This page is dedicated to my Stories. I decided to prepare some visual posts made of slides, mainly pictures or videos with some text. Step by step  I create them and I add the direct links here. They are part of my blog and this page will be the starting place to see them. There is the list, updated each time, quite often, I create one.

What are the topics? The ones you can find on my blog. Travel experience, tips, guides, deals. So you can get benefit from this way. You get all the news in a visual version. I mean that there will be a new version of my best post, but also some stories about totally new topics. So you should be updated. Follow me and you will enjoy my new way to tell you about my experience. But keep in mind that it is only a plus. I won’t substitute my traditional posts.

Stories: visual communication

You are searching for information online for your trip. You get a lot of posts and reading them is requiring time. Of course, you will do it, but maybe you will need hours just to get a few simple tips or attraction’s descriptions. I propose you to see visual communication. Some slides with video and pictures plus some text. Straight to the point. Then you will have the chance to go deep exploring and reading articles. Of course, if you will find them interesting for you. This is the main goal of stories.

According to the topic and the contents, I make them as interactive as possible. This is going to improve your experience in seeing and reading the stories. If you want to go deep and read some posts about the argument you will find the link inside. Video and animation will help you to read easily the text. It’s more complicated to explain than to do it, as always. That’s why I suggest you explore them starting from the list below. Coming back on this page from time to time it will be cool for you. There will be more stories.

How to see the stories

The most interesting aspect of the AMP stories is that you can see them with any device. You can use your mobile, your tablet or your personal computer. With all of them, this type of post becomes perfect. Your screen will be fulfilled with the images and you only need to touch the screen with your finger to go ahead. Using the computer you will use arrows. Everything will be immediate.

Can you share them? Yes, I would be really happy about that. How? When you see the AMP stories there is a button to click for sharing intent. You will get a link to send to friends and contacts. Why do you have to do it? Because there is a cool video, interesting information or something that can be useful for you and them. They will be able to view the story in any place where they are. It is faster and easier than read an article.

The list of my stories

No more words, now it is the moment for you to scroll down the page, read the titles of the stories and choose the ones you want to see. Mainly you can read about destinations, about tips, and all about traveling. Each story offers a journey, some curiosities, and a unique experience. It worths a few minutes to view them. Do it and then share with me your opinion. Any thoughts and suggestions from your side will be useful to improve my activity.

If the visual posts convince you to travel, you can find your flight, using the best rates, here.

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