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Rent your car and make money to travel. 1 cool way to earn extra cash for yourself

Do you want to travel and you don’t have enough money? Surely you need to calculate the costs and try to choose a budget trip. Anyway, you can earn some extra money with activities related to travel. For example, you can rent your car to tourists. How? Joining an app. Don’t worry I am going to explain to you something more. This is one of the first tips I want to share. Why? Because some people asked me how to make money traveling.

The opportunity to leave your car for visitors and get paid as an agency. It is an extra income or it can also become your main earning. If you rent your car you need to be prepared to move in another way. With another car or public transport. It can be a good option to monetize your car and spend less to move. You can consider it as a job or, at least at the beginning, an investment.

Rent your car through an app

Do you like the idea? Well, let me write more about this opportunity. Thanks to sharing economy the innovative startups are increasing and coming up with new ideas. Most of them are going to answer to specific needs and to involve common people. Each of us can become more independent, in economic terms. Rent your car is an example. How can you make money if you are a car owner? Subscribe to

The insurance

The first thing that you are thinking of is about the risks of this activity. A stranger will drive your car. This means that this person can come back with your car damaged. True, accidents can happen. But don’t worry,, cover each mean of transport for $1 million with proper insurance policies. This is not the only guarantee you have. In fact, they do a pre-screen of each driver. You are safe. Liberty Mutual Insurance works with them.

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The income

You will have some costs for car maintenance, but if you rent your car you will get money. How much can you earn each month? This is what you are asking for reading this post. It is normal. There is no precise answer because it depends on the type of car, on the location and on the amount you want to charge. People can receive on average $ 500 monthly. Someone can get even the double. Who started some time ago built a fleet and now the income is even more than $ 3,000 per month.

The features of

Are you thinking to rent your car? Great! There are some other aspects you need to know. Go to the website or on the app and then list your car. They will be in touch with you. You are covered by the insurance and also you have the task to set the mileage and the price per day. Don’t forget that one of the duties of the guest is to return the car re-fueled.

The staff of will assist you 24/7 for any need. They will support you for emergency cases or they will give you advice for the management of the activity. If you want to rent your car and you want to know about the income, you can use the “calculator” on the website. Fill the form and it gives you the average amount. Turo is already active in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. They are growing so they can add more countries in the future. The service is also available now in other countries, so be in touch with the staff to rent your car.

You will start to increase the income to travel and to pay the bills.

rent your car

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