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Tactical pen: defend yourself like the strong 007

Do you like 007? I confess I am a big fan of James Bond. Imagine, travel the world, meet beautiful girls, get into the adventure using cool gadgets. It’s like a dream. I am not a secret agent, but I can do something similar. The tactical pen makes the difference. What? Yes, a special pen allows me to get closer to the most famous spy in the world. Well, I travel, I sometimes meet amazing girls, also if I don’t have James’ success. But now at least I have a great gadget. Ok, it looks like a joke, but for real, I found an item that became recently my travel mate.

tactical pen

I found it on AliExpress, paying it less than 10 USD. Thanks for the discount. Going around the world something can happen all the time. That’s why I wanted something to defend myself in case of attack. Thieves are everywhere, also if I feel safe in most of the places I visit. Surfing the web I came across the tactical pen, a useful object. First of all, it is a normal pen and pencil. So I can use it to write. Them it helps me as protection. Till now I didn’t have, luckily, the chance to use it. But I am ready to do it. 

Tactical pen: description

You are walking on the street, in the evening, in a country you don’t know. Suddenly someone with a knife appears in front of you. He wants your wallet. What to do? Don’t risk your life, so evaluate before acting. Anyway, with the tactical pen, you aren’t unarmed. The pen is more or less like a tactical knife. It can stay easily in your pocket like a normal pen or pencil. If you don’t write down notes, you can use them in another way. Thanks to the machined metal construction it is resistant and very offensive.

tactical pen

Keep in mind that before using your tactical pen, you have to consider all the other options. It is the last way to apply for your defense. The multitool can get you out of any trouble. With it, you can stop someone by causing a minor wound. Or even breaking glass, if you use it properly. The tactical aspect concerns appearance. It doesn’t seem to be dangerous, it is just a pen. Your aggressor will never suspect it. Now let’s see the features. Check it out on AliExpress

Tactical pen: features

The one I get for myself is not a unique model on AliExpress. But the tactical pen I bought is efficient and it doesn’t cost so much. This is good. It’s perfect to carry on during all my trips. What are the specifics of the item? The high-quality material and the tungsten steel tactical pencil pen head, obtained through a hard anodic oxidation III processing are the first elements you notice. There is something more. The tactical pen provides nice writing tools with high performance and bodyguard for an emergency.

tactical pen

The diamond shape design at the handle is an excellent anti-skid ability. Accord with ergonomics design makes the tactical pen easy to hook on your backpack, bags, notebook. To write your notes you can just rotate the pen holder. The tungsten steel material for the pen head is created for any emergency. In fact, if you have an accident with the car and you can’t go out, you can use it like broken glass apparatus. A cheap price for an item that helps you with a huge variety of situations. 

Why should you buy it?

Unfortunately, violence is increasing around big cities. Tourists are sometimes the best victims of thieves. Self-defense becomes more important. For this reason, you can learn martial arts or buy a gun. In any case, you need lessons and permissions. The tactical pen doesn’t need anything. Just follow the instruction and you will face a risk. The item will be your personal protection. If this object is in your pocket you feel mentally and physically safe. Even if nothing happens. Because you are aware to be armed against an aggressor and also against some accidents.

tactical pen

Even if the police work hard to protect people, including tourists, to accomplish the task is very difficult. That’s why it is necessary to think about self-defense. The tactical pen is an easy way to be always protected, easily. It is just a matter of habit. Don’t worry, if you won’t be, luckily, in dangerous situations you will write down letters and so on. Take a look at AliExpress and see its shape. You will easily understand why you need this modern design to write and protect yourself.

Self-defense techniques

Entering an elevator, or staircase means to be in a narrow space where a criminal can easily attack you. You can’t run away from there. Vulnerability is allied with the thief. So what can you do? Take your tactical pen and point to the offender’s face. The fight is your unique way to protect yourself. You can adopt two techniques.

  1. Use the tactical pen like a stick: strike hard on your aggressor. It causes a huge pain to the offender and it stops him. After that, you need to escape anyway because after a while he will try to recover some energy and react. I guess you don’t want to fight. It is a good way to exit from a dangerous situation without damages.
  2. Use the tactical pen like a knife: turn it upside down and jab your attacker. In this way, you can easily break your eyes. You will have then enough time to run away. He won’t act for a quite long time. 
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Don’t forget that the tactical pen can do a lot of damage, for this reason, you have to be careful. Your goal is to stop the aggression, not to kill a person. The power of the item is strong, so do not exaggerate and use it properly. Since the pain caused by the pen is strong you can hit a hand or an arm, or a leg. It is completely legal, but it is a weapon. 

Now you are prepared to buy your tactical pen and to use it. If you want to have some more ideas for a gift to a traveler or if you need some tips about read my shopping posts. Explore my shop.

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