Seo for Dummies

SEO for Dummies

When I have read the title I thought that was for me. Am I a dummy? I don’t think so, but when I started my blog adventure in this field I was like that. SEO for Dummies is a great book because it explains very well the strategies and also the reasons why you should act online in a certain way. This book is a step by step guide for beginners.

The text covers all the aspects and it provides an index and references. So it is easy to read and also you have the chance to go deep into each topic. Usually, the textbooks are a little bit difficult to read cover to cover. Authors tend to take a tactical approach to the topic instead of an abstract or strategic one. The book SEO for Dummies is completely different.

SEO for Dummies: contents

I can confirm that SEO for Dummies is a solid book that provides detailed and code-level recommendations for all the most important elements in SEO. Peter Kent goes from the industry to the site to the page to the code. The author has a coders perspective on most of the topics, which is helpful when SEOs need to generate understanding and support with their organizations.

The book gives you the knowledge you need to prepare your blog for search engine optimization. For some information, especially regarding the algorithm of Google is a little out of date, but only in references. Because some of the mentioned websites and resources are no longer available. Some of them do not exist anymore. Despite this element, SEO for Dummies is a useful book. Especially if you want to enter SEO marketing.

Why read SEO for Dummies

I am suggesting you read SEO for Dummies because it represents your new bible for SEO. If you want to grow your blog you need to apply all the SEO rules and this book reveals you the secrets. You will be guided in the strategy and you will get all the tools you need to have success. It is, as I wrote, quite easy to be understood and it is also complete.

The text is an Amazon Best Seller Rank, so this gives you an idea of its importance. Peter Kent, the author, is a consultant for companies and especially in the e-commerce sector. He started to work on the internet in 1993 and he worked for Amazon, Zillow, Avvo, Honey Baked Ham,, and other big and important companies based on the internet. He is also a trainer and he teaches SEO to various size companies. This says a lot why read SEO for Dummies.

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