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A luxury and traditional coffee in Prague

To enjoy the city in Prague till the end visitors has to have a break in one of the most famous and traditional places of the city: Café Louvre. It is a real institution for the locals and it attracts also tourists, not only for the good quality of the beverage and of the food, … Read more A luxury and traditional coffee in Prague

Fashion restaurants, the new luxury business

Anasa few days ago wrote about the new Osteria opened by the fashion luxury brand Gucci in Florence, but it’s not the only one. LVMH announced a new shop for food in Paris and Tiffany’s & Co opened in New York its Blue Box Cafe. The companies are following the expenses of the consumers and … Read more Fashion restaurants, the new luxury business

Fun in Prague

fun in Prague

Fun in Prague. Read where to taste traditional food, beer, and coffee. Here there are reviews and tips for your trip to the Czech Republic capital.

Ice cream in Milan

ice cream in Milan / migliore gelato a milano

Ice cream in Milan, read where to find the best one during your trip around the Italian city. Make unique your food experience!

Armani Milan: a trendy drink

Armani Milan

Armani Milan: where enjoy life starting from a trendy drink. Read about my experience and get some tips to enjoy your luxury drink.

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