snow, Snow for Christmas

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The weather forecast was not clear, but the snow for Christmas started to cover streets, houses, and fields. It is almost winter and luckily the white lady, as we call it, arrived in town. It’s a dream for all the people to see the snow during Xmas day and time. Well, it is a bit early, but it is so nice to watch snowflakes falling down from the sky.

I want to share with you this Piedmont Christmas snow, as I did the first time of the season. I really love it, also if it is not the best condition when you have to move by car. Anyway, it makes me really happy. I feel like a kid now 🙂 I am working a bit also if it is dinner time, but I would love to go out to make a snowman.

snow, Snow for Christmas

The falling snow

This afternoon over Piedmont started to snow, but it was not so much and the streets were wet. Like when it rains. At around 7 p.m. the floor was totally white and the snow falls quickly and copiously. White is the main color all around. I want to share with you my view from the window, dedicating a very short video and a picture to whom can’t see the snow.

I just used my tablet to take a picture, plus a very short video, as a memory of it and to publish it here. So I didn’t pay attention to the quality. I am sorry for this, but I hope you can anyway enjoy this post and my shot. If it will stay here for a while, at least tomorrow, I promise you to take better pictures and to share them here. Of course, I wish you could be here to see it better. It seems to be a perfect Christmas, a white one, but we will see the weather next week.

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snow, Snow for Christmas
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