Start a blog: 1 great opportunity to make money to travel

Start a blog: 1 great opportunity to make money to travel

Making money with a blog is a dream for many people, but it can be possible. Why not use this way to have extra income to travel? Well, it is not so easy, but if you work hard, you make a plan and you are focused on the topic, you can do it! There are bloggers who are really rich, others are living with the profit from their activity online.

So you can start a blog to travel. Don’t forget: you need time to reach a high level. Plan carefully your activity online. How? Decide what type of contents you want to create and organize the articles to write in order to know day by day what to publish for at least three months. Then work on SEO and on the promotion.

start a blog

Why you should start a blog to earn money to travel? Because this is a good way to get an extra income. Plus, if you write about travel, it will be easier for you to get in touch with companies interested in cooperation with you. For example, you can be hosted in a hotel in exchange for some featured posts.

This doesn’t come immediately and it works like that if your blog will be bigger. In terms of the number of visits. Anyway, step by step you can get paid to host banners, advertisements, and paid posts.

Why start a blog?

Did you consider the freedom given by a blog? You will work anywhere. What you need is only a computer connected to the internet. So you will be able to work also while you travel. Writing and sharing online you will have the chance to connect with people and companies. This will give you a nice experience, I can be witnessed in this part thanks to My Anasa blog, and part of the contacts will become opportunities.

New ideas, cooperation, paid chances. But you have to be sure about the topic. To have success you have to be genuine, to give something useful: tips, knowledge and direct experience. If travel is your passion, why not to work on a travel blog. 

start a blog

How can you make money with a blog?

Don’t be in a hurry and stay focused on the goal. This is the first rule when you start a blog. Opportunities will come, not immediately, but you will have good chances, growing with you. The ways to monetize your site are mainly four. The first one is to sell advertising space. You can subscribe to Google Ads or to similar services. You will need a domain, so not free space on the internet. Remember: to earn a good amount of money in this way you have to register a huge number of visitors.

Then you can promote affiliate products and earning a commission. This way is more profitable, but you have to be sure to influence your followers. In case, you have your own product to sell or you want to propose a tutorial or ebooks written by you, the blog will help you. The website can become the perfect space to find buyers and clients. Now you know what are the main reasons to start a blog to earn money to travel. I think you got also some tips about the pathway you have to follow for the first steps online.

start a blog


I am using WordPress and this is surely a good solution because you can work easily. A lot of tools and plugin to facilitate the task of the blogger. But you need some more tools to start a successful blog. Your work and the content are important, but they are not enough. Let me give you some tips to get the most useful tools to make a better blog and also to earn money.

1. SiteGround

The hosting platform gives you a free domain, the migration of your entire site without problems. Then you have 24/7 assistance for any need. The price is cheap and you can choose various plans according to the monthly traffic. Plus SiteGround gives you tools to grow safely. It is a perfect solution to manage your blog.

2. Keyword Researcher

Start a blog and grow. This is your goal. So you need to focus on SEO. The first rule concern keywords to ranking on search engines and get visibility. Keyword Researcher is the best way to increase traffic. It is a software application that helps you discover long-tail keywords. Then it organizes your keywords. You can import CSV Files from the Google Keyword Tool. Write web content and plan a web-content strategy for your website. 

3. Niche Website Templates

Another important aspect of a blog is related to the aspect. A good graphic helps to increase traffic and especially to reduce the bounce rate. That’s why you have to consider Niche Website Templates. It gives you a professionally designed unique website template package. It’s ideal for sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages and all kinds of niche websites. 

4. Viddyoze

Video is becoming more important month after month. If you want to start a blog you should consider to post videos. You can create them to attract visitors and to make them remain more on your site. Viddyoze is a software to realize automated animation. This is a solution to save time and create unique videos for your main topics and your blog will grow fast.

5. The 12 Minute Affiliate System

Blogging is a way to earn money, so if you want to start a blog and make a profit you need a strategy. It is all about affiliation marketing. To learn fast and to have some help you can easily follow a proven system. It is called The 12 Minute Affiliate System. It is a simple plug-and-play activation in as little as 12 short minutes. You can earn even more than $900 per day, as it happened to me. 

6. Admitad

When you start a blog you want to earn money. Well, after the strategy it comes the time to use affiliation. Admitad is a great platform that works with many important brands in any niche. You can get better commissions and get paid fast. Plus, this is one of the strengths of the company, they give you direct assistance. It works very well and it is serious. 

A platform ready to support you

I am not telling you anything about WordPress or other platforms to base your blog. This is something that will give you help for content. It is called Airtasker and it works to outsource tasks. You can apply according to your competencies and propose yourself for specific tasks. Also, you can present yourself to people and business proposals and work for them. You will get paid. But I suggest you something else if you want to start a blog.

In fact, you can search for some help. I mean a photographer or a writer. You will get tailor-made material to create successful content. Professional people will work for you and you will see your blog rapidly grow online. Airtasker will be your ally. It is normal to work hard, but some help offers more great results. Start a blog now and search for experts on the platform. But it’s not finished. Click here to get 25$ off. It will be a profitable investment for you and for your blog.

start a blog


It is easy to start a blog and you can have success online. If you want to have more tips about blogging, don’t forget to read my direct experience advice. Also, be sure to connect to your blog your social networks profile. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and the other major platforms will help you to share the posts. It will be a way to attract followers and readers. More visits you will have and more chances to earn you will have.

If you want to get updates and read some special contents, subscribe to my newsletter! You will get weekly news with something that I don’t share through the blog. Including suggests to make money to travel.



    • myanasa
      January 22, 2019 / 5:48 pm

      Thank you! Your blog is really on the way. You are many steps forward. I hope you will reach your goal.
      You know, I started just because of passion, without any goal to earn money, except to pay the domain, but who knows, what it will happen… 🙂

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