Seo books

Seo books

In my previous posts, I wrote about search engine optimization. Now I want to focus on Seo books. Yes, surfing the internet you can easily find websites that reveal to you a lot of strategies, but a book is generally more complete. Despite the fact that I am not an expert, I learned that it is crucial to study a lot to manage a blog. I mean, it is something personal to share content, but if you want to find readers and increase your numbers you need something more than quality content.

It is like selling the best product in the world. If people don’t know it, you will never succeed in your business. Talking about blogging the theme is the same. Seo books help you to go deep into the topic and to get a real strategy. In fact, to make a plan to prepare Seo for your blog you need more than a couple of tips or a plugin. It is a matter of method.

Seo books 

There are several Seo books that I have read in these months and in the last few days as well. The first one that I want to recommend to you is SEO. There were also the previous year’s editions, but of course, you need to read the updated one. Its cost is low and it is available on Amazon. Let me give you some more details. Starting with the author, an expert in the field.

The subtitle is “Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies” and it includes a step by step strategy. Therefore you can easily follow the tips and apply them as described by the writer of one of the best Seo books of the last years. His name is Adam Clarke. Have you ever heard or read about him? No? So I can easily write a couple of lines about him. It is quite simple to understand who is Clark only explaining what he does.


If you go on Amazon you find it in the best sellers, with raking #1 in Seo books. You can choose among the different versions: analog, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited versions. The price is $7.99. A cost that you can face considering the benefit that you can have reading it and using the tips included. But let me go to the question: who is Adam Clarke? He spent the last ten years doing counseling on many major brands to build their websites. He claims regularly reach the number one spot on Google.

SEO is recommended, among the Seo books, for the bloggers at the beginning and for the experts. Also who has experience in the marketing online can find much useful information and advice. The first thing you can learn concern Google’s latest algorithm updates. So you have the hints to write your posts in the proper way to be visible on the search engine.

Avoid the penalties

Clarke gives the method you should follow to avoid Google’s penalties. He fixed a strategy for optimizing content in the proper way. The author uses scalable techniques for all types of businesses, of any size. He also explains sophisticated SEO topics without resorting to industry jargon. These aspects are not common online and especially they are not inside the most common articles spread on different field’s websites. That’s why this is the first of the Seo books I want to suggest.

It is not finished. In the book, you can find many topics like web analytics, keyword research, and link building. Then Clarke gives you the way to optimize any type of text for the best Seo results. Take your time and read SEO, you will thank me. I am sure of it. Stay tuned, I will write more about this topic.

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  1. This with SEO is difficult. Before, I did a lot to get SEO good, but today I don’t care that much. You have to change the text and other things to make it good. Far too much work …

  2. For me it worked a alot. Anyway, now I am rading other books and I am trying also some other plugins. If the results will be good, Il will post about them. I am planning a site restyling also. Thanks for your contribution.

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