recognize your suitcase

Recognize the suitcase

What is my suitcase? At the airport, at baggage claim. I am there in front of the conveyor belt. A lot of bags are coming and I have doubts. Most of the suitcases are very similar or even the same. How can I recognize mine? It is not a nightmare, but something that happens to me from time to time around the world. My solution? The only one possible: I recognize the suitcase thanks to the label. My name is the only one, no others have the same one with the same postal address.

Why am I telling you this story? Because that small thing is the solution to my problem, it can be a gift. Imagine that you need to buy a present for a traveler. Your budget is limited and a suitcase label doesn’t cost so much. “Yes, but a traveler has it already! And also, the receiver will understand that it doesn’t cost so much” This is what you are thinking. Well, I can demonstrate to you that is not completely true. Why? Because it is important to recognize the suitcase.

A label to recognize the suitcase

Focus on other elements:

a) the label is mandatory according to the airports and airline companies policies;

b) a traveler has different bags and suitcases;

c) it is a gift that is proper for a traveler and it means that you are thinking about it. You are considering her or his passion: traveling;

d) a label to recognize the suitcase is not only a card were to write the name and the address. The market is plenty of lovely and creative labels. It can be funny, colored, unique…

recognize your suitcase

You don’t even need to go out of the home. On Amazon there is a big choice, you can purchase one or more and they will send them to you. What is your task? Choose the best one. How? Start to open the Amazon luggage tags page. Then think about the receiver. Woman or man, a business traveler or extravagant adventurer? What type of luggage does the person use? Recognize the suitcase is a must, but it can become a pleasure.

How to choose the perfect tag

I can imagine your face at this moment. You are still not convinced. Well, let me give you some hints on how you can choose the best label to recognize the suitcase. I know the luggage tags are proposed in a huge variety. But don’t forget that you have to buy a gift for a traveler. So stay focused. What is better? A smarter label, more durable, vintage, or trendy?

The item concerns luggage safety, but it is also a sign of style. Your goal in buying it is to give something unique and personalized for the receiver’s taste. The design is important. Check out the features of each product and make a selection. More things you know about the receiver, the more chances you have to pick the right one but read my tips first. Hey, your relative, friend, or colleague will think of you each time she or he has to recognize the suitcase.

Labels features

The features that will like to the receiver have to come to your mind now. Try to remember the bag or the luggage used by the person. Then thinks about her or his style. This is only the first step to select the features and the tags to recognize the suitcase.

After that think about the material: metal, plastic, leather, or even vegan leather. If the receiver travels a lot and the tags are going to be used for a hold aircraft, resistance and durability are essential. The cabin bag requires something easier.

Narrow down the design. Big, small, colorful, minimalist. How the tag has to be? This is again a matter of style, which includes also the type of luggage. The design speaks to her or his unique personality. Recognize the suitcase is not only to read the name. You can even just see the label. There are no doubts: it’s yours!

Do you want one too? Buy the gift and another one for your luggage. If you are a traveler, you should have it. It can be the beginning of a trip together with the receiver. Think about it. It will be easier to recognize the suitcase at the airport.

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