T-shirt: the Italian gestures

My dear readers and followers, I am preparing new posts about my trip to Vienna. But before to publish those articles, let me give you news about my creation. The T-shirt with Italian gestures. I personally designed it because traveling many people ask me about the way we use in Italy. Our gesture is famous all around the world, in fact, someone wants to learn to express something with the hands for a trip to Italy. Or just for fun. Anyway, since I like jokes, I decided to give to some of my foreigner friends a T-shirt with the most known Italian gesture. 

Since I needed to work on it, I prepared some more to sell them. Why? Because I think that this T-shirt can be a funny gift for many people. You can purchase it for yourself or for your friend. Maybe I will create more, but we will see how it goes. In the meantime, I invite you to check the T-shirt that I propose online. Teespring Inc. is selling it. If you like to have one, don’t miss the chance, because it will be available in a limited number of models for a few days. Wear the Italian gesture and you will make people smiling. You will never pass unnoticed.


T-shirt custom made

I got the idea of traveling and meeting people abroad and I am curious to see if you appreciate it. This T-shirt can be the first one or the last one, but I am sure you will at least smile seeing it. Because our gestures are really funny saw from outside. You should learn them if you are going to visit Italy. Why not start to purchase my creation? Well, maybe you are not sure about what the gesture means. You can translate it like: what? We use it also to say “what do you want?” It is not properly polite, but don’t worry, when Italian will see your T-shirt they will just laugh!

In order to make you aware of our gesture language, I share a video made by an Italian, quite popular on YouTube. Well, I am not surely good like him to teach you our gestures, so I let you see it. I hope you will enjoy it and also that you will learn something, so maybe instead of writing, I can post some videos. I will tell you about my travel experiences with gestures. So, what do you think about my new idea? Do you like the T-shirt? Just for my curiosity, would you be interested in having this type of T-shirt? Comment below. Thank you! I will be to you soon again with other posts.

Buy the T-shirt here. And explore also my shop.



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  1. It will arrive soon, I am a bit busy with work, but I am finishing it. I will write all my tips for you 🙂 Thank you! The T-shirt was really born from what happens to me traveling as Italian

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