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Do you want to rent a car for your trip? This post is made for you. Well, you are not going to rent it here, but I have something for you. Rent a car coupons. Surely you already have read my post with tips on car rentals and on EasyRentCars platform. Searching for a solution for me, I found some offers and coupons. I want to share them with you, so you will enjoy more your experience. Here you will find some codes that will worth good discounts on rates applied by the company.

Visit EasyRentCars website, because there you can compare the rates and find the best offers. They have a complete service for you. You can read my post to know more. Now I am going to leas the 4 coupons code, plus I add some other offers for the platform use. You have the chance to save a lot of money, but pay attention to the dates. There are some deadlines. So don’t be late or you will lose this great opportunity. I want to help you to improve your travel experience. Also with rent a car coupons.

Rent a car coupons for you

Here you can find the deals code with the best rent a car coupons reserved you by EasyRentCars.

  • Get USD 30 off: until 31st July 2019 on each order, you can get the discount. To use it you need to write this code “30ADJUL” in the order form together with your details. Keep in mind that the promo code is required. The coupon is available with minimum USD 300 sales on all destinations. You can use it on all car types among multiple car rental companies. Coupon will be automatically applied at checkout. The coupon is used at prepay & pay partially. Imagine selecting a car that cost USD 30 per day and keeps it for 10 days. The total is USD 300, so you will save USD 30. It’s like to get one day free. Click here to use the coupon.
  • Get USD 15 off on any order of a minimum USD 150. It is valid until 31st July 2019. To take advantage of this coupon you need to digit this code “15ADJUL” in the form together with your details. Follow the instructions and pay attention to the conditions. The promo code is required. You can use rent a car coupons of this type on all destinations. The coupon is valid on all car types among multiple car rental companies. It will be automatically applied at checkout. The coupon is used at prepay & pay partially. Click here to obtain a discount.
  • Get 8% off for your orders on EasyRentCars until 31st July 2019. Use this discount for all destinations and on any type of car. There isn’t a minimum sale requirement. Write the code “8ADJUL” in the form together with your data. The coupon can be applied to any company and it will be automatically applied at checkout. It will be used at prepaying & pay partially. Click here to use the coupon.
  • Get USD 30 off on all the orders of at least 8-day rental period. The deadline is on 31st December 2019. The coupon is valid in all destinations, on all companies and types of cars. To benefit of the discount you have to write the code “8LTR30” in the form together with your data. Click here and browse the best options.

Rent a car coupons. The ones I listed require a code, but EasyRentCars offers a few more deals for customers. Pay attention to the conditions and to the rules to benefit from the discounts.

  • Lucky Draw: every customer has a chance to get a prize after subscribing. The first prize is a trip for 2 to Bali. The second one it’s a USD 10 coupon for any spend. Then the third prize is a USD 30 coupon for 2days rent. The fourth prize is 8% discount on any spending, meanwhile, the fifth prize is a USD 5 discount on any spend. The last three prizes are a USD 30 discount on USD 300 of sale, a USD 20 discount on USD 200 of order, and a USD 10 discount on an order of a minimum of USD 100 spending. There is no code. Click here and access to the game.
  • 5% off for your first rental with sign-up! Register on EasyRentCars clicking here and get the discount. There are no limits on the use, but you have 60 days to order with the deals. After that, it will expire.
  • Share and both get USD 30 off. This is the last deal. Rent a car coupons are very convenient. In this case, you have to subscribe and to share the deal with your friends. Then you will get your bonus. For each friend that will subscribe you will get USD 30. Obviously the same will happen to your friends. Click here and start to earn.


Before to start to use their coupons I ask you to share this post. Why? Because it will be a support for your friends. Someone is searching for a car. Give them rent a car coupons. Then subscribe to my newsletter, you will have weekly updates and extra contents directly in your inbox. There will be also some deals and new coupons.


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