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8 ways to save on hotels + 1 great tool for your reservations

Do you want to stay in a nice hotel and spend only a little money? Save on hotels is possible and also easy. How? Well, if you want to cut costs you can apply some tips and use the proper online tool for your research. It’s mostly a matter of method you have to find the best deals and take advantage of them. You need to be in the right place, to surf online in the proper way. The destination is not important and neither is your budget. If you search for a hostel in Europe or a resort in the Caribbean is the same. Saving is the goal in both cases.

It is nice to stay in a huge structure but the cost is a big limit. That’s why it is important to save money on hotels. I can add something more. For me accommodation is important, but not to spend all my budget on it. It is better to use the money for something else. Do you agree? Yes? No? Don’t worry I give tips to save and then you will decide. One important thing you have to do while you check the website. Use an incognito browser, so the systems can’t track you and erase prices while you search for the hotel.

What else?

save on hotels

8 successful ways to save on hotels

With the right tool and some actions, you can cut the expenses for the accommodation for your trips. There are many ways to save money on hotels, you just need to follow this guide.

1. Purchase hotel and flight together

It is not a rule, but most of the time staying in an accommodation recommended by the airline company allows you to save money on hotels. On their websites, there are some listed structures. If you purchase the hotel and the flight together can give you the chance to have a cheaper price. Not maybe for all of the solutions proposed, but for the majority of them. 

Note that the hotels suggested can be around the airport. A traveler wants to be closed to the attractions, downtown. But you need to consider renting a car or to check the public transports services. Yes, you can stay out of the city, in a quiet place and reach the interesting points by car or by bus. It can be convenient evet to use the bus or the train that connects the airport to the city. They are passing often from the early morning to the late evening.

2. Verify the hotels’ websites

The best way to save on hotels is to compare, in incognito remember, the various platforms. The ones of the hotels, the dedicated search engines, and the big chains. Especially the online sources of the big chains can work offering particular deals. They have a certain dimension that allows them to generate traffic linking it to special discounts. Affiliated booking sites are surely one of the best sources to find the cheapest rate.

This job requires a lot of time, so in this phase is important to consider the use of a platform that can compare all of the websites. It finds for you the lowest prices and you can also compare by yourself. You save money and time. It is easier and also you see all the hotels in just one place. Thanks to the features of the platforms created to compare prices you can search according to your criteria.

save on hotels

3. Bid the room rate

There are some websites like Priceline that allow you to participate in auctions. You make your offer and you can change it according to the other participants’ proposals. There is a limit of time. This way to save on hotels can be good because you will almost have a lower rate than the normal one. But keep in mind that the quality of the room can be under the standards and also the location isn’t in the best place. 

This type of opportunity is used by hotels that are small and not on higher ranking. It depends on your goals and on the features you are searching for. So it will be a good way to save, but you might be unsatisfied when you enter the accommodation. I suggest you check these platforms and decide if you want to use them or not.

4. Pay attention to discounts scheme

To take advantage of the discount scheme you need to search into loyalty programs. But you don’t need to pay for that. Search for the best ones, because many types of money come with accommodation discounts. Save on hotels means finding the best opportunities. Most of the chains offer cards for free with some discounts plus complimentary services.

Then there are good deals proposed by credit cards. You can get a cheaper price just by paying with a specific card. There are a lot of discount codes all around. I also wrote some tips about coupons, you can easily get some codes, almost always available around the internet through specific offers. You have to spend time online, but you will be really surprised at how many discount codes are ready to be used.

Some organizations bridge the hole between the world of brick-and-mortar commerce and digital coupons. For example, HotelCoupons gives books of coupons that can be picked up at Chevron fuel stations or many shops of Dunkin Donuts. They provide coupons for inns dotted throughout Canada and the continental USA, and can regularly be the most inexpensive choice out there.

5. Get down with the locals

If you’re arriving at a vacation spot and nonetheless haven’t booked your accommodation, it can be an annoying experience, full of stress. Most of the time, when this occurs humans are joyful to settle for an overpriced room, simply so they can have someplace to lay their head.

But wait a minute. Whenever you arrive, there’s a hazard of securing cut-price resort rooms. Often, all it takes is chatting to a neighborhood that is well-positioned to understand the fine fee hotels. Taxi drivers are priceless sources of facts about any city, and lodging is no exception. So sense free to ask them for a recommendation.

Often they will be aware of the managers of key hotels, and their connections can snag you some remarkable bargains. But in return, you may want to name on their offerings for the trip lower back to the airport.

save on hotels

6. Search for short term sales for the best bargains

You may additionally properly be acquainted with the notion of flash income for matters like digital items or clothing, however, did you recognize that there is also flash income for inn accommodation?

Sites like Expedia have commenced providing temporary income presenting a restricted wide variety of rooms at famous hotels. In their case, this always takes region by way of their smartphone app, which is worth installing as reductions of 30 percent are routine. The platform offers different short-term sales for a limited number of hotels rooms.

Plenty of different reserving websites have adopted the flash sale model, including Kayak, Expedia, Tripadvisor, and IHG, so if you are inclined to take a gamble on what they have to offer, don’t omit out.

7. Take advantage of a VPN to book a hotel

As we stated in the introduction, the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be a phase of each savvy traveler’s toolkit. Relatively few vacationers e ebook motels with a VPN, however, it’s doubtlessly one of the exceptional methods to cut back the value of hotels.

Here’s why you can keep cash on inns or any kind of hospitality structure with a VPN:

Most lodging reserving websites use the geographical place of clients to supply buying options. These preferences aren’t typically the most inexpensive available. Instead, they are tailor-made to the wealth of the person and the region they live in, ensuing in greater expenditures for residents of rich neighborhoods.

That’s notably smart, however, VPNs provide an even workaround for these filters. By routing information thru servers positioned in different countries, VPNs can make it appear like clients are gaining access from elsewhere. The reserving websites will then supply deals accordingly, regularly main to large savings.

VPNs can make it seem like clients are having access from elsewhere.

If you pick to shop cash on accommodations with a VPN, go for a VPN with a vast global server network, and store around. You may additionally want to attempt a few servers, however eventually, you’ll word the costs beginning to come down.

8. Get benefits from loyalty programs

The different facet to the resort reserving coin is to pick out a chain you experience staying with and emerge as a member, take part in their loyalty scheme. Almost all important lodge corporations function this variety of schemes, from Hilton to Travelodge, and massive reductions are usually section of the package.

A bonus of loyalty playing cards is that they provide a lot greater than discounts. Free breakfast, room upgrades, tickets for nearby attractions, and on occasion get entry to exceptional lounges and on-site services all tend to be points for loyal guests.

save on hotels

Save cash through fringe benefits

Your accommodation might also include free transportation from airport terminals, free food, and free Wi-Fi.

When you e-book hotels, the preference you make can frequently limit the value of different components of your journey experience. For instance, some inns provide free shuttles from airport terminals. This isn’t simply much less trouble than navigating buses or taxi ranks, it can be a massive fee saving as well.

The identical applies to meals and drinks. Some motels and hotels provide free breakfasts and take-out boxes, which you can use to shave the fee off sightseeing. And they may have affiliated eating places close by that provide reductions for motel guests.

Wi-fi is every other consideration. Some motels cost friends for their net connections whilst others encompass it with the room rate. Check this earlier than you e-book something to keep away from demanding greater expenses when you get to your room.

All of these matters may appear small in themselves, however, if you add them together, they can characterize vast savings.

Make huge hotel savings using traditional techniques, smarts, and technologies

All of these strategies can assist pressure down the fee of travel. And don’t forget about tried and relied on methods like staying in mid-week, warding off important holidays, and discovering low-cost, no-frills providers.

The key to discovering the excellent lodge fees is to hold all of your alternatives available. Explore approaches of the use of a VPN to e-book a hotel, signal up for loyalty cards, use room auctions, and set apart some time to locate a great deal. When you’re enjoyable on the beach, you won’t feel sorry about it.


Are you ready to book a room and save your money? I am completely sure that all methods will perfectly work. Tell me your experience and add even other techniques to the list.

Enjoy your stay!

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