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My reviews based on direct experiences and tips for you. My posts will help you to find and choose good restaurants around the world.

A top drink in Turin

As you already know I love to see the cities from the top and to do it whil I can drink something is for sure the best way. In Turin there are different chances, but the last one is to seat in a bar located on the 35th floor of a modern skyscraper in the centre of the city. It is obvious that the view is amazing and it includes a 360° panorama on Turin and the surroundings, also on the magnificent mountains.

The place is located close to the second railway station of Turin, Porta Susa, and it is called Piano 35. You can find it inside “Grattacielo Intesa SanPaolo”, owned by the bank. The building is designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano and it is mainly made by iron and glass. From the top floor where there is the bar it is possible to have the view. It was opened a couple of years ago, a bit more, and it is representing a trendy bar.

It opens at 6 pm and it closes at midnight, but it is always crowdy and you can reserve  a table only if you are a group of at least five people. If not you have to wait on the first floor at the desk of the bar where a kind girl is preparing taking note of the names. You have to ask for a table and wait for some free seats. It is possible that they try to offer a table for more people, but guests can choose to accept or not.

This part is quite confusing, but if you arrive quite early you can find easily place and not to wait too much. There are not many tables, but of course there is enough space. They are located in the middel of the open space and around there is a walking way to see the city from the top. You can stay inside all the time you want, nobody will kick you out even do they need free seats for the requests.

The list is complete and you can choose a glass of champagne, of wine, a soft drink or something special prepared by the great bartender. Another gap are the snacks, there is not something special and neither a good quantity, but to be there it is a good chance to enjoy the view of Turin and to taste some innovative drink, as innovative it is the food prepared by the restaurant located under the bar.

It is an elegant place where to taste contemporary recipe in a modern setting surrounded by trees and flowers. The bar appears as a terrace of the open space from where to see the restaurant. Even do it require a bit of time to enter, the location and the setting of the lounge bar is perfect for who wants to enoy Turin and to spend a luxury moment with a special drink.



Turin for a luxury happy hour

The city was the first capital of Italy and it has been the headquarter of the royal family during the Italian kingdom and that, united to the mentality of the inhabitants, produced a sober luxury. Elegance is visible in the map, in the buildings and as well in the main bars and restaurants. Turin is offering the tradition together with the innovation. There are different places where to have a good service and where to find good quality food and drinks.

In last years many people started to enjoy the happy hour: they go to have a drink in a bar before dinner time and for an higher price they can have unlimited food as snacks. If you are in the city there are different bars ready to use the same treatment, but not all of them are giving luxury and high quality service. One of my favourites bar is called Norman. It is located in the very centre of Turin, few steps from the main square.

It is old, but renewed in the setting with a modern furniture well integrated with the historical building. It was founded at the beginning of XIX century and it hosted the foundation of Torino Football Club, one of the two main teams of the city. It has also a restaurant and at any time, even just ordering a coffee at the table, the waiter comes with a big (as all the table) silver dish with different snacks very well prepared by the cook.

As appetizers during the happy hour they bring salads, salami, meat, french fries, pasta, vegetables cooked in different ways, some canape and many other succulent recipes, also sweet like fruit salads and cakes. The menu change according to the season and to the inspiration of the chef. The service is perfect, with kind and discrete waiters and you can spend all the time ou want seated at the table, without any pressure.

The quality offered by the food, the service and the settings suits very well the price asked.

Try it!


A Michelin star dinner in Naples

Pizza is not the only food available in Naples. In the city there are some Michelin star restaurants, they offer a real journey into the cuisine. The tradition combined with the innovation is more than a meal, but the chance to experience something new, to explore a particular taste, to let the food chemestry to conquest the palate. The high quality ingredients and the perfect preparation are united with the lovely setting and the impeccable service.

In the city there are few restaurants with the prestigious star given by the Michelin Guide. I have been to Palazzo Petrucci,  located out of the city centre, in front of Posillipo Bay. With a marvellous view of the sea and of part of Naples and surroundings, including Capri and Vesuvio, the restaurant counts on a Michelin star and it has a modern structure in the middle of ancient and important buildings.

Entering you can see modern furniture combined with elegance. The architect represented the sea and the land choosing different settings to give an innovative style in order to interpret the landscape and the local tradition. The same way for the menu, because the guest can find meat and fish prepared with high qaulity ingredients, mainly selected in Naples area and with the great ability of the chef Lino Scarallo.

The service is provided by a very professional and kind staff. Uniting all the aspects, from the food to the setting, you can live a unique experience and spend a very pleasant time in a perfect atmosphere. I will go back to that restaurant for sure in my next trip to the city and I can say that to be there it was a great end of my Neapolitan journey. Now it is time to go back to my city…





Breakfast with Neapolitan specialties

Are you in Naples and your room rate is without breakfast included? Do you want to try something different? In the city you can find the places where to satisfy your needs and preferences. The high quality food is present in many bars opened for breakfast and if you like a salty meal, there are some fry shop ready to give you the local dishes prepared at the moment.

I made a couple of experiences that I want to share with you. As you know the traditional Italian breakfast consist in coffee, sometimes with few buiscuits or a croissant. In Naples anyway you have to try the local desserts, because they are the best trip in the Neapolitan culture you can do. To taste cakes and pastries in the morning for a good start of the day, full of pleasure and energy, there is a famous coffee place.

It is called Gran Caffè Gambrinus, located in the centre of the city, few steps from Piazza del Plebiscito and the main attractions. The historical coffee bar is one of the most important of Italy. Entering you can notice, in the different rooms, the elegant setting and the artworks spread around. Paintings of different periods and sculptures cheer clients during their stay. The luxury and the tradition are very well combined, not only because of the furniture, but also in relation to the staff service, very professional and the menu.

Of course the espresso is a must in Naples, but there is a selection of coffee products ready to give you a unique taste experience. For breakfast and for any moment of the day the pastry chef prepare amazing sweets, great chocolate cakes and a superb ice cream. You will enjoy it for sure and you will not go there only for the first eal of the day, but for every break.

If you prefer a salty breakfast I suggest you to visit Agustus, in the central Via Toledo. Inside there is a bar and they have also a fry shop, separated in two different rooms. Neapolitans are usually go there to have a coffee, something sweet and then they buy some cooked food or cheese to bring at home. There is the chance, for who want it, to taste the specialities inside the bar. There are few tables and after 8am you can seat and order the dishes you prefer.

Mozzarella, fried products, ham, omelette and many others recipes get ready in early morning to be sold to customer and the staff is going to present you what they are preparing so you can decide. There is no luxury, but a lot of great food to taste and very kind waiters ready to satisfy your requests. It is a chance to have the Neapolitan specialities for breakfast.

I wanted to try a salty meal in the morning and I was satisfied, I have to say that I am Italian for breakfast, but when I travel, also that moment of the day is perfect to taste good and typical food.

Good appetite!


Pizza and nativity in Naples

I am in Naples and I must have a pizza and write about it. This time no luxury, but great food, with a mention to another Neapolitan tradition: the statues of the crib. The city is really famous, since the very past, for their production. Via San Gregorio Armeno is the main street where are located the workshops dedicated to the Nativity. Some of the products are realized as souvenir for tourists, but some others are precious manufacts made by the masters of this art.

Even it is a bit more rare, inside the best shops clients can find the old statues, real artwork appreciated by the collectors. The craftsmen are still working according to the tradition and they create statues of different size of the typical figures of the Nativity and as well some modern protagonists of the showbiz and of the politics on Italian and international level. If you want a good quality statue of shepherds you will find it there, just pay attention to select the right shop and not buying a simply souvenir for tourists.

In the same area of Naples there are some of the best pizzerias of the city. There is no luxury and of course they are crowdy by locals and tourists, anyway the pizza and some other dishes are really great. You will enjoy for sure the pizza choosing the one you prefer and before you will taste some friarielli.

Be aware that you are in Naples and in Italy, so no light meal. Anyway according to my experience, in the area, I can suggest you three places where you will enjoy your dinner. The most famous in the historical centre of the city is Sorbillo, present since 1935. It is very popular and this means that you have to wait a lot to enter, sometimes even 2 hours. You can not reserve a table, so the best solution is be there quite early, around 6.30-7 pm., so you will be among the first when they will open.

Few steps from Sorbillo there is Di Matteo, its setting is the one of the traditional Neaopolitan “locanda”. Entering you will see some pictures of Bill Clinton, he was there during his mandate of President of the USA. Thre was a G7 meeting and the mayor of Naples took him there for a fast meal. There are two floors, but it is crowdy, so waiters are focusing on the order without to chat more than what is necessary, but they are quite fast.

La Pizzeria del Presidente (Clinton was there as well), on the same street, Via dei Tribunali, and few metres from the others, is chosen by many VIP and you find their pictures on walls and on the menu as well. Anyway the staff is very kind, they have an underground floor and despite the pizzeria is always full of cliente, the waiters are so kind and available to chat a bit and to welcome the customers. You will feel at home.

Most of the people love Starita, considered the best one. For sure the pizza is unique, but there is just one oven. They are fast, but in relation to the small structure with a lot of clients. It is located in Via Materdei. Let me give you a last advice: when you choose your pizza, ask for a simple one, with not much ingredient, because it is the best way to fell the pleasure in your mouth.

Naples is the place where pizza was invented, so you can catch better the taste of pizza dough well cooked in the oven with the wood.