recharge electric scooters

Recharge electric scooters: money to travel

Do you need extra money to travel? Here you have another idea. How can you make money with an easy activity? Recharge electric scooters. Mobility is a problem for the big cities, that is why the metropolitan areas are working to find new solutions. One of them is to offers bikes, cars and scooters to be rented by people even for just one hour. Then they consider also pollution and environment, that is why they propose electric means of transport.

Who needs them can easily rent the car or the scooter. Of course, going around people use the energy and they have to recharge the vehicle. Plus, in many countries, the governments give some tax benefits to whom buys an electric car or scooter. This to reduce pollution. If people rent or buy those vehicles someone has to give them what they need to move. Therefore recharge electric scooters is good business.

recharge electric scooters
Electric vehicles market around Europe

How to recharge electric scooters?

You are reading this post because you want to make money to travel. I am sharing an opportunity with you. You will use this information to go deep into the topic and to check the conditions in your country. As you saw in the graph, Europe count on an increasing market. Electric vehicles are more present in the USA and in the main cities in EU. Therefore if you live in Paris, Milan, Los Angeles or in another metropolis of those regions, recharge electric scooters is a real chance for you.

Companies like Bird and Lime hire people to pick them up and recharge overnight in their homes, dropping the scooters off on the street the next morning. You can find also other startups in your country that do the same. They pay you to recharge electric scooters. How much? I knew that you are a venal person. I am kidding. It is obvious to go directly to the income calculation. The reward to find and charge a scooter is between $5 and $20.

What you have to do

Your task is to recharge electric scooters and you will get paid for that. This is what you learned till now reading the post. Let’s see how it can be profitable. The amount for the process done on a scooter can be good, especially if you grab them at least 10 of them per night. In this case, you will get an extra $50-$100 per day. Not bad. It will be the way to have extra money to pay bills or to travel.

Did you consider that this job can be done while traveling? How? Check where those companies work and set up as destination one of the cities served. You will go around during the day and you work in the night to pay the room, the meals and so on. It looks easy. Refine your research, because there will be other people there to do the same. Read the statistics and you will check conditions and contacts. Now you have the idea.

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