approaches the fireworks start. The river cruises, the restaurants, and the clubs already organized programs to allow guest to see the fireworks. Anyway, our decision was to choose the cruise. We can enjoy other people and meet locals and persons from other countries as well because the city is the New Year’s Eve destination for many travelers.

The cruise

Prague New Year’s Eve cruises are quite similar in terms of content. The tour requires about 5 hours and include obviously a scenic spot on the river. They give you a welcome drink and you can enjoy the buffet food, snacks, and music entertainment. Drink, chat, and dance are the keywords, to spend time with new people and of course with my friends.

It is also a good way to explore the city, or better to see it from a special point of view: the river. Going around you can see the main attractions and then make a plan for the visits. After the cruise, we will go maybe to some club, because all of them will have a fun party. The New Year’s Eve is an important moment to celebrate so I will try to enjoy it with my friends in Prague. I need your help, don’t forget it, because I have to define the accommodation: boutique hotel or luxury apartment? Stay tuned for my next post.