San Francisco fun museums

San Francisco fun museums for the child in all of us

If you are bringing young ones on your visit to San Francisco, you’ve probably wracked your brain trying to find activities and events that will not only be fun for them but also provide much needed mental stimuli as well. Well, look no further. I have three San Francisco fun museums that are guaranteed. They are completely kid friendly and exciting for the entire family.

Gone are the days of stuffy museums that are cold and unfeeling. These museums of old have been replaced with modern day museums. Those structures offer areas that encourage hands on activities and promote learning and education through activities that are well disguised as fun. Your children will have no idea what just happened and you will be able to rest comfortable in the knowledge. I ensure that this event that they considered so much fun will remain with them for a long time to come. Knowledge is a great gift to pass on to your children. This especially when they don’t realize what it is that you are giving them.

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The list of San Francisco fun museums

Discover here the best places to visit with your kids. There are three great solutions for their and your amusement.

1. Cartoon Art Museum

The first of the San Francisco fun museums is the Cartoon Art Museum. You may wonder what your children can possibly learn from a museum such as this. But as with all art, comics often imitate life and this museum shows how comics have evolved and morphed over time. In addition to that, anything that will encourage your children to read is a good thing in my opinion. Even if it is comics that they are reading. Don’t you agree with me?

2. Bay Area Discovery Museum

Next, there is the Bay Area Discovery Museum. This museum offers hands on entertainment for children of all ages. While most exhibits are designed with children ages 1-10 in mind, there are plenty of activities and exhibits. All of them will appeal to older children as well as those entertaining the notion of a second childhood. This museum offers many activities and adventures both indoors and out. Everything will attract your children while teaching them about other creatures, cultures, technology, and the world at large around them. This is definitely worth having a look. Be sure to check and see if there are any events being offered while you are visiting.

San Francisco fun museums

3. Zeum

If the Bay Area Discovery Museum isn’t enough to get your little one’s creative juices flowing and put you all into the supreme spirit of learning, then perhaps you should check out Zeum. Zeum is a multimedia arts and technology museum. By allowing visitors to hands on use of their equipment they are fostering imagination and igniting curiosity in the young minds of their guests. This is definitely unique enough for a closer look. I hope it spikes your inner techno guru as completely as it reached mine.

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More about San Francisco fun museums

There are many more places than this that you can visit in San Francisco that offer an equal spark for the minds and imaginations of your little ones. But the fact remains that you know your child’s interests and talents better than anyone else. Find those things that will appeal to each child’s personality and that above anything else will make this trip special for him or her.

I also believe that it is important to allow your children an opinion on what to do and see while on vacation. Maybe, the things that will appeal your kids will surprise you. The same happens with the fact that they really do on occasion think about what you as a parent want for them. By giving choices and a voice you are teaching your children that they are important to you and that their opinion matters.

Search your favorite one among San Francisco fun museums and book your trip, starting from the hotel and the tickets.