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Goodbye Malmö

This is the last post about the Swedish city, at least till my next trip to that great place. My goodbye Malmö is the opportunity to mention my train travel. Infact from Sweden I went to Denmark by railway to fly back to Italy. During my return to Copenhagen I had a great opportunity: passing on the sea with the train with a beautiful sunset outside the window. It was my second time on Øresund bridge. I saw some pictures about it before to leave from my country, but I had a better impression.

The connecting bridge between Sweden and Denmark is long around 16 kilometres and it was opened in 2000. The architecture is obviously modern and very impressive. There is an artificial small island in the middle of the two countries to host some of the pillars. Crossing the bridge for me it was like to fly on the Baltic sea and to see the water so close. It is possible to move on it also by car, but anyway I suggest you to have a trip between the two countries. The journey with the train costs around 12 euro from Copenhagen and the double from Malmö and it takes around half an hour, with few stops on the way. Now I miss the reflected city.


While I was in Malmö I saw a lot of preparation for Christmas time, but while I was at the airport in Copenhagen I really realized that the holiday period is approaching. I said goodbye Malmö and I was almost saying welcome Christmas. Outside the shops and in the main areas of the airport there are different and nice decorations. I was quite sad to go back, but I know that I can plan a new trip there. Now I have some ideas about what to see and where to go to enjoy more of the city. Also I want to go to explore Sweden.

In the end my goodbye is a “see you soon Malmö!”.

Malmö: the reflected city

I literally fell in love with the Swedish city. I can’t say that this beauty it wasn’t in my expectations, but I enjoyed Malmö: the reflected city. This aspect is what I found more interesting. The river, the sea, the small lakes in the park gave me the chance to see the nature and the buildings reflected in the water. This is what I saw many years ago in Amsterdam, what I can see sometimes in Venice, but I didn’t expected this in Malmö.

It is a pleasant surprise and it is one of the main elements for me. You already noticed in my previous pictures how I saw the city. I want to post few more pictures about reflections. I really like to see the reality on the water, because it makes a nice copy of the colours and of the shapes. Malmö, according to my way of thinking, is a perfect place to see reflections.

The pictures

Of course I found some sun, so it was easier to catch the ideal setting for my pictures. I didn’t have much time to see everything, but at least walking around the centre I found inspiration. I will definitely plan a new trip, as a tourist, in Malmö: the reflected city. Before to let my pictures talk, I want to add that the images are without filter. I took them using my iPad and I saw on the pictures the same colours of the reality, so I didn’t touch them.

I share exactly what my camera captured from the reality in Malmö. Because if you haven’t been there (I am on the way back), you should put the city in your list. You will be surprised as I was. It is a unique place full of curiosities and different settings, where diverse elements are very well combined. Then you will say to me if also for you Malmö is the reflected city.

Malmö and the history

Arriving in the city the modern buildings caught my attention, but  Malmö and the history are very well connected. Going around I saw some old constructions and elegant palaces. I asked and read about it, discovering that the origins, according to the books, come from 1275. In XV century the inhabitants built a new citadel and the castle. The population was quite limited in terms of numbers. It started to grow a lot in XX century, especially after the construction of a big shipyard, the largest in Europe, in XIX century.

That was the reason to call people from other cities and countries to work. Now Malmö counts more than 300.000 inhabitants, meanwhile the metropolitan area is made by 700.000 citizens. The city is active in culture field, infact there are a movie festivals and many theatre events. It is also famous for design and contemporary art. Visitors can find museums and centers dedicated to the art and to the desing. As I noticed, Malmö is a perfect place for innovation. It has an international setting, useful to unite people from different parts of the world and to help them to realize common projects and ideas.


The oldest building visible now in the city are made in Gothic style, but the architecture of Malmö includes different examples. There is also Art Nouveau thanks to the sinagogue. The typical Nordic-scandinavian architecture is visible in Stortorget, the main square with the city all. The decorations of the buildings are rich, but without exaggeration. As it is in the northern Europe. I don’t want to annoy you more with notes about history and architecture. You can easily find more information online.

As usual I let my pictures talk on my behalf, but I suggest you to walk. Malmö and the history are a binomial to be explored on foot. The spaces are big, but the main attractions are close to each others. If you like photography take your time. It is full of corners and lascapes to admire and to catch with the camera.

You will enjoy the city.

The parks in Malmö: walking in 19th century:

The parks in Malmö represent a huge part of the local history. Mainly because they were settled in the past. The city of Malmö is a very pleasant surprise for me. Arriving in town I saw firstly great modern buildings well combine with the oldest ones, but the history resides also in the parks. It is like walking in the 19th century.

The Swedish city counts many parks and among them I love Slottsparken. It is at Castle Park. It appears as a modern one, where the water is dominant. There are benches where to have rest and admire nature, but it is better to use them in the summertime. Winter is so cold here, at least for an Italian as I am.

The parks in Malmö:  Castle Park

What to expect from this park? Big stretches of woodland and wonderful views able to inspire a photographer and keep him or her there for hours. It was built in 19th century by Edvard Glæsel and it was the ground of the Malmö Household Regiment. The architect took inspiration from the American style because he wanted to propose everyday use. As it happens in the USA cities. Among the parks in Malmö, this one became my favorite.

In the park there is the main library of the city and as the name suggest the Castle. Around you can see sculptures and monuments and big spaces where to stay in peace like many kilometers far from the city. But maybe you want to know what is so special. Well, the correct answer is inside my pictures. Because it is the best way to describe my emotion meanwhile I was crossing that amazing park. I tried to get the best.

The other parks

I didn’t have enough time to visit all the parks in Malmö. That’s why I will go back to the city. But I had the chance, moving around from an office to another, to have a “taste”. The oldest park is Kungsparken, dedicated to the King and became a public park in 1872. Exotic trees are all around and locals told me that is a very romantic place. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test this aspect during my trip. So I will take note for my next trip to the city. In this case, the inspiration by the garden architect was from the UK. The landscapes are very similar to the ones you can see in England.

The biggest, among the parks in Malmö, place is Pildammsparken, created with the classical standards of northern Europe. They told me that there are more than 10.000 flowers planted in the “flower-alley” every year. Exotic birds are living there, together with ducks and geese. Also, in this case, people talk about a romantic setting. Maybe I have to organize a new trip just to enjoy visits with good company.

The city is one of the recommended destinations by National Geographic. By the way, I am sure that if you will visit it, you will fall in love with the parks in Malmö. Also, you will like the modern buildings. Malmö is considered the perfect place for travellers by experts. I can tell you that I will go back there because I want to explore more. Not only the city, but I also want to see all of Sweden. I will plan to have more time. I hope you enjoyed my pictures. You can read more posts about the city.

Last tips

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Malmö: a modern city

Malmö: a modern city. This is what I saw. Before to start my trip I have read a lot about my destination. I asked some tips to who already visited the place and I prepared my travel. Planning my journey I collected a lot of information and I saw pictures on the internet. But to be in the city is different and better. Malmö: a modern city. I noticed it during my transfer from the train station to the hotel and during my short walk in the center. Many ancient building host institutional offices and private houses. Close to them, the contemporary constructions are present completing the panorama.

Everything is lovely composed of a precise plan of integration. In other cities in the world, I saw a gap between the new and the old structures. They were not well combined. Here in the Swedish city, I have to say the opposite. It is a harmonic development. I like the architecture made with a lot of glass because it takes sunlight inside and it gives a marvelous view from the windows. In the picture, I show you how I see Malmö: a modern city. 

Malmö: a modern city in pictures

Since the beginning of my trip, I had to take a lot of pictures. I couldn’t resist. I started going down from the train. Now, I want to share some of them with you. They show you Malmö: a modern city in every corner. Just to give you a general idea. Before to see some of the attractions, I had walked around just to see the shape of the city. On the blog, you can see reviews about the hotel, the restaurants, and about the parks. In my posts, you find my complete experience. I had a pleasant stay and I liked a lot the destination.

Now you can enjoy my pictures. I took them with my iPad, it has a very good camera inside. They are mostly focused on modern buildings, because for the old ones there another post. I hope you enjoy them. Anyway, I suggest visiting Malmö: a modern city where you can find great examples of contemporary architecture.

Planning a trip to Malmö

The city has an airport, but it is also well connected to Denmark. There is a bridge, Öresundsbron, that connects Copenhagen to Malmö. It is possible to cross it by train or by car, including the bus. I used this for two reasons. The first one was the curiosity to travel on the sea by train, the second one is related to the price. Flights connections from Milan to the Swedish city are quite expensive, while the ones to Denmark ar cheaper. Then the train tickets can be bought at the airport and it is not expensive.

Just keep in mind that they have different currencies. So, as it happened to me, the ticket bought in Sweden costed more than the one purchased in Denmark. Except that it is a very nice experience. It is full of connections and to cross the bridge it takes around half an hour. Check out on Infobus platform to find the best deals and tracks to reach the modern city of Malmö. The internal search engine gives you the chance to compare prices and connections. Also, you can combine them. Buses, trains, and plans are available there.


Malmö: a modern city perfect for your destination. I recommend this place, but if you want to get more ideas and tips and find the country for your next trip. On my blog, the destinations section is going to be updated often with new places. I do it visit after visit. You can find also curiosities and a lot of useful information. To know all the news and when I post something new, subscribe to my newsletter, I am sending it once per week. There will be also extra contents.

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