Spa or hammam? Maybe both

What to do in Bursa after a pleasant walk in the city center on Sunday? Enjoy a relaxation treatment. I went to the luxury Shine Spa, located inside Sheraton Bursa Hotel, few steps from my accommodation. They have a fitness center open 24/7 plus a Sauna and Hamam, together with a swimming pool and different treatments to give peace and energy.

The interesting element that you meet inside Shine is the combination of the typical western spa, with international standards, and the Turkish hammam, with its traditions. Reserve away through the two types of wellness treatments helps the person to reconcile with oneself and with life. It is a great experience and a full immersion in the silence, in the relax to brighten the mood.

The ritual is personalized according to the guest’s status and wishes, to make him enjoy completely the experience. The setting of the spa is modern with a luxury style, where each place has its space to maintain privacy. Some windows facilitate the outside view and communication between some of the rooms, as the pools and the relaxation area.

The hammam is different, it is a good example of luxury of course, but inside the architecture used is quite traditional, with a small touch of modernity. Around the structure, the peace is the queen, and also this element helps the guest to feel good in each room. The professional and kind staff took care of me at each stage and after few hours there I felt like a new person. Now I am ready to start a new week, after dinner and asleep of course.


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