Stobi, the paradise of archeology

Pompei in Italy is maybe the best archeological site in the world, at least it is what some experts and tourist say. But who is going to visit Macedonia has surely to go to Stobi and there the traveler will find a great place where to see ancient finds quite well conserved.

Something has yet to be brought back to the light. But right now going around the city of Stobi it is possible to see many beautiful mosaics. The city was founded when the area was under Paeonia before to become the former capital of the Roman province of Macedonia Salutaris. The site of Stobi is located near the town of Gradsko.


What to see in Stobi

Inside the site, the best part is the Northern Basilica, realized with marble. There is a baptistry with mosaics created in the V century. The interesting elements discovered in the 50s show that between the North and the Civil Basilicas there were Thermae Minores, a small bath for people who wanted to take care of their bodies. From there the main street of the ancient town of Stobi takes visitors to the other main buildings. For those are visible the basements.


The religion is, of course, the main feature of the buildings visible in Stobi. There are, with access on the main street also the Central Basilica and the synagogue. The second one in the basement of the first one, built in the V century. Walking around, it is possible to take a guided tour for a cheap price, it is good to follow the way suggested. This allows you to explore properly the history of the place. In case the visitor prefers to go around alone there is a good map at the entrance.


There are many inscriptions to be seen on the stones, especially in the former arena. Among the many spectacular elements present in Stobi it has to be mentioned the House of the Palms. It has a big pool and a mosaic floor, beautiful as the fountain located in a small square in the central part of the town. The finds of the various construction can easily help the tourists to understand the dimension of the buildings and the location of the rooms.


I don’t want to go deep in the explanation of the parts of Stobi. There is a work in progress, so in next months and years it can appear something new, that’s why my short description should only inspire you. If you like archeology you should visit the place. Some discovery of the archeologist can be already showed there now while you read the post.

I highly recommend you, my dear readers, to go there because it is also a way to know the daily life of Romans in that area. I like archeology and maybe it is understandable by some of my posts. But I think the wonder in Stobi is for all. In the end, let me write that I am proud of this site because my country (Italy) sent money and experts in the years to recover the finds and create one of the most beautiful archeological sites of the area.

I  just add some pictures taken during my recent trip.

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    1. Jenna, thanks a lot for your comment, It was a great discover also for me when I went there, but Balkans are not well known by tourism, but those countries have an high potential and many beautiful places.
      I am also glad to share your link, because I like very much your blog and your post about the trip in Barcelona. I hope my followers will read your blog as well!

    1. Dear Irene, thanks a lot to you for reading it and for your nice comment. The place is inspirational for pictures 🙂

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