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SEO by Squirrly: why and how to use it. User’s complete review

You want to improve your blog or you are starting a new one now. So you are searching for the best plugins and resources to be visible and get traffic from search engines. Well, I want to share my experience and give you some information and hints about SEO by Squirrly. Maybe you have already read my guide about starting a blog and making money and that will help you to move the first steps, but now it is time to go deep into the most important topic.

If you want to have success online you have to work on the content, still, it is the king. More useful information you give and more you will get appreciation. But there is something more. Especially if your goal is to earn money with this activity. You can get some earnings to pay good services to grow on the internet, at least this is my goal, but I will tell you more in the next lines. Well, visibility is the key to get traffic and benefits from banners, ads, and affiliate links. That’s why Squirrly SEO is a good solution, search engine optimization is a need and it is also the best way to attract people interested to read your posts. If they want to read the topics you write about, they will be more open to clicking on links you add to your posts and some of them will buy. So you will get commissions.

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My personal experience

To make you more aware of what I am writing about, I think it is important to tell you more about my online activity. It will be helpful to you to understand the criteria of my evaluation of the plugin. Also, you can take advantage of it because you can have tips for the best usage from someone who had the same needs. So, let’s go to explore my blog and my goals. Then I will describe all the features of Squirrly SEO.

I started my blogging experience on the 1st of January 2018. It was something made almost like a joke. I wanted to share about my trips. Well, I didn’t have any experience and knowledge. While I was posting the first articles, I was reading and studying experts’ books and online texts. And I tried a lot, using plugins, applying rules, strategies, and methods. This was the best way to learn. But I needed a lot of time, so maybe I can help you to skip some steps and to avoid some mistakes.

The blog is not my job, I work on it during my free time, but my followers increase continuously, so I want to do my best. This made me investing some money to buy a self-hosted domain and subscribing to some Premium service. Not only to get support to improve my site, but also to give you a better experience reading my posts. To cover costs I decided to cooperate with some brands and get commissions when my readers or followers buy something from their sites. The price for them is the same or even discounted, but I can get some money to cover fees for the blog. So now you know my background and goals.

On the way to SEO by Squirrly

In the beginning, only some bloggers on the WordPress platform were reading my posts, but the results were not so good. Thanks to those people I got positive feedbacks and encouragement, but step after step I understood that to be visible it was important not only to write something interesting and useful. It was necessary to rank high on search engines to get traffic. Using social networks I had the chance to grow a bit, but from those platforms get traffic isn’t so easy, especially because you have to work hard to catch followers. Then you have to direct them to the website. Google can do it for you, but only if it finds the article made with proper rules.

Organic traffic to the site is the way to get really interested readers, but the post has to be helpful, well written, filled with the correct keywords. Then it is required to have a cool title, a catchy description, and so on. Here Squirrly SEO is my solution, but I discovered it after using a lot of other plugins. Actually, this tool is the one that made some posts of my little blog more famous.

Three plugins for SEO

Since my way was to learn by doing, I tried a lot of different tools. In the beginning, I couldn’t add plugins because I had a free space on WordPress, so my only chance was to catch tips from experts online and try to put them into practice. When I bought the domain and I opted for a self-hosting platform, I started to add plugins. It was like a revolution for my site. But I didn’t have so much experience after a bit more than 9 months. Searching for reviews and advice, I decided to use the free version of Yoast.

I always start with free versions because before to get more features and functions, I need to learn how they work and see if they are effective. This is not my job and I don’t want to waste money. There is no doubt, it can be considered the number one, but for experts. It is not enough to see all the green lights to rank high. I needed more help.

So I tried Rank Math and then All in One SEO. The first one had a lot of features in the free version, but despite the great checklist, I was still searching for something that could give me real assistance. It is not about support service, but the tool helps while I write my post. This is something that a beginner wants to do a good job, learning. I found this in SEO by Squirrly. The tool is complete and it is possible to add some extra functions. Let me tell you some facts about my posts before to see what Squirrly offered me.

Posts and results

I wrote a certain number of articles before reaching some audience. My first post appreciated by a good number of people was about my trip to Minsk. Did I have success because of SEO? Maybe, but I published it in a special period, when in the Belarusian capital there were European Games, in 2019. Local websites and online newspapers were searching for articles made about the city and the event by foreigners. So I got some backlinks and the first interesting number of visits to my blog.

Luck is not part of SEO, but it helps a lot. Since it was almost the only post to get a high amount of visits, I realized that I needed something more. Searching for other plugins tools, I found Squirrly. It was quite new according to other popular services, but the main difference was the approach. The free version allowed me to have a tool to research for keywords with higher chances to rank for, a guided pathway to set up the basics of SEO and learn how to improve my blog for search engines, and a function to set a focus page to optimize.

Well, step by step I updated some of my posts and I decided to use my last article as a focus page. It was about the prepaid card I use for my trips and online shopping. Since I have a positive experience I created a post with some tips. Well, I have also an affiliate link because I am a cardholder. At no cost to clients, if they subscribe I earn a commission. I forced a bit the advice of SEO by Squirrly, so even if it wasn’t perfect as the system suggested, I got a lot of visits. In a few days, it became popular, according to a not much-researched keyword. In a while, I earned €75 in commissions.

Then I decided to add to the same article, Viabuy, one more keyword, even if the competition on search engines was high. I used a “prepaid card”, working on optimization for that. In a few days, I could increase the position, for that keyword, of 89 places. Then 3 more. Now, I can count a good range. This with the free version and the tips of Sqirrly SEO. Now it is time to explore better the features. Then I wrote a normal post being careful to follow all the tips, well, I got hundreds of clicks.

Squirrly SEO functions

Nobody and nothing can guarantee you to rank at the first position on search engines because there are many factors and not all of them depend on you, tools, and experts. But try to write a post with SEO by Squirrly making green all the suggestions and you will have great results. My positive experience can even tell me to skip the free version and subscribe directly to the premium one, it is an important investment, and the price worth till the last cent. It works well on any type of website, from blog to e-commerce.

Being on the first page on Google, Bing, and others help a lot, that means to get traffic and monetize. That is the main reason to use a good SEO tool. If you choose the free version it will be free forever, but with limited features. You will have anyway a free trial of the premium version, plus a 14-day practical course that will take you to improve your site day after day.


Let’s see all the things you can use on Squirrly SEO.

Focus pages

This feature of Squirrly SEO allows you to navigate Google’s ranking algorithms with once-unimaginable precision. It takes care of the elements that really matter for Search Engine Optimization according to the last Google’s criteria. This is perfect to support anybody in creating a post that will get a lot of traffic, but especially the tool takes you to the end step by step even if you have no experience at all. You easily get customized information on how to rank your pages on a case-by-case basis.

Do you remember when I mentioned my post about Viabuy? Well, here you can see when I was at the beginning of my pathway try to make all points green. Check out the position of the page on Google even when I was just in the middle of the way.

This is how you can monitor the progress and the results with the plugin.

Keywords finder

The first step to getting traffic and have success with SEO is to choose the right long-tailed keywords. Here the plugin helps you with a cool tool. It will give you lists of suggested Key Phrases made out of 2 to 5 words. This way, you can focus on the specific phrases people are actually searching for on Google. More chances to take over the first page and the first positions. Internet users will see your content.

SEO goals

Have you ever thought about how is to have an expert assistant seated close to you telling you what to do? SEO by Squirrly has this task and it does it with different functions. One of them is doing a daily analysis giving you specific tasks, so you can improve your site, blog, and posts step by step. It is the best way to rank high on search engines. You can maximize the time you spend on it and being effective. The plugin works for you.

SEO progress

Squirrly SEO monitors your site and your progress, so each day gives you the results achieved. So you can see the position increased, how much time people spend on your post, how many times followers share your content, the page speed. On one hand, this is helpful to see how it is going on, on the other hand, you get motivation. It is a big stimulus to see that the work you are doing is giving results. Don’t you agree? That’s why it is important to use a guide and not a checklist.

Keyword strategy

The plugin has a briefcase with used and saved keywords. The tool is made to match the chosen words and SEO strategy. It is an essential step to improve the research and made some changes to rank higher for some keywords, so for some posts. This can make the difference especially if you want more readers and earn money by affiliate links and ads present on your pages. The same is useful if you are selling products on your website.

SEO live assistant

On one side of your form, there is an SEO live assistant by Squirrly. While you write your posts it checks what you are doing, how you are using keywords. You can read tips and when you accomplish the tasks you will see a lot of red lights. Reach 100% of tasks and your article will be appreciated by people and search engines. You can’t make mistakes. I told you, it is like the expert always there with you.

Squirrly’s Blogging Assistant

Time to write is never enough and it is necessary to be fast to win the competition, to be perfect for search engines and readers, and so on. Squirrly SEO gives help also for this goal. Thanks to the blogging assistant you can adjust the post adding royalty-free images from external resources, tweets, Wikipedia references, and so on. You won’t need to go out from WordPress and neither from the form. A few clicks to add and adjust any article. The plugin will help you to create media-reach content.

Google SERP checker

You surely want to know how the site is performing on Google and on other search engines to measure the impact and work on improvement. Well, the Squirrly SEO plugin helps you to do it. Thanks to the direct analysis it gives you a table with results, so you can measure the progress but also the weakness of your posts. You can have day by day data to check how your articles and pages rank on the internet to get more traffic.

Bulk SEO

For SEO non-experts it is hard to take care of each detail, especially when it comes to visibility, meta description, and so on. That’s why Squirrly is really helpful. Not only it is easy to set up, but the system gives you hints and it analyzes all the elements telling you what you need to improve, do, and change. You won’t be alone creating your posts and that will make you more visible on the net. It means more traffic and more money.

SEO Audits

Many elements contribute to SEO, that’s why the plugin makes periodically an audit (you can request it too when you want). So the artificial intelligence of the plugin will go deep to analyze any aspect of the site and it will be back with numbers and tips to improve. You will see red color for mistakes and something that has to be done or changes, yellow lights when it is necessary to improve, and a green light when it is good and working. You will only need to check the results and act on the part where it is required to do something.

14-days journey to better rankings

This feature was my favorite when I installed Squirrly on my WordPress. This because I didn’t have much experience and this journey took me into settings till to create the first post with all the elements used properly to rank high. It gives you day by day tasks for two weeks and if you follow carefully tips and requirements you can already see the results. You will improve your site’s position online. It won’t finish the trip, but it is a good way to learn, and then you can continue on the way to make it better. Especially you will know how to prepare future posts.

Open graph

You and your followers will share the blog posts on social networks. This is useful to attract traffic, but are your posts catching? You can verify it directly at the bottom of the form while you write. You can set the image, the excerpt, and even add hashtags in case you want or need them. Well, you know, each detail make the difference and support SEO. The plugin gives you an easy way to create the aspect of your articles for social media. In the image below, you can see how it appears mine while I was writing this post. It is not the last version because I improved it as you can see now.

E-commerce SEO

With this feature, I am still at the beginning. I just prepared using my passion and my affiliate links and online shop, so I am starting to use now Squirrly to optimize product pages and posts related to that part of my site. It is made to give you full control of product promotion because it has also the social media metrics to share effectively any item. Everything you need is on your dashboard, so while you fill pages, you check the progress and you can act to improve various elements making them SEO friendly.

SEO snippet tool

Have you ever watched the statistics of your website on Google Search? If you are ranking high, you can see a huge amount of impressions, but maybe there are only a few clicks. This is because maybe the content is good but the title and excerpt are not catchy. People see it, but there are no attractive words or sentences. They click if you can give them the right sentence, maybe giving a solution, answering their question, listing tools, and so on. Squirrly has a snippet tool that allows you to set these elements and then you can monitor the effects.


Google needs a sitemap to index your website. Inside are listed the posts and pages. But how can you create it? You don’t need technical competencies and neither another plugin to do it. Squirrly SEO does it for you automatically and it updates the sitemap every time there is something new, like new posts or updated articles. You don’t need to do anything, only install Squirrly and set up the elements you want to add or exclude, like categories, custom posts, and so on.

JSON-LD schema

People who navigate on the internet can load tons of information. Thanks to JSON-LD schema any content becomes more accessible and easy to read. This works for humans and machines as well, so this is necessary. To create the schema you may need a technical background. The plugin solves this task for you. It is only necessary to fill a few lines in the schema form to set some information about the site, and Squirrly will prepare everything.

Duplicate remover

Duplicated titles and tags are a common problem for most blogs and sites. This affects SEO, so it requires a solution. The plugin can solve it for you. It fixes and optimizes titles and meta descriptions, you can customize them just by asking Squirrly how you want them. It’s not hard, there are only some buttons to press to enable or disable specific features for this tool.

These are all the features you can find on SEO by Squirrly. Experts will get easy access to all they need, while beginners like me can get even more benefits because they can rank high on search engines without having specific competencies about SEO and HTML. Then it is complete and you can find in just one plugin more tools. It is better to limit the number of plugins to have lighter pages and a high download speed.

Social networks

If you access the Squirrly SEO page you will see all the products they offer. Among them, not only SEO plugin, there is Squirrly Social. It is a tool that allows you to post on your social media pages and profiles in a while. You can save a lot of time and prepare all the posts scheduling them. The program finds automatically the best hashtags to get visibility. It is included social media curation, so you won’t spend any other money on experts. The tool will also check what your audience likes the most from other profiles and pages and it will keep posting without your clicks. So you don’t have to do efforts and you can grow on various platforms and gain traffic to your website also. Check it out here. It costs less than $15 per month.


I am completely satisfied with Squirrly SEO and that’s why I recommend it. If you follow my experience you can save time and money and increase your site’s ranking fast to monetize and earn more money. The plugin will change your blogging life and you know how is frustrating spend a lot of time working on content and don’t get any result. I had the same problem in the past and most of the time I thought to stop my online activity. But in the end, I saw that I could have an interested audience and great followers, just I needed help to set my blog and posts properly, make them SEO friendly. The price is very low, so think about the premium version and go directly to success.

If you like this post and you find it helpful, share it. People and I will be grateful.

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