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Information, impressions, facts, and all that you need to know about Serbia. Here you find the posts related to my visits.

Belgrade, a surprising capital city

Serbia is the biggest country in Western Balkans and its capital city, Belgrade, is really modern and full of services. It is well organized and it offers different interesting attractions, starting from the fortress, located in a beautiful public park watching the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Full of young people, the city is perfect for who wants to know history and culture and for who wants enjoy the effervescent nightlife with clubs, bars and pubs.

The famous walking area Ulica Knez Mihailova is full of shops, meanwhile the old town, not so far, offers a lot of traditional restaurats, where some actors are readings poems accompained by musicians. To stay in Belgrade it is easy, because it is full of accomodations and especially of luxury hotels, managed by international brands and also some local ones, but all of them with high standards of the service.

In the heart of the city there is the Square Nine Hotel Belgrade, a five stars structure with a spa and wellness area. Each room has wood floor and woodwork on each wall, the modern furniture and equipment are really trendy and there is a lot of space inside. There is a mixture of ancient and design furniture with Sat TV, Nespresso machine, minibar and Hermes toileteries.

The staff is kind and available for the clients needs, but some attention has to be focused on the restaurants. Inside the hotel customers can find The Square, an elegant setting where to taste a modern European cuisine, meanwhile on the top floor there is a Japanese restaurant. This looks quite strange for Balkans, but of course it has a reason to be there in a modern city as Belgrade is.

The perfect location, the elegance with sobriety and the complete services offered are the perfect combination for the tourist who search luxury. I really had a pleasant stay in the hotel, because the comfort of clients seems to be the priority for the staff. The concierge gives a lot of useful advices on how to visit and enjoy the city and as well a continuous assistance.










The new Europe is ready for tourism

Travellers are always searching for new destinations, trying to find something of different, of undiscovered and of pretty. In Europe Western Balkans are taking a primary position in tourism sector. The governments of the countries of Former Yogoslavia and Albania are investing money to promote their lands and also to implement the structures. In last years the results started to come.

In 90s the area became famous because of the war, but now everything is changed. Yogaslavia it doesn’t exist anymore, but there are different small countries ready to welcome foreigners as visitors and not only. Investors and new residents from Western Europe are choosing the new countries to establish their business and to live there because it is cheaper.

For sure a lot of tourists started to explore Balkans because it is something new, unexpected and really cheap for Western Europe standards. Thanks to low cost airline companies and also some of the great companies like Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss Air and Austrian Airline is easy to get in Balkans directly form different countries in Western Europe and Turkey.

If Croatia and Slovenia developed very good tourism services and they are part of EU, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania are on the way now, but they have a lot of beautiful places to show. I am having the chance to travel around those territories and I want to share with you my experience. Of course I will talk in next articles, day by day, about the countries and the luxury, because it is present.

What is common around Balkans is the hospitality, people are always friendly and welcoming. The guest is holy and the inhabitants, even if they know only the local language, they are always willing to open their houses and offer something to drink and to eat, discovering something about the visitor and to know from where they are. Marvellous landscapes are disseminated among all the Western Balkans.

If we talk about hospitality by structures like hotels and restaurants, many things are still to be done, but there are anyway good example. If we compare Balkans with Western Europe, we can say that generally the life and the values are the ones that it was possible to find in Italy or in other Western countries around 50-100 years ago, but this is positive, because the relations with the people are easy and more genuine, as it is the food.

A great variety of fruit and vegetables is available in all the menu, but the meat has a special place. There are some traditional recipies, but the best way to taste the local food is the most simple one, like grilled meat and salads, because you can really feel the taste of the products coming directly from the farms. Go around Western Balkans is a joy and you can discover really interesting places.

Follow me in the next day and I will tell about trips and tricks, focusing also on luxury accomodations and restaurants.